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August 2013

Pastor’s Word                                              

by Rev. Ron

            A scaffold had been erected about the entrance to a big church on the boulevard and workmen were busily engaged in a remodeling job when a stranger stopped to watch. “What are you doing to this church?” he asked of the man who seemed to be in charge of the operations. “Well, you see, “the foreman replied, “they had some front doors here which were very heavy, and we are putting up some that are easier to operate.” Then with a peculiar twinkle in his eye he added, “No church has a right to put up doors that little children cannot open.”

        I know we embrace this spirit here at First United Methodist Church as I watch our church family get ready for Vacation Bible School. We have a wonderful group of people who started weeks ago in preparation for the dates VBS will be offered. People planning the menu, making the background scenery, preparing the music, and a host of other details.

        I don’t even know the number of people and hours that have been devoted towards this year’s VBS but I am well aware that many people have worked hard!

        These people do this because they desire that every child who comes through the doors of our church feels loved and will experience a good time as they encounter a loving and gracious God through all the activities and music.

        Let us work tirelessly to signup children and share the invitation with others who maybe interested. Let us anticipate the hugs, laughs, and smiles we will experience as they grace the premises of our church building and grounds on August 4-8th.

        As I thought about all the preparation being done, there is a story that relates to the birth of the royal baby in Great Britain. On the night of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth, Boy Scouts lit a chain of beacons each at least ten feet high. The beacons were lighted simultaneously and each insight of the next.

        Boy’s and girls, whether Scouts or not, are the beacon lights along the King’s highway, the highway of humanity’s hope and Christ’s kingdom. All who devote themselves to school kids, Sunday School kids, VBS kids, or just kids, who kindle the fire of God’s love in them, are lighting beacons for the kings coronation.

        And so I say three cheers for Vacation Bible School. Let us one wide the doors of our church and welcome these beacons of God’s love and grace.


Mission Moment

By Gena Brandt, Missions Chair

            Bike & Build has expressed their thankfulness for the warm hospitality, good food and air-conditioned comfort found at First UMC. Thanks to the Mission Committee and volunteers for your faithfulness to meet their needs.  They have given a $100.00 donation to the Yankton Habitat for Humanity program as a show of their gratitude.

 The Missions Committee


Sr. High Youth News

By Diane Kisch

        For August here are the dates you will want to mark on your calendar

*Sun., August 4th/Thurs. August 8thVBS from 6:00pm to 8:00pm if you can help give Denise Willman a call at 665-2869.

*Wed., August 7thYouth Group at 8:00 -9:00pm at the church.  Note time change so we can help with VBS.

*Wed., August 21st – NOlympics at Riverside Park from 5:00 to 8:30pm. 

*Sat., August 24th/Sun., August 25th – Youth Group Kick Off Lock-in.  More details to come.

        The group that went to Wild Water West/ Celebration UMC had a great time even though the water was a little on the cold side (mental note to do this event in July or August next year).  The Compassion Sunday we participated in at Celebration UMC was a fun and rewarding experience.  We started that morning off with breakfast followed by a few praise songs and pray to head out to do the mission projects.  Some of the mission things they did that day were delivered frozen pizza along with information about their church to low income apartments, made and delivered small baskets with treats to home daycare providers, made tray favors for the nursing homes and assisted living centers, cleaned ditches, played Bible bingo with the residence of an assisted living center, helped with clean up from the ice storm (lumberjacks), painted fire hydrants, helped with a project at the zoo, and donated blood.  We all came back together for a time of sharing our experiences and more singing, followed by a meal. The youth and adults from Yankton that went were Casey Mier, Hannah Buchholz, Alleysia Ugofsky, Rebecca Pearman, Kylee Duncan, Kirsten May, Dorothy Walton and Diane Kisch.

        NOlympics that was postponed in May will be held Wed., August 21st from 5:00 to 8:30pm at Riverside Park.  More details will come so please be watching Facebook, e-mails and the bulletin.  Please let Diane Kisch know if you plan to attend by August 14th.

        Upcoming conference event – “Sanctuary” – a retreat for High School Youth - Renewal for your body, mind and spirit South Dakota: Fri., October 11th, Sun., October 13th, 2013 @ Storm Mountain Center.

North Dakota: Thurs., October 17th, Sat., October 19th, 2013 @ Wesley Acres Camp

Worship by the Justin Graves Band Featuring the teen talent of the: Homeward Bound Theater Company.

Small groups - Teaching - Hang time

Cost: $85

Check your calendars now, more information will come when youth group starts this fall. Youth can attend either the SD or ND event.  I (Diane) will be attending the SD one at Storm Mountain Center.  If you have any questions contact me and I will find out the answer.

        Diane’s normal office hours for August will be the Thurs., the 22nd and the 29th from 3:30 to 5:00pm. Contact info for me is  665-1500 or 660-1242

        Youth and Parents here are some ways you can stay up to date with what is going on or we have a group on Facebook – First UMC Sr. High Youth Group (Yankton). We also send out e-mails, so youth & parents if we do not have your e-mail address please get it to me.


Kingdom Rock VBS Aug 4th-8th

      Just a few days away and so exciting.  Be sure to come and join in on the fun.  Meal is served to volunteers, children and their families at 5:30pm, program to follow 6:00 - 8:00pm. The children will present a program on Thurs. Aug. 8th at 8:00 pm for all to come and enjoy.  We appreciate all the volunteers who offer time, talents, props and food.  It is nice to count on the church family to help pull this huge event off.  Thanks Again.
        We need children and adults to make this a fun and exciting week.  Please consider being involved and touching the life of a child.  Any questions just call Denise 665-2869. 


Sunday School Volunteers

        The first day of Sunday School is September 8th.  We are in need of Sunday School teachers.  We have 6th and 7th open completely and need helpers in the other grades.  Please consider helping out with this important program.  Now that the schedule times have changed, it should provide a new opportunity for people to step forward and help out other teachers.  If you have not taught before please know that we can still use your help.  We would put you with someone who has already taught and you would not be alone.  Thanks for your consideration.  If you have any questions at all, please contact Denise Willman or Barb Hirsch.


Baking Brothers Ministry

Our Vision:

§ To experience the joy of creating something good with God’s provisions. (Gen: chp. 1)

§ To share God’s love by sharing what He has created through us. (Sam: chp. 9)

§ Fellowship with other men of faith as well help each other mature in our faith journey.

§  Seeking out strangers beyond our church “walls” with which we can share the love of God through what we have baked.

      Source funding - free will donations and the sale of our product during coffee fellowship.

      For more information contact Bob Thue,                   660-6051 or


Reports from Annual Conference

By Bob Thue


Bakken Oil Rush Ministry

The Vision: To touch lives with Jesus’ love while expanding the Kingdom of God and the United Methodist presence in the Bakken Oil Rush region (BOR) of North Dakota.

The Approach:

§ Meet human needs

§ Equip local congregations for greater mission impact.

§ Develop new faith communities.

  The Plan of Action:

§  Outreach in Watford City - establish a ministry center with a thrift shop, play area for children, a gathering place for people to meet, connect, worship and pray.

§  Digital Presence, a web page that connects people in the BOR to the ministries of the UMC and its partners.

§  Sidewalk SONday school will be offered in multiple locations and plan on doing outreach to children in these various communities.

§  Kids Camp, churches in the BOR will identify at least one child from a BOR family and invite that child to a UMC camp this summer at no cost to the family.

Start Up Funds:

From Yankton First UMC- goal $2500 - gave $3,700; from the Conference goal $250,000 - gave $260,000 plus.

Contact Person:, phone:

701-255-0800; Jim & Kathie Konsor; phone: 701-268-0058, email:



By Dave Holzwarth

        For the past several years a complicated formula was used to determine each churches contribution to the Conference so that the Conference could conduct its business and fulfill its mission. A new and simplified formula was adopted at Annual Conference. Starting in 2014 16% of the income received for support of the operating budget of the local church will become the amount paid to the conference. This payment will be made monthly, will be due by the end of the following month and of course will very month to month. This income is defined as:

§ Donations from identified and unidentified givers to support the operating budget.

§ Interest and dividends allocated toward the operating budget.

§ Net proceeds from the sale of church assets where proceeds are used to support the operating budget.

§ Building use fees and rental income.

§ Net income from fundraisers and other programs used to support the budget.

In addition each local church will be direct billed for the cost of pension, health insurance, and death/disability insurance for their pastor’s support.

        In 2013 Yankton UMC will pay $84,868. In 2014 under the old formula we would have paid $87,935, however with the newly adopted formula we will pay $77,250 in 2014, a reduction of $10,685.

        Hopefully this will allow the local churches to expand their mission to “Grow Disciples of Jesus Christ and Equip them for Ministry in the World”.

        Attending Annual Conference was a “mountain top” experience. Thank you for allowing me to be one of your lay representatives.


Peru Trip

By Valerie Hummel

            This May, I was in Peru for twenty-two wonderful days. I got the chance to experience two different groups working on two different projects in this beautiful country. This trip, forty-eight other students and I were able to make our marks on Peru. The first group dug trenches for an entire week. It was hard work, but we knew that this would be the start of something great. When team two arrived at the work site in Satellite City, we were pleased to see that most of the trenches had been filled with cement, forming a sturdy foundation for the Methodist Church we were helping to build in this desolate area. By the time the second group arrived, the once empty area was starting to look like a place of worship. As the week continued, more cement was poured and many walls were put up by a few of the men on our team while the rest of us were at the camp sprucing up those facilities. Because I was there for both team, I got to see so much get done. I was very impressed with our groups and all we were able to accomplish in the time that we were there. I hope that we can continue to lay our hands on the country of Peru so that it may grow and thrive and be all that it can as a country. The area that we were working in has been growing and feeding Christians for years and it was a huge blessing to be a part of that ministry. I just want to thank everyone who was a part of this trip prayerfully and financially.


Dave Ramsey Youth Course

        We will be offering a course for teenagers in the fall that is conducted by Dave Ramsey's daughter Rachel.  This is a Christian based course to help teenagers deal with responsibilities in life and teach them finance and about how God wants them to handle these challenges.  We need to know who is interested in taking the 9 week course and when they would like to have the course held.  Please contact Laurie Baily or Denise Willman if you are interested.


Appalachia Mission Trip

        I would like to encourage you all to take time to talk to the youth and adults that went on this trip.  Below is what 3 of the youth that went on the trip had to write above their experience.

        On our way to Kentucky we were introduced to new people all around the Dakotas. It was really quiet at first but as we got closer to the settlement there was much more to talk about. We started going up huge mountains and we were on the narrowest road possible for 2 giant charter buses! It was crazy but once we got there we met our groups that we would be working with and we quickly became our own little family for the week.           Our group mission for the week was to paint an entire house, put plywood and installation up in a tool shed, and power wash two houses. That was only part of the experience though. I met so many people I couldn't even keep their names straight! We had free time after worship and would go on small hikes in flip flops (not a good choice)! Oh well, it was all worth it in the end :) I think the best part of the trip though would be waking up in the morning and worshiping on the side of the mountain. No wonder they call them the Smokey Mountains, it was a drop dead gorgeous sight!!! I'd definitely be fable to say it was all worth the long haul! :D  Amanda Gravholt


        The bus rides to and from Kentucky were interesting... Stopping every few hours at different restaurants to eat and hang out with friends. I did manage to catch up on my sleep on the bus rides though! Working in Kentucky was more than it was cut out to be-digging fence posts for the goats or cleaning up their excrement in a barn that hadn't been cleaned out forever. This meant to me that living in South Dakota was a lot easier life style than living in the Mountains in Kentucky. I saw God in the beautiful scenery of Kentucky and the way my team worked together.  Alex Wieseler


        The best part of the mission trip for me would have been just simply doing the work and seeing our progress. My team and I worked really hard over the course of the four days we were in Kentucky. We did everything from building a ramp to putting up siding to nailing up baseboard in a bathroom to even digging a ditch! My team consisted of five youth and three adults. So to complete all these tasks we decided that we should divide and conquer. I was lucky enough to help out on all the tasks that we did. My favorite thing to do would have to be putting the baseboard down or dig the ditch. The reason I liked putting down the base board was because we were putting it down in these people's house and only so many of us could fit in the bathroom so some of the team sat down and played cards with the people who lived in the house. Now that day was the one-day were it rained and when it rains in Kentucky it rains. So when a fellow youth named Anthony and I were taking a break we noticed that the gutters were overflowing. So Anthony and I decided to clean out the gutters in the pouring rain. Nobody noticed Anthony and I slip outside to clean the gutters, so when we came inside twenty minutes later completely wet from head to toe they had no idea what we had been up to. When they finally did ask what we had been doing Anthony told them that we had been cleaning the gutters out. And without a moment to think about what was happening the owners were thanking us. They were so thankful for just the littlest thing we could have possibly done while we were there. Now the reason the ditch digging had to be one of my favorite moments was because we had been digging this ditch for a day and a half and when we finally got done we had all this extra mud. So what else do you do with extra mud besides have a mud fight? It was really cool to see even the kids who didn't want to get dirty all week just pick up a huge handful of mud and just throw it at someone and then get hit with some mud and have the happiest look on their face! Now there were some hard parts to working with my team. I really did learn to keep my cool when someone isn't doing their job. Now growing up with a dad who's in construction and going on the job sites with him I learned very quick if you're not doing your job you get yelled at very quick. So it was very hard for me the first couple of days to understand why some of my fellow teammates didn't understand this. But after a while everyone just started working and having a good time while doing it. The biggest impact on my life that happened when I was there was when I was in the gas station just down the road from the settlement with Layne Droppers and the lady in front of us told the cashier that she just got paid today and she wanted to buy gas and she had three dollars on her card and another two cash. That moment just really opened my eyes to the poverty around us in that area.  Cole Moderegger


Women’s Bible Study Opportunities  

        Women's Bible Study that meets in the Upper Room during Sunday School, will be starting a new study on September 8th at 9:45am on Sunday's.  We will be studying "Here and Now... There and Then a Series on Revelation by Beth Moore.  In this 11 session study, Beth presents many points of view, allowing women to decide for themselves when the interpretation varies.  She teaches that God is as specific about what he does reveal as about what he does not reveal.  Please join us this fall!

        Women's Bible Study that meets in the Upper Room on Wednesday Nights will be starting a new study on Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30pm.  We will study "Jesus the One and Only" by Beth Moore.  Come along with Beth on a life-changing journey which will lead you through the hills of Galilee with the Teacher, across the lake with the Master, and, finally, on the road with the Savior -- His face set toward the cross.  Join us for this life changing study!


Women of Faith

        When we started this opportunity to go to WOF in April we had about 22 women signed up.  Once we did the fundraisers for this program we were able to encourage 23 more women to come and join in on this amazing experience.  Through the fundraisers we were able to drop the price of the tickets by $100 and make it more affordable for more ladies.  This congregation helped support this opportunity for all women and we would like to say Thank You for all your wonderful support.  What a great opportunity to share Christ's Love for others.  Thanks goes to all of you who helped in any way possible.




        Thank you to the congregation for responding to our Soap/Shampoo/ Hygiene products drive in June. We collected 16 tubes of toothpaste, 14 toothbrushes, 18 bottles of shampoo, 11 bottles of body wash, 8 baby wipes, 8 packs of bar soap,  plus much more.  There was a total of 234 items!  This was all given to the Contact Center. We appreciate your generosity.

  Syndee Droppers, Mission Committee 


        Thanks to our friends at First UMC for the many beautiful sympathy cards when we lost mom recently. We're grateful for the support. 

Gena & Merle Brandt & Family


        Thanks to everyone who sent cards and prayers my way during my recent illness. Thanks also for Pastor Bob and Rev Ron's visits. All was appreciated. God bless.

Kathy Jacobs


        The Habitat 500 Bike Team would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the members of FUMC for your overwhelming support of the Habitat Hoe Down.  The event was a huge success in part to the support of the members of FUMC!!


        The Kids for Christ group would like to thank the members of FUMC for helping them to raise money for the Relay for Life.  The kids hosted a bake sale and held a car wash raising a total of $1,448.00 for Relay for Life which includes a match from the Education Committee.


August Birthdays


1 -    Jill Strom, Jean Breckenridge


2 -    Barb Wohl, Jim Chesley, Mikael Pietila


3 -    Jill Sage


7 -    John Pigney, Ruth Gravholt, Harry Luurs

        Mary Alice Halverson


8 -    Casey Mier         


9 -    Joe Saffel, Wanda Branson,

        Collins Den Herder        


10 - Neta Thompson, Brittany Fields,

        Mary Johnson, Sherril Christensen


11 - Don Miller, Pat Keller, Dan Johnson      

14 - Hali Strom, Amanda Pratt, Peggy Doering

        Gary Johnson, Joel Karnes         


16 - Liza Larson, Melania Enfield,

        Bob Stengle, Bernice Tuttle


17 - Maurice Newman


18 -  Mallory Jansen, Ron Kraft, Blake Bartels


19 - Treyton Bakke, Alan Dingman


20 -  Laura Slowey, Eleanor Spade, Kayln Peterka,


21 - LaVila Tessier, Carlene Watchorn,

        Derek Moderegger, Jim Slade


22 - Scott Parr, Jody Brady


23 - Susan Thorson


24 - Betty Maruska, Andrew Tramp,

        Cole Sawatzke, Rose Nedved, Carl Mathis


26 - Luann Saunders, Dan Slowey,

        Reid Sorensen


27 - Sue Frick 


28 - Dale Knode, Brett Sime


29 - Rhonda Sohl, Gwynn Stiles,


In Our Thoughts & Prayers:


Pat Keller


Joshua Scott Family


Peggy Johnson


Bob Hajek, brother of Carol Grimme, passed away


Rosie Jones, close friend of Esther Lane, passed away


Katelyn Erickson, daughter of Tony Erickson has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and is undergoing chemo treatment


2 year old nephew of Leah Gratzfeld has been diagnosed with cancer (Leah is Casey Mier’s supervisor)


Barry Schroeter’s mother passed away


Husband of Esther Lane’s niece drowned in Utah


Paul Nadenicek passed away Wed. July 3rd


Dale Campbell, Art & Bernice Tuttle’s nephew passed away Mon., July 1st            



Don Boyd                   Violet Waters


Roland Wesch, classmate of Pastor Bob’s


Marlene Konopik, friend of Warren Peterson


Karen a friend of Jean Droppers


Kari Beil has breast cancer.  She is the mother of Logan Beil, Kids Hope.


Margaret Bartels' cousin Joan    


Mikael Pietila's cousin Ileah Guiterrez     


Roger & Phyliss Schwartz, sister and brother-in-law of Wanda (Bill) Branson


Scott Williams, son-in-law of Warren Peterson


Julie Dykstra’s nephew Chase Michael Oja


Sherry Daugherty’s cousin Holly Saunders


Dan Slowey’s father Dick and his mother Ellen


Erin Olson, Daughter of Tami Blum/Kevin Olson.


Tony and Shawna Fiechuck’s granddaughter Alexis Haggan.


Craig Bartels, brother of Bill Bartels & Jill Huetig.


Shar Peterson’s cousin Jenna


Dorothy Olson’s daughter-in-law, Susan


Mindy Reining’s mother, Barb Wohl


Shirley Bogue                      Howard Relf   


Josh, Mariah, Tara                Shirley Nelson


Luke Pomeroy                      Karen Droppers


Pastor Bob Cappel                Mark Giziewski


Velma Decker                      Dena Heeney


Lee & Phyllis Skalberg,       


Vivian VanEssen's sister Robbi

Prayers for all men & women serving in the military and their families. Blaine, Mona Mulligan's son.