First United Methodist Church - Yankton
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Yankton, South Dakota


(605) 665-2991    Fax # (605) 665-9603

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September 15, 2013

Contemporary Worship: 8:45 A.M.


Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Our Mission:


“To grow disciples of Jesus Christ and equip them for ministry in the world.”




Today’s Worship Service


GATHERING MUSIC         Enter This Temple







REGISTERING OUR ATTENDANCE (Please leave complete address)



*SONGS OF PRAISE               Blessed Be Your Name

            There is Joy In the Lord






SPECIAL MUSIC Ashley & Audrey Graber










SPECIAL MUSIC Ashley & Audrey Graber


SCRIPTURE         Luke 15:1-10 (p. 73)


MESSAGE                          “Of Indescribable Worth!”             Rev. Ron






*SENDING FORTH         Bind Us Together




Praise Team: Melissa Rempfer; Gena Brandt; Ross & Dena Den Herder; Barb & Heather Hirsch; Bill & Rhonda Sohl; Monte Gulick; Steve King; Nick & Tracy Kisch; Diane Kisch; TJ Landwehr; Julie Mooney; Hali Strom; Kaitlyn Stewart





Yankton, South Dakota


(605) 665-2991    Fax # (605) 665-9603

E-mail address:




September 15, 2013

Traditional Worship 10:45 A.M.


Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

 Our Mission:

“To grow disciples of Jesus Christ and equip them for ministry in the world.”


A Time of Gathering and Praise




REGISTERING OUR ATTENDANCE (Please leave complete address)


SPECIAL MUSIC             Ashley & Audrey Graber



The little lamb is lost. Does anyone care?


      God cares, as a shepherd cares for the sheep.

            How long will the shepherd search?


   God’s searching mercy is never ending.

What will happen when the lamb is found?


     God rejoices whenever a sinner repents.

We are God’s lambs. The Lord rejoices when we repent of our sins.


In repentance, and returning to God, we are found! Hallelujah!



*HYMN OF PRAISE #732 (blue hymnal) “Come, We That Love the Lord”


(see back page of announcements )



A Time of Prayer







PRAYER RESPONSE # 474 (blue hymnal) (stz. 1 & refrain)

“Precious Lord, Take Me Hand”


A Time of Proclamation




Congregation response: We rejoice in this step in your journey with God. We pray God will guide you, your family, and us as you use this Holy Bible in your home, in your church school classes, and in our worship. We will learn together and grow in our love for God’s Word.



RESPONSE # 601 (blue hymnal) (stz. 1 & refrain)          “Thy Word Is A Lamp”

SCRIPTURE Luke 15:1-10 (p. 73)

MESSAGE                           “Of Indescribable Worth!”               Rev. Ron



A Time of Response and Dedication




OFFERTORY MUSIC         Ashley & Aubrey Graber

*OFFERTORY RESPONSE #99 (blue hymnal)          “My Tribute”


*HYMN OF DEDICATION #572 (blue hymnal)           “Pass It On”



A Time of Sending Forth




*SONG OF PARTING # 666 (blue hymnal) “Shalom to You”



*Indicates Congregation stand, if you are comfortable doing so.


*Large print hymnals and bulletins are available.  Please ask an usher for assistance. 

*Nursery care provided for 0-4 year old children 8:30 - Noon. Thank you for silencing all cell phones.

In His Service:



Senior Pastor                         Rev. Ron Johnson (


Associate Pastor           Pastor Bob Cappel (


Church Secretary                    Lisa Loecker (


Organist           Jill Wilson


Pianist          Melissa Rempfer


Sound Technician          Eric Pratt


Projection Operator Matt Pietz


Greeters                (8:45) Kristi, Alix & Bailey Peterka (10:45) Esther Lane


Ushers                                        (8:45) Mark & Syndee Droppers; Curt & Julie Dykstra 


          (10:45) Arlo & Carlene Watchorn


Valet           (8:45) Dave Cornemann (10:45) Jeff May


Coffee Fellowship Don & Carole Hurley

Nursery Attendant Cassi Pietz


First UMC  2013-2014

Sunday School Teachers & Education Workers

Pre Kindergarten            Beth Parr & Sadia Parr


Kindergarten             Christy Hagge, Keeley Hagge



1st & 2nd Grade            Lexi Klinkhammer, Halli Strom


3rd Grade            Kristi Peterka & Dana Enfield


4th & 5th Grade            Lisa Karnes, Kristi Palecek


6th & 7th Grade            Gena Brandt, Merle Brandt, Todd Strom


8th Grade Confirmation            Julie Moderegger & Chrissie Wieseler


KFC Youth Group            Reid Sorensen, Julie Dykstra, Heather Hirsch, Merle Brandt


Senior High SS             Nick Kisch, Tracy Kisch, Ross Den Herder



Senior High Youth Group            Diane Kisch, Gena Brandt,


Adult Sunday School            Loy Gravholt, Dave Holzwarth, Vivian VanEssen, Rev. Ron



Women’s Bible Study            Joyce Anderson


Night Club            Denise Willman


Generation Change            Laurie Baily, Denise Willman


XYZ            Rev. Ron


Anchor Group            Nick Kisch


Nursery Attendants            Cassi Pietz, Kathy Lawrence



Sunday School Superintendent            Barb Hirsch


Christian Education Director            Denise Willman


Financial Peace               Larry Young & Laurie Baily


Special Needs            Jane Walser


Bell Choir/Chancel Choir            Sue May, Carolyn Cappel



Subs             Brook Thurman; Carol Becker, Steve King, Matt Pietz,

                        Scott & Mindy Giziewski, Ashley Reiner& Russell Pierce



Recognition of church school workers



Church school staff

We have heard God’s call to teach and have responded to that call. We teach, trusting in God’s promises to support, sustain, and encourage us through Gifts sufficient for the task. We teach, relying on prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit. We teach, inviting others to recognize and respond to God’s call in their lives. We teach, depending on this congregation to uphold us in this task.




We Pledge ourselves to pray for you and for the educational ministry of this congregation. We pledge ourselves to enable, encourage, and love you in this ministry. We pledge ourselves to be learners with you, diligently studying with you the Scriptures and traditions of the faith.



September 15 - 22


Today: 8:30 AM - “The United Methodist Hour” on KYNT 1450 AM Radio by Craig Sherman in memory of Orville Sherman.

9:45 AM - Sunday School, All ages

- Adult Crusaders Bible Study, Adult Sunday School Room

- Women’s Bible Study, Upper Room

      10:45 AM - Dave Ramsey youth course starts

            -             3rd graders receive bibles

Monday: 9:30 AM - Women’s Bible Study, Upper Room

6:30 PM - Sweet Adelines, Church Lounge


Tuesday:             8:30 AM            -            Free Wal-Mart baked goods available at the Assembly of God Church           

            1:00 PM            -            Piecemakers Quilting

            5:30 PM            -            Staff/Pastor/Parish Relations Committee, Conference Room

6:30 PM - Worship Committee, Conference Room

Wednesday: 7 AM - Men’s Bible Study, Wesley Hall All are invited.

- Information for the Bulletin due to church Office by noon

- Information for the REMINDER due to church office by noon

5:15 - 5:45 PM - Kingdom Bells, (2nd-5th grade) rehearsal, Music Room (room 207)

          5:45 - 6:40 PM          -          Jubilee Bells (Adults) rehearsal in the Music Room (room 207)

          6:30 PM          -          Women’s Bible Study in the Upper Room

          6:45 - 7:25 PM          -          Youth Bells (grades 6-12)          rehearsal, Music Room (room 207)

          7:15 PM          -          Chancel Choir Rehearsal

          7:30 PM          -          KFC Youth & Senior High Youth Group

7:45 PM - Narcotics Anonymous, Upper Room


Thursday            7 AM            -            Men’s Fellowship Breakfast, Fryn’ Pan

            2:00 PM            -            Memorial Committee meets, Conference Room

            5:00 PM            -            Staff meeting, Conference Room

            7:30 PM            -             Night Club. All women are invited. Upper Room

Friday:             8:30 AM              -             Free Wal-Mart baked goods, meat & produce available at Assembly of God


Saturday:  8 AM - Baking Brothers in Wesley Hall kitchen

7:45 PM - Narcotics Anonymous, Upper Room

Next Sunday:             -            3-5pm Membership Class, Adult Sunday School Room



- Membership Orientation Class Rev. Ron and Pastor Bob are planning to conduct a second Membership Orientation Class this year.  The class has been scheduled to be held in two sessions; Sunday, September 22nd, 3-5 pm and Thursday evening, October 3rd, 6:30-8:30 pm. It will be held in the Adult Sunday School Room on the first floor (across the hallway from Wesley Hall in the education wing).  The class is for those interested in transferring their membership from another UMC or another denomination, as well as those who aren’t a member in any church at the present time.  Youth who have completed confirmation studies are also invited to attend.  Persons interested in attending should register by contacting the church office, 665-2991 or, Rev. Ron, or Pastor Bob, If you have questions, contact those mentioned above. If you are interested but are unable to attend the class and the sessions, let the office know. 


- Dave Ramsey's Generation Change course featuring Rachel Cruze We will be offering the Generation Change program for students in grades 9th-12th.  This program will be offered on Sunday mornings at 10:45am in the Upper Room.  Class starts today Sept. 15th and it is a nine week course.  This class will feature 3 series which will cover 1) Be who God created, 2) Do more with your money and 3) Write your story.   This is a series that is built off the Dave Ramsey course Financial Peace.  We have had so many people that wish they had the knowledge of this course when they were younger so that changes could have happened at an earlier age.  Now we are offering this opportunity for the younger generation.  If youth are interested in taking this 9 week course, please contact Denise Willman or Laurie Baily


- Dakota Marketplace Now's your chance to support UMCOR's mission of providing emergency kits to people in need. Here's how you can help. Sunday, September 15th, the Missions committee will have the materials available to assemble school and health kits at a designated table. You will be able to purchase and assemble the kits on the spot.  It will only take a few minutes. Assemble any of the kits, (school, health, sewing, or layette) at home and bring to the church by September 17th for transport to Sioux Falls. We would like to send at least 15 layettes, 30+ health, 30+ school, and 15 sewing kits. This could be a fun family project and a blessing to those who need them.


- You’re Invited the children of Dorothy Olson invite you to an open house celebration of her 85th birthday. Sunday, September 15th from 2-4pm at the Sunrise Apt Complex 2015 Green St in the Community Room. Please come and share in Dorothy’s day!


- BASIC Sunday School Class what the church is and why we need to be involved. Come join us, bring your coffee cup. Materials are provided. We will meet at 9:45am in the Jr. High Room.


- Attention all 6th, 7th and 8th Grade Students and Parents Kids for Christ will kick-off the year this Wednesday, September 18th 7:30 pm – 9pm! The leaders this year will be Reid Sorensen, Julie Dykstra, Heather Hirsch and Merle Brandt. If you have not received a letter by Monday, please contact the church office so can add you to the mailing. We are very excited about the upcoming year with our middle school kids and look forward to our time together this Wednesday! 


- Habitat for Humanity of Yankton County is seeking applicants for homeownership and for our Brush of Kindness program.  To seek information on homeownership opportunities contact Julie at 260-4224.  In addition, we are seeking applications or referrals for individuals who currently own their home, but it is need of some light exterior repair work.  This program is designed to help individuals who are living on a limited income or who do not have the physical ability to make such repairs themselves.  Contact Julie for more information 260-4224


- Tree of Life Ministry let’s work together to collect a mile of pennies to support the Tree of Life Ministry!  The Missions committee is committed to matching a mile of pennies raised by the congregation to support the Tree of Life Ministry which is in desperate need of our help.  Look for the collection container in the church lobby today and for the next several weeks.  For more information contact Julie at 661-3374 and watch for more detailed information in the October Reminder.


- The Yankton Children’s Theater Company presents “Hydrangea Albright/Comedy or Tragedy?”   Directed by Rich Wright Sept, 19th, 20th, and 21st at 7:00 pm and Sept. 22nd at 2:00 pm At Mount Marty College Marian Auditorium. Come see this lighthearted comedy, with a great message and support the young performers from the Yankton area.



- Chancel Choir The Chancel Choir invites and encourages all who enjoy singing to be a part of the music ministry. Choir rehearsals are Wednesdays at 7:15pm. We are a fun, welcoming group who needs singers in a wide range from sopranos to basses and everything in between. A good time is guaranteed. Please contact Carolyn Cappel, 660-8312 for more information. 


- Kingdom Chimes All 2nd-5th graders are invited to be a part of the Kingdom Chimes this fall. We will meet in the Music Room, on Wednesday evenings from 5:15-5:45pm beginning Wednesday, September 4th. We will have a great time learning to read music and play in church once a month.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


- Youth Bell Choir The Youth Bell Choir, (grades 6-12) rehearses Wednesdays from 6:45-7:25pm in the Music Room. We have new contemporary music as well as new techniques we will be learning this year. Please join us for a fun year in music ministry and fellowship. Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


- Jubilee Bell Choir Any adults that are interested in playing bells this year, the Jubilee Bell Choir has a place for you! Prior music reading skills is helpful, but not required. We have a great time together ringing and sharing the love of Christ through this musical ministry in our church.  We rehearse Wednesdays from 5:45-6:40pm in the Music Room. Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


- Women’s Bible Study Opportunities Women’s Bible Study meets in the Upper Room during Sunday School, at 9:45am on Sunday's.  We will be studying "Here and Now...There and Then a Series on Revelation by Beth Moore.  In this 11 session study, Beth presents many points of view, allowing women to decide for themselves when the interpretation varies.  She teaches that God is as specific about what he does reveal as about what he does not reveal.  Please join us this fall!

Women's Bible Study meets in the Upper Room on Wednesday Nights at 6:30pm.  Our study is "Jesus the One and Only" by Beth Moore.  Come along with Beth on a life-changing journey which will lead you through the hills of Galilee with the Teacher, across the lake with the Master, and, finally, on the road with the Savior -- His face set toward the cross.  Join us for this life changing study!




Sr. High Youth News

*Wed., Sept. 18th – Regular Youth Group 7:30–9:00pm

*Sun., Sept. 22nd – See You At the Pole Rally at Assembly of God

6:00pm fellowship time 6:30 to 8:00 Worship/Program

*Wed. Sept. 25th – See You At the Pole – YHS Flag Pole 7:30am

*Wed. Sept. 25th – Regular Youth Group 7:30-9:00pm.  Registration form


& money ($60) for SD “Sanctuary” Conference event due to Diane. 

Info on this event can be found at - I will have registration forms at youth group.


Diane will have office Hours on Thursday, Sept. 19th and Monday, Sept. 23rd from 3:30 to 5:00pm.

Contact information is  665-1500 or 660-1242


Youth and Parents can stay up to date with what is going on – or we have a group on Facebook – First UMC Sr. High Youth Group (Yankton).





In Our Thoughts and Prayers:



Jean Droppers


Russell Peirce


Jennifer Rokusek


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families. Carla Mentele, Blaine, Mona Mulligan's son


Above are the new prayer concerns. For prayer partners, a complete list is on the Welcome Table.



(If you have prayer requests for publication, please contact the church office.)



Financial Report

Last Sunday's Offering            $5,623

Financial information is available at the church office

Last Sunday Attendance: 230

Sunday School: 81

Hy-Vee Cash Cards

Remember to purchase your Hy-Vee Cash Card today!

1st UMC has raised $4,212 since January 1, 2013 from the cash card program.



Lectionary Readings for 9-22-13

Jeremiah 8:18-9:1 ~ Psalm 79:1-9

I Timothy 2:1-7 ~ Luke 16:1-13