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Services and church activities are online or in person. Join us for Worship Sundays at 10:00am. 

Our Path Forward2 1199x628

Covid-19 Path Forward

Our Path Forward2 1199x628

Covid-19 Path Forward

Covid-19 Path Forward

Dear Members and Friends of First United Methodist Church,

We will have two services: 8:30am (contemporary) and 11am (traditional). We will also continue to livestream our services through our website and on our Youtube channel. Safety protocols will be in place.  Please recognize that the protocols and safety measures may be considered too conservative to some individuals while others may need further levels of safety before they choose to worship in the sanctuary. Whatever your preferences, we request that you respect the protocols we have put in place for the safety and well-being of all who would come. We want the choice to be yours and that if you choose to remain at home for worship, we support that decision and are developing ways to further connect you to the life of the church while remaining physically distant.


The following safety protocols have been put in place at the discretion of the Covid Task Force:


Proper Hygiene. If you are feeling sick, please stay home and join us for worship via our online options. For those in the building, please make use of the sanitizer stations available and use good hand washing techniques in the bathrooms.

Masks Required. We require that masks be worn while in the building for anyone aged 4 and up. If you are physically unable to mask or unwilling to mask, we ask that you join us for worship via our online options.

Attendance Tracking. We will be tracking attendance by having everyone check in. We hope to streamline this process, but you will be expected to give your name and contact information. This is for contact tracing purposes in the event that there is Covid-19 exposure at the church. We will also be taking a photo in the sanctuary for contact tracing mapping purposes.

No Fellowship. At this time we will not be hosting fellowship within the church. You are encouraged to visit once outside and away from the doors.

Limited Seating. The pews in the sanctuary will be marked off. We ask that you only sit in open pews and 6 feet from anyone who is not a member of your household. Ushers will assist you. Ushers will also dismiss you after the service.

No Singing. We will continue to offer music within the service in a variety of formats, but we will not have live singers and we ask that you not sing.

No Physical Contact. We ask that you refrain from shaking hands, hugs and other forms of physical contact with those outside of your household.

Offering. You will have an opportunity to place your offering in a plate as you enter or leave the sanctuary. We highly encourage setting up giving online through our website.

No Nursery. At this time we are unable to provide a nursery for those with small children. We will have space available in the lounge area for families with young children to have more space and wiggle room for their children.


We recognize that these are a lot of changes and will take all of us working together to continue on this path forward as the church. We ask that you would be willing to embrace the opportunities that we do have to worship God, to love one another, and to reach a hurting world with the love and grace of Jesus Christ.


As we look to all the various ministries of the church, one thing is for certain - we will need volunteers who are willing to step up and help us be the church in a new way. If you are willing or able to volunteer, please contact the church office for ways in which you can plug into the vital ministry we do as the church.



Rev. Katie Ricke, Senior Pastor


Covid-19 Task Force:
Rev. Katie Ricke

Craig Sherman, Facilities Manager

Dr. Tim Irwin, Church Council

Dr. Randy Heisinger, SPRC

Susan Thorson, RN, Parish Nurse

Dr. Dan Johnson, Lay Leader

Steve Pietila, Church Council Chair