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September 2013


Pastor’s Word                                                

by Rev. Ron

We are about to observe another Labor Day weekend making the end of summer activities and transitioning into the busy fall schedule.  It has always raised questions in my mind as to what we are to make of Labor Day.  What does it call us to be and to do?

Do you realize that this day of rest and relaxation honoring all who work originated in 1882 in New York city with a parade organized by a machinist and a carpenter.  I'm not sure what their motives were in bringing about this observance but for me, personally, I feel challenged to ask myself why I am engaged in work.  Is it just to get a paycheck along with other benefits such as pension, paid vacations, and insurance.  If it were not for these, would I walk away from my work tomorrow?

Perhaps one of the reasons we are concerned about the present condition of our society is that too many people are working only for money-nothing more.  As a result the quality of work and products being produced are marginal.  But the problem is not just that some of the results of work are shoddy and not up to par.  What's worse, and even tragic is that when people don't know why they are working, they lose one of the major joys that human beings can have.  Doing work that one feels is significant and important is one of the greatest privileges a human being can have.

In Colossians 3:22-25, the Apostle Paul wrote to the slaves in Colossae that you matter more to God than anything else in his entire creation!  Your value to him is not connected to what you do, nor how much you produce or earn.  Your value to him is not in anyway connected to your credentials nor to your work experience.  Your value to God lies entirely in the fact that you are-that you exist-that he made your and he has never lost interest in you, nor has he ever stopped loving you from the moment you became a gleam in his eye!

Someone has written that life is like the mail.  Some days it is really unpleasant: bills, notices, an unhappy letter from a friend.  It can be disappointing and discouraging.

Even the Christian life is like that. There  bills in it, notices and unhappy letters from friends-but each becomes a meaningful challenge, a great opportunity, a chance to share in God's concern for humankind. 

I have read that Philip II of Spain had a window built into the office where he worked so he could see his private chapel next door.  Anytime that he was working at his desk, considering the affairs of the nation, he could look at the cross on the altar in his place of worship.  Worship and work, faith, and labor, were not neatly segmented but beautifully blended within the life of this Spanish ruler, His labor for the state was informed by his love for Christ.  Here is a model worth pondering; a posture toward work and faith worth emulating.

So I say to you as another Labor Day observance approaches that to be able to view one's work from the perspective of faith is the way life should be.  I hope those who labor in our towns, rural areas, and cities will be able to understand their work not so much from within the narrow perspective of a particular job but from the broader perspective offered by that community in which the scriptures are read, faith is nurtured, worship is offered, and ministry is performed.

I believe it is from that perspective that work may be best understood.  Paul wrote that "whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people."


Roundup Sunday, September 8th


Howdy Partners!

It is time to round up the Littl’ doggies, mommas and pappas for a good ole’ country worship service. Quitchur fussin, western wear is jus fine!  (Kick the stuff off the boots) ONE SERVICE at 10:45am, Sunday School for adults/children at 9:45am. Freewill lunch to follow with taverns and all the trimmins. Freewill lunch to follow with taverns and all the trimmins’.

Huge inflatable’s, face painting and other fun activities for the kids!

And now would be a great time to invite a family member or friend to join you for Roundup Sunday!


Sunday School Begins-Sept. 8th

Sunday School starts at 9:45am each Sunday and ends at 10:30am.  There will be classes held for ages Pre-Kindergarten- Adult and you all are invited to participate in one way or another.  Hope to see you there. 


Mission Moment


Dakota Marketplace

Now's your chance to support UMCOR's mission of providing emergency kits to people in need. Here's how you can help.

1) Sunday September 8th and 15th, the Missions committee will have the materials available to assemble school and health kits at a designated table. You will be able to purchase and assemble the kits on the spot.  It will only take a few minutes.

 2) Assemble any of the kits, (school, health, sewing, or layette) at home and bring to the church by September 17th...for transport to Sioux Falls.

  We would like to send ay least 15 layettes, 30+ health, 30+ school, and 15 sewing kits. This could be a fun family project and a blessing to those who need them.


Servant Hearts Clinic

Servant Hearts Clinic provides free medical care on a first come, first served basis to anyone in need.   All providers and staff are volunteers seeking to show the hearts of Jesus to those in need.  Currently the clinic is offered twice per month on Monday evenings from 5:30-8:00pm at the R Tec building at 1200 West 21st Street.  Jim and Shari Frerk and Jim and Marilyn Lofflin came to our church and spoke about the clinic and answered questions.  Volunteers needed to run an evening of the clinic include 2 medical providers, pastoral care, licensed mental health provider, nurses, social workers, non-medical volunteers to help with name tags, greet patients, register patients, and guide patients through the clinic process.
     Many of you from the congregation have stepped forward and expressed an interest in helping in some way.  Our hope is to have enough people that 1st United Methodist Church can staff a clinic once per month. We are currently looking at the 2nd Monday evening each month.  If this is

a mission that you can help with, there is a sign up sheet in the office. An application needs to be completed.  You are not obligated to help every month.  There are so many opportunities to help with missions right here in our own community.  Please consider this one. If you have any questions, contact Syndee Droppers or Gena Brandt, Missions committee.


Sr. High Youth News

By Diane Kisch

For September here are the dates you will want to mark on your calendar

*Wed., Sept. 4th – Regular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm

*Wed., Sept. 11th – Regular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm

*Wed., Sept. 18th – Regular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm

*Wed., Sept. 25th – Regular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm

See You At The Pole, is a National event is where Sr. High youth around the nation gather around flagpoles and pray.  The local youth will gather at Yankton High School flagpole at 7:30 AM on Wed., Sept. 25th.  The Yankton Youth Pastors are planning a See You At the Pole Rally for Sun., Sept. 22nd at Assembly of God church.  More information on the rally will come after the Youth Pastors meet on Sept 3rd.

Upcoming conference event – “Sanctuary” – a retreat for High School Youth - Renewal for your body, mind and spirit South Dakota: Friday, October 11th-Sunday, October 13, 2013 @ Storm Mountain Center. North Dakota: Thursday, October 17-Saturday, October 19, 2013 @ Wesley Acres Camp Worship by the Justin Graves Band

Featuring the teen talent of the: Homeward Bound Theater Company. Small groups - Teaching - Hang time Cost: $85

Check your calendars now, more information will come when youth group starts this fall. Youth can attend either the SD or ND event.  I (Diane) will be attending the SD one at Storm Mountain Center.  If you have any questions contact me and I will find out the answer.

Diane's office hours are from 3:30 to 5:00pm for the month of Sept. she will be in the office on Mon., Sept. 9th; Thurs., Sept. 12th; Thurs., Sept. 19th; & Mon., Sept. 23rd.

Contact info for me is 

665-1500 or 660-1242

Youth and Parents here are some ways you can stay up to date with what is going on – or we have a group on Facebook – First UMC Sr. High Youth Group (Yankton). We also send out e-mails, so youth & parents if we do not have your e-mail address please get it to me.


United Methodist Women

All ladies are invited and encouraged to join a very supportive fellowship and be part of this mission oriented group. United Methodist Women will begin the fall schedule with a meeting on Monday, September 9th at 1:30pm in the lounge. Program: Shepherdess. Mark you calendar and join us.


Chancel Choir

By Carolyn Cappel

The Chancel Choir invites and encourages all who enjoy singing to be a part of the music ministry. Choir rehearsal begins Wednesday, August 28th at 7:15pm. We are a fun, welcoming group who needs singers in a wide range from sopranos to basses and everything in between. A good time is guaranteed. We have a history of sharing some of the best jokes around.  Please contact Carolyn Cappel, 660-8312 for more information. 


Bells & Chimes

By Sue May


Kingdom Chimes

All 2nd-5th graders are invited to be a part of the Kingdom Chimes this fall.  We will meet in the Music Room, on Wednesday evenings from 5:15-5:45pm beginning Wednesday, September 4th.  We will have a great time learning to read music and play in church once a month.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


Youth Bell Choir

The Youth Bell Choir, (grades 6-12) will begin on Wednesday, September 4th from 6:45-7:25pm in the Music Room. We have new contemporary music as well as new techniques we will be learning this year.  Please join us for a fun year in music ministry and fellowship.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


Jubilee Bell Choir

Any adults that are interested in playing bells this year, the Jubilee Bell Choir has a place for you!  Prior music reading skills is helpful, but not required.  We have a great time together ringing and sharing the love of Christ through this musical ministry in our church. We will begin on Wednesday, September 4th from 5:45-6:40pm in the Music Room.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions. 


Women’s Bible Study Opportunities

By Joyce Anderson

Women’s Bible Study that meets in the Upper Room during Sunday School, will be starting a new study on September 8th at 9:45am on Sunday's.  We will be studying "Here and Now...There and Then a Series on Revelation by Beth Moore.  In this 11 session study, Beth presents many points of view, allowing women to decide for themselves when the interpretation varies.  She teaches that God is as specific about what he does reveal as about what he does not reveal.  Please join us this fall!

Women's Bible Study that meets in the Upper Room on Wednesday Nights will be starting a new study on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30pm.  We will study "Jesus the One and Only" by Beth Moore.  Come along with Beth on a life-changing journey which will lead you through the hills of Galilee with the Teacher, across the lake with the Master, and, finally, on the road with the Savior -- His face set toward the cross.  Join us for this life changing study!



With the change in worship times the Education Committee of the church has decided to try something new with acolyte duties this year.  We would like to have acolytes’ at both the 8:45am and the 10:45am service. So we have decided to see if we could use a larger group of kids (5th, 6th and 7th graders) to cover this important part of our worship.  Letters were sent out a few weeks ago, if your son/daughter is a 5th, 6th or 7th grader and you did not get a letter contact Diane Kisch at 660-1242 or e-mail her at


3rd Grade Bibles

Each year the Education Committee of the church gives Bibles to 3rd graders, letters were mailed a few weeks ago, if your son/daughter is going to be a 3rd grader and you did not receive a letter please contact Diane Kisch at 660-1242 or e-mail her at The Bibles will be presented to the 3rd graders on Sunday September 15th at the 10:45am worship service.

Dave Ramsey's Generation Change course featuring Rachel Cruze

We will be offering the Generation Change program for students in grades 9th-12th.  This program will be offered on Sunday mornings at 10:45am in the Upper Room.  Classes will start on Sept. 15th and it is a nine week course.  This class will feature 3 series which will cover 1) Be who God created, 2) Do more with your money and 3) Write your story.   This is a series that is built off of the Dave Ramsey course Financial Peace.  We have had so many people that wish they had the knowledge of this course when they were younger so that changes could have happened in their lives sooner.  Now we are offering this opportunity for the younger generation and hope to reach them earlier in their life.  If youth are interested in taking this 9 week course, please contact Denise Willman or Laurie Baily


Reach Out                             

By Sherry Daugherty, Evangelism Committee

It was so exhilarating to witness all the children at Vacation Bible School. It was wonderful to see the parents eating dinner with the children before the little ones broke up into groups. But, what happened to the parents then? Some stayed to serve while others left, only to pick their children up later. As a church, and we as a group, need to reach out to those parents. Many of those children’s families are not members of our church but wouldn’t it be awesome if we could get the entire family to attend church. It’s a challenging job. We can talk about our God and all the marvelous things He’s able to do, but sometimes the more we “talk” some people turn into hedgehogs. At that point we just need to turn it over to God; in prayer.

“Is there someone you know that’s a hedgehog and has given up on church?” Simply ask them to “give it another chance” and leave it to God.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You, Lord, forgiving me the wonderment of having a spirit- filled heart. I am so grateful for all the gifts You’ve bestowed upon me. I ask that You lay Your Hand upon those that don’t yet have a relationship with you and may they come to find comfort in getting to know that You are truly Our Savior and Creator. In Jesus name, Amen.


Family Time

By Susan Thorson, Parish Nurse

Summer is nearly over and school has already started for most families with children. Our summer schedules have gone by and new schedules seem to be getting set for the year. Everyone is going in different directions and often times need to re-group. 

Did you ever think about having a family meeting just one time a week to discuss the activities of the week, to have devotions, and to create a time for fun?  First you will need to set a time that is good for everyone’s schedule so no one misses this special time to be with family. It might start out by just asking what went well for our family this week and what didn’t go so well. You can discuss the family calendar so everyone’s activities including church, school and family activities are listed.

 Post the calendar so everyone can access it when needed. This family time is a time when everyone can bring concerns, questions and new ideas for family fun and spiritual enrichment. The family can plan to work together to accomplish goals even in small pieces of time.

 Being flexible is necessary as unexpected changes come up.  Be open to review how the process is going and assess the progress of your family goals. Make sure everyone has a voice from the parents to the youngest child in the family. Keep all lines of communication open and above all, enjoy your time together. You’ll be amazed the growth you will see in your family even after a few weeks of setting this special time together. I think this will help you and your family as it says in Proverbs 22:6: “Direct your children onto the right path and when they are older, they will not leave it.”


Women’s Bible Study Opportunities  

Women's Bible Study that meets in the Upper Room during Sunday School, will be starting a new study on September 8th at 9:45am on Sunday's.  We will be studying "Here and Now... There and Then a Series on Revelation by Beth Moore.  In this 11 session study, Beth presents many points of view, allowing women to decide for themselves when the interpretation varies.  She teaches that God is as specific about what he does reveal as about what he does not reveal.  Please join us this fall!

  Women's Bible Study that meets in the Upper Room on Wednesday Nights will be starting a new study on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30pm.  We will study "Jesus the One and Only" by Beth Moore.  Come along with Beth on a life-changing journey which will lead you through the hills of Galilee with the Teacher, across the lake with the Master, and, finally, on the road with the Savior -- His face set toward the cross.  Join us for this life changing study!


Reports from Annual Conference

By Diane Kisch

First I would like to thank the church for giving me the opportunity to represent you as a lay member to Annual Conference.  I so enjoy being a part of the business end of our denomination and helping to make the decisions that make us who we are. After the other 3 members reported on their items I was left to report on whatever else I wanted to, so I am going to report on the worship services and a few other things we did at Annual Conference.

Bishop Bruce R. Ough, Dakotas-Minnesota Area, called for all those in attendance to listen and feel the WHOOSH of the Pentecostal spirit.   Bishop Ough’s Episcopal address challenged all with the adaptive question, “What do we do now? If we are to ensure that offering Christ is our very heartbeat, permeating and shaping everything we are and do, then we will need to give full-blown expression to Jesus’ imperatives to: cultivate spiritual vitality, reach new people, and heal a broken world.”

There were 4 worship services at Annual Conference; the first was the Opening Worship on Thursday morning with Bishop Bruce Ough preaching. WOW what a sermon – Bishop Ough used Lamentations 3:19-24 as his scripture and he encouraged us to “Keep a Grip on Hope”. We also shared in the Bread and Cup at this service. The 2nd service was “Celebration of Saints with Historic Questions” at this service. During this service we remembered the clergy, clergy spouses and laity/conference employee who have went home to spend eternity for our Savior.  Also at this service those being commissioned and ordained where asked the Historical questions. Rev Rich Zeck preached at this service, scripture was Nehemiah 1:1-3, 2:16-18 – the title of the sermon was “You See the Trouble That We’re In”. He challenged us to get out of our pews and to spread the Good News to everyone around us. The 3rd worship service was the Ordination service were those called to ministry were commissioned and Ordained.  The scripture for the service was Mark 5:21-43 the sermon title was “Trouble the Teacher”. The CCYM (Conference Council on Youth Ministry) shared a creative Offering to the song “Help Me Find It”.

The final worship service was a service of Baptismal Remembrance, introduction of Extended Cabinet and the Fixing of Appointments.  Scripture for this service was Mark 16:9-15 – District Superintendant Rev Roy Caudill sermon was titled “We’re on a Mission from God”. We had a time of Baptismal remembrance before the appointments of Pastors were read.   Some of the sermons from annual conference can be listened to by going to the Dakotas Conference website at scrolling over the resources heading clicking on Annual Conference, on the right hand side of that page click on Post Conference Resources.  There is then a list with items that can be clicked on from the 3 days of conference, if you want to listen and cannot find them let me know and I will help you find the videos on line.

On Thursday night we attended a banquet were some awards where given out and the retiring clergy were honored.

As usual conference was a time of reconnecting with friends from across the conference (and I got to spend a few days with my daughter Jen who was back from NC). Thank you again for letting me represent you at Annual Conference.


Stunning New Quilt

The pink and white quilt hanging in the foyer was hand embroidered by Helen Mischke and Mary Johnson and donated to Piecemakers Quilters.  The Piecemakers finished it with hand quilting and are taking it to Dakota Marketplace (formerly "Ingathering") in September to be sold at auction to benefit local and world hunger programs.  Please pause for a moment on the stairway to admire this beautiful project.


Thanks to all who sent a birthday card to help me celebrate my 93rd birthday. I enjoyed each one and realized anew how good it is to be a part of a caring church family. God bless you all

Neta Thompson


          On behalf of our partner families I want to thank you for your continued support of Habitats Christian housing ministry.

          Your generous gift of $500 will help Habitat build house #37 for and along-side Jack and Taria Bradley and their two young children. The family is excited to have the opportunity to own a safe, affordable home in which their children will be able to grow into all that God intended.

          The members of FUMC lay the foundation for habitat to continue its Christian housing ministry. FUMC always answers the call to serve Habitat whether it be to feed our volunteers., sing special music or lead a house dedication ceremony, donate and/or help work the Habitat Rummage sale, serve the Bike & Build kids who donate to Habitat, ride in the Habitat 500, support us at the Hoe Down and the list could go on and on…

          The members of FUMC truly live its mission to Grow Disciples of Jesus Christ and Equip Them for Ministry in the World. God Bless

Julie Dykstra


We made it halfway! Everyone is still reminiscing about those post-ride smoothies and the boundless hospitality of your church family. As we continue to Seattle, we will be thinking of you all with fondness and gratitude. Next year’s P2S route will be lucky to spend time in your lovely town.

Bike & Build P2S 2013


Thank you to everyone that helped out in any way during the week of VBS. We had a great fun filled week and were able to touch the hearts of 74 kids. Thanks to all the committees that helped with sound, meals, snacks, advertising, decorating, registration, crafts, games, and to all of you who helped by donating time, food, props and support. There are way too many names to mention for fear I will forget someone.

Thanks to the story tellers and to the shepherds for being so dedicated.  Thank you Evie for a great job with the music and to Chrissie for the power point show and to the Pratt’s for the dedication of being there each night. Thanks to Rev. Ron and Pastor Bob for the prayers.  God heard them and blessed us with a wonderful program for the youth with much support from the entire congregation. Thank you to the youth who stepped forward to help shepherd and do whatever was asked of them.  Special thanks to Dawn and Greg Popma, Ester Lane, Craig Sherman. Barb and Heather Hirsch for all their help in the weeks prior to prepare for the week of Blessings.  Thank you everyone and may God bless you all. 

Denise Willman


September Birthdays

1 - Carson Enfield, Jess Dennis, Gage Guthmiller


2 - Morgan Rodig


3 - Ashley Reiner, Erica Knode, Allison Reiner


4 - Sam Mooney, Ken Olsen, Kylie Rodig,

     Larry Guthmiller


5 - Steve Kasik


6 - Denise Erickson, Matt Miller, Eileen Mullican


7 - Harlan Teichroew

8 - Ryan Olson, Judy Nielson, Carol Becker, 

      Brady Jaquith


9 - Debbie Landwehr, Heidi Olson

10 - Kim Larsen, Lydia Giziewski,

       Stephanie Anderson, Sandi Mathis,

       Randy Heisinger, Bob Gereaux,

       Alison Karnes, Nicholas Doby


11 - Parker Kisch, Rick Petersen, Anna Nickles


13 - Jill Saffel, Anne Withrow


14 - Michael Parish, Lindsey Hale


15 - Harper Den Herder


16 - Dorothy Olson


17 - Darian Tramp

18 - Ben Pratt, Bob Walser, Steve Helgeland


20 - Zachary Young, Chris Peterka,

Chrissie Wieseler

21 - Greg Anderson, Kirsten May, Ryan Ford


22 - Austin Reining


23 - Shirley Nelson, Megan Ford, Sean Turner


24 - Beth Meek, Darian Miller


25 - Toby Gall, Deklan Olson, Will Dangler


26 - Paul Nielson, Kody Kyriss, Joyce Kollars


27 - Travis Hansen, Elton Wek


28 - Maggie Downing, Josey Kaiser


29 - Kami Cornemann, Dave Holzwarth,

Bev Larsen, Marge Berke

30 - Curt Dykstra, Amy Johnson


In Our Thoughts & Prayers:


Jean Breckenridge passed away Monday.


Pat Martin, Sister of Maxine Rogers and Aunt of Marsha Johnson


Chase, who had surgery


Jeff & Carol Skonhovd & family, Carol’s mom passed away


Randy, Liza Larson’s brother has had a reoccurrence of prostate cancer and will undergo radiation treatment.


Joyce Karnes, mother of Joel Karnes is in the hospital in Yankton


Wanda Branson’s brother Darrell Driver


Katelyn Erickson, daughter of Tony Erickson has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and is undergoing chemo treatment


2 year old nephew of Leah Gratzfeld has been diagnosed with cancer


Joshua Scott Family       


Roland Wesch, classmate of Pastor Bob’s


Marlene Konopik, friend of Warren Peterson


Karen a friend of Jean Droppers


Kari Beil has breast cancer.  She is the mother of Logan Beil, Kids Hope.


Margaret Bartels' cousin Joan    


Mikael Pietila's cousin Ileah Guiterrez     


Scott Williams, son-in-law of Warren Peterson


Julie Dykstra’s nephew Chase Michael Oja


Dan Slowey’s father Dick and his mother Ellen


Erin Olson, Daughter of Tami Blum/Kevin Olson.


Tony and Shawna Fiechuck’s granddaughter Alexis Haggan.


Craig Bartels, brother of Bill Bartels & Jill Huetig.

Shar Peterson’s cousin Jenna


Mindy Reining’s mother, Barb Wohl


Shirley Bogue, Howard Relf, Shirley Nelson


Josh, Mariah, Tara, Luke Pomeroy, Pat Keller   


Karen Droppers, Pastor Bob Cappel, Doug Baily


Mark Giziewski, Velma Decker, Dena Heeney


Lee & Phyllis Skalberg, Don Boyd, Violet Waters


Vivian VanEssen's sister Robbi, Peggy Johnson


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families. Carla Mentele, Blaine, Mona Mulligan's son