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November 2012

Pastor’s Word
                        by Rev. Ron
        Most of us do a good job expressing sorrow when someone we know suffers. We may send a card or letter or take time to attend the funeral. We, to one degree or another, "weep with those who weep".
        But this is only half the command. The other half is just as important but more difficult to practice. "Rejoice with those who rejoice" is a greater test of true Christian character than to "weep with those who weep". How many cards or letters do we write to express gratitude and appreciation? How many letters do we write telling others they have helped or encouraged us? Why are we less free with words of appreciation? One of the life lessons I have learned is that without others I am helpless. Yet we often fail to express gratitude. How much brighter the world outlook of all of us would be if we would grow in the grace of expressing our gratitude.
        William L. Stidger said that one evening during the depression of the l930's he was discussing the situation with friends. The outlook was gloomy. Banks were closed. Thousands were out of work. People by the scores were faced with financial failure, and some took their lives.
        "There isn't much to be thankful for." Someone remarked. Stidges said, "well, I am grateful to Mrs. Wendt." He said that Mrs. Wendt was a school teacher who had gone out of her way to introduce him to the writings of Tennyson.
        When asked if he had ever thanked her, Stidger confessed he never had. That evening he wrote her a letter. In a few weeks a reply arrived, written in the shaky hand of an elderly person. The letter read: "My dear Willie: I want you to know what your note meant to me. I am an old lady in my eighties, living alone in a small room and cooking my own meals, lonely and feeling like the last leaf on the tree. You will be interested to know, Willie, that I taught school for fifty years, and in all that time yours is the first letter of appreciation
        I have ever received. It came on a blue, cold morning, and it cheered my lonely old heart as nothing cheered me in many years."
        The question for us is will we keep the other half of the command? the Apostle Paul wrote: "Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep". (Romans 12:15)
Consecration Sunday
 Linda Fox, Chairman
        I would personally like to Thank the Consecration Sunday Team that worked so hard and diligently on presenting, advising, working, cooking and cleaning up for Consecration Sunday. We served 202 people and it was a great success. 
        Announcers were Barb Olson; Kristi Palecek; and Bob Thue; Congregational Dinner Telephone Chairman Don Kudrna and Calling Volunteers were Neta Thompson, Sherry Daugherty and Jill Huetig; Website was Liza Larsen; Financial Chairman, Secretary and Assistant Secretary were Larry Young, Delores Kafka and Carol Peterson; Sound System was Melissa Pratt; Consecration Sunday Luncheon was Barry Schroeter; Guest Speaker Jeff Pospisil and of course, Pastor Ron for all his support and Associate Pastor Bob for setting up the schedule and volunteers. Also, none of this could have been done without the help of your spouses too with their support and help throughout the process.
        I apologize if I miss someone’s name that helped clean up after the dinner but Thank You for Stepping up to serve, clear tables, doing the dishes, and putting everything away. You all were a Blessing to the Committee. Makayla Palecek for baking us cookies and helping us decorate tables; Julie Moderegger, Christi Wieseler, the Young Ladies from the Confirmation Class that really stepped up to help were Madason Tessier, Cheyanne Crisman, Erin Olson, Lexi McCorkell, Madeline Nooney Lindsey Hale; with Cole Moderegger, Alexander Palecek, Zachary Young, Susan Thorson, Suzanne Tessier, and Susie McCorkell.
God Bless you all.
PowerPoint Presentation Help Needed
        PowerPoint Presentation Melissa Pratt is no longer able to design and organize the operating of the power point on Sunday mornings. Please consider taking this ministry on.  It can be a great deal of fun finding the perfect picture to put on the slide for Sunday morning worship.  This aspect of the 9 a.m. service is a visual side of worshiping God.  Please call Melissa at 665-5337 in the evening or 665-7320 at work during the day if you think this is something you might enjoy. 
Needed Nursery Attendants
        We are in need of 2 nursery attendants who will share the responsibility of caring for children in the nursery each Sunday Morning.  Nursery Attendants provide a vital service to the families of our congregation.  Due to the important nature of this ministry, this is a paid position.  If you are interested in this position, please submit your application to the church office.  If you are interested in helping out on a volunteer, as-needed basis, there is a volunteer sign-up sheet posted on the nursery door.  Thank you so much for your help.
Church Women United celebrates World Community Day
        World Community Day Friday, November 2nd at 1:30pm here at FUMC. The day’s theme is “Abiding in Community”. Those attending are asked to bring a can of food for the Contact Center. The special speaker will be Amanda Johnson, Director of “Keep Yankton Beautiful”. All women are welcome.
Membership Orientation Meeting
        Those persons who have been attending our church and are considering membership in FUMC are invited to an orientation meeting on Sunday, November 4th, 3:30-5pm in the Adult Sunday School Room. Please contact the church office if you plan to attend. There is no requirement that you join FUMC if you attend the meeting.
United Methodist Women
        All women are invited and encouraged to attend the November 5th meeting of the United Methodist Women, at 1:30pm in the church lounge. The program will include the World Thank Offering and the memorial Service. Please consider joining this creative, supportive fellowship as we seek to “expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church”.
Diane Kisch Receives UMW Special Mission Recognition
        The Special Mission Recognition certificate and pin given annually by the United Methodist Women was presented to Diane Kisch on Sunday, October 14th. Dee Carson, UMW President, cited her work in the local church and for the Dakotas Conference as the basis for her selection.
        Diane has been treasurer of UMW for seven years, trains our church acolytes, is on the Praise Team, serves as youth leader, has been chair of the Annual Turkey Supper and is a lay member to Annual Conference. She has held a variety of positions at the conference level, including being a member of the Board of Camping and Retreat Ministries, serving on the Conference Council of Youth Ministries, and serving on the Lower James and Glacial Lakes District Superintendency Committee. Diane is a Certified Lay Speaker and a Certified Lay Servant Leader. Congratulations, Diane.
Soup Kitchen and Country Store Very Successful
        The Annual UMW Soup Kitchen and Country Store on Oct 17th was a great day for our church. Just saying “thank you” does not adequately express our gratitude to the countless workers, the people who donated in any way, and everyone who supported the event. It would be impossible to name everyone who helped make this a huge success, but we sincerely thank you all. Estimated profits of $5,100 will be used for camping fees and mission projects.          
           Carole Hurley & Delora Carson, Co-Chair
KFC (Kids For Christ) Youth Group
By Julie Dykstra
        Thank you parents for your commitment to get the kids involved with KFC.  The year has been off to an amazing start. We had 15 kids participate in our October service project.  The kids worked hard and had a great time!  I would like to thank Greg and Shayna Gusso, Jane Gilmore, Curt and Tanner Dykstra, Lorri Nooney and Nancy Hetherington for helping to make our projects successful!  On October 17th, the kids had a howling good time at Garrity’s.  I would also like to thank Merle Brandt, Julie Mooney and Suzanne Tessier for chaperoning and driving the kids.    As we moved forward this year, please keep Proverbs 22:6 in mind. “Train a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”  Kids for Christ offers your child the opportunity to grow in their faith, learn about serving others, hangout with their friends and to have fun with other Christian kids from First United Methodist Church.
Upcoming Events: 
October 31st – Trick or Treat for the Contact Center
November 9th – Fall Lock-in
November 21st – No KFC
        We are looking for help with the Lock-in and we are also looking for volunteers to provide goodies for our weekly gatherings.  For more information on how you or your child can get involved with KFC call Julie at 661-3374.
Sr. High Youth News
(For everyone)
By Diane Kisch & Sarah Crosgrove
Dates to mark on your calendars:
*Wed. Oct. 31st – Youth Group at 7:30pm
*Sat. Nov. 3rd/Sun. Nov. 4th – Lock-in – start time 7:00pm
*Wed. Nov. 7th – 7pm Parent/Youth Meeting about Mission Trip June of 2013 - Youth Group at 7:30pm
*Sun. Nov. 11th – 2nd Sunday Mission Project – see info below
*Wed. Nov. 14th - Youth Group at 7:30pm (Sell Butter Braids through Dec 5)
*Wed. Nov. 21st – No Youth Group, have a Happy Thanksgiving!
*Wed. Nov. 28th - Youth Group at 7:30pm
        The Fall lock-in will be held Sat. Nov. 3rd/Sunday Nov. 4th – we will start at 7:00pm. We will attend the 9:00 AM church service together. If you have a school activity, come when you are done. We need to have a 2012-2013-permission form on file for you if you plan to attend, so if you do not know if we have one check with Diane.
        We are going to try something different for our 2nd Sunday Mission project this month – we
will be preparing lunch for the Habitat work crew during the Sunday School hour 10:30 to 11:30am. We will take the lunch to the site and eat with them. After lunch we will help at the site with a project for a couple hours. We hope to be back to the church by 2:30pm.
        Summer 2013 Mission Trip to the Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky is June 15th-23rd. Each person going will need to make a $100 deposit that will be due with the completed registration forms. An informational meeting will be held Wed. Nov. 7th from 7:00 to 7:30pm in the adult Sunday School room for parents and youth. (Youth in bell choir come when you are done with bells)
        We will be selling Butter Braids again this year. Information will be handed out on Wed. Nov. 14th and orders and money will be due Wed. Dec. 5th. The butter braids will be here by Dec. 12th.   A portion of the profit from each butter braid the youth sells will go into a personal account (within the youth account) for use for church related activities (Mission Trip 2013, summer church camp, rallies etc.)
        We would like to make sure we have the correct contact information for all Sr. High Youth and their parents, if you could send an e-mail to with the e-mail addresses, mailing address and phone numbers you would like us to use so that we can keep you updated on what is going on we would appreciate it. 
        Diane office hours are Thursdays from 3:30 to 5pm. Contact info for me is 665-1500 or 660-1242
        Youth and Parents here are some ways you can stay up to date with what is going on or we have a group on Facebook – First UMC Sr. High Youth Group (Yankton). We also send out e-mails, so youth & parents if we do not have your e-mail address please get it to me.
Are We Feeding Our Church members?? 
By Susan Thorson R.N., Parish Nurse
        Churches across the United States are looking at what they feed their congregations. Dr. Scott Morris, physician and an associate pastor at St. John’s United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee says: “The least healthy meal we can eat every week is at our church.” Churches are often notorious for serving foods high in fat and sugar. Everything from fried chicken, starchy sides, gooey desserts, chips, processed meats, Kool-Aid for the kids and the spread of cookies and donuts over the coffee hour are served to our church family.
        Two thirds of Americans are overweight. Obesity is a national crisis for adults and our children are following in our foot steps. According to the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, whether they are overweight or not children in the United States are overfed but still undernourished. Our portion sizes are much larger than before so we are getting more calories many of which are nutrient empty because of high fat and sugar content.
        Food is often a part of our fellowship together. By eating and serving healthy foods we are serving our Lord. We as Christians have a responsibility to take care of the bodies God gave us. What can we do as members of our church to make and serve healthier meals and snacks? Here are just a few ideas to consider:
        Serve fruit for dessert instead of cake, cookies and pie. Serve a “healthy” covered dish meal for potlucks. Use fat free sour cream on baked potatoes. Offer 100% juice instead of sugary drinks.
Serve fresh fruit and vegetables for a snack. Offer garden fresh produce to your church friends. Ban soft drinks at church functions. Healthy meals welcome people on restrictive diets. Preach the whole gospel from the pulpit—healthy bodies as well as healthy souls. Plant a “church” community garden and feast on the produce. Offer “healthy” cooking classes. Serve whole grain breads. Have a healthy recipe exchange. Healthy Eating = Healthy Bodies
Source:  Church Health Center
Reach Out 
By Carole Hurley, Evangelism Committee
        I was raised on a farm (proud of it.) I have many wonderful memories of the farm, but perhaps the greatest was harvest time.
        There is Great Harvest before Us: Jesus said it took in the whole world! Jesus also said that His heart ached for that harvest. (Matt 9:36-38) God the Father valued this harvest so much that He gave His Son so as to bring it in. (John 3:16)
        Somehow, we are going to have to do something so we see that vast harvest as our Lord sees it. (Matt 23:37-39)
        The Harvest is Very Valuable: Is sure was to us out on the farm; we needed it for the livestock and maybe sell a little to get by. The harvest Jesus is talking about is far more precious than anything we had out on the farm. He is talking about a harvest that is so valuable that Jesus shed His blood to make it possible for that harvest to be brought in. The soul of a person is more valuable than all the world put together, we must bring them in. (Mark 8:36-38)
        The Harvest Needs Workers: The harvest will not come in by itself. The harvest is like a lost sheep (Isa 53:6) and believe me, they never come in by themselves. But the tragedy of it all is that God has many children, but not very many laborers! So Jesus says, “The harvest is truly plenteous, but the laborers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth laborers in the harvest.” (Matt 9:37-38) Every one of us needs to be listening, Jesus is calling us to do help in the harvest but we are too busy with the trinkets of this world to bring the eternal soul of the lost. (Isa 6-8)
        Won’t we be glad we labored when we see the king?
        We would like to thank all of our church friends for the cards, food, and kind words at the time of Mel’s death. Your kind thoughts were appreciated at a very sad time.
Jean Droppers & family
        Our most heartfelt thanks for the cards, visits, calls and expressions of sympathy by our Church Family at the passing of our husband, dad, & grandfather (David E. True) of Wausa, Nebraska. Your comforting prayers over the past many months meant a lot to us. May the Lord Richly Bless Each of You.
Deanna, Troy & Courtney True on behalf of the Family of David True
        I would like to express my sincere thank you to the ambitious Jr. High Youth Group and advisors/parents for the wonderful deed of cleaning up my yard. I really appreciate it. God Bless each one of you.
Rose Nedved
        A big “thank you” to 3 gardening angels, namely, Jane Gilmore, Darian Tramp and Maddison Tessier that came to my house last Sunday and cleaned my flower garden, planted 50 tulip bulbs and day lilies and raked bags of leaves. They promised to come again in the spring when the flowers bloom. I will watch for them. Angels are often with us.
        “The hand of a friend is God’s hand on lend.”
Thanks again, Neta Thompson
        Marsha and I would like to say thank you to our church family for remembering us with cards, gifts, and goodies in observance of Pastors Appreciation Month. Your thoughtfulness and kind words are truly a source of encouragement and support as we strive to make a difference for the sake of Christ. We are blessed to be serving our Lord with you! 
Rev. Ron Johnson
        We thank you for your contribution towards our efforts to purchase a new church after the flood of 2011. Our first service was on 10-9 in our new church. Praise the Lord!
Blessings, Faith United Methodist Church ~ Minot, ND
        Thank you to Dixie Conner, Bob Thue, Shar and Mark Peterson, Margie Stengle & sons, Judy and Paul Nielson and Bill Heubaum for delivering Meals-on-Wheels during the month of October.  We are always asking for volunteers. During the winter months this need becomes more urgent.  If you can help, please, call me at 668-1885.
Mary Heubaum
Meals-on-Wheels Coordinator
November Birthdays
2 - Jacob Johnson, Troy True, Monte Gulick
3 - Sara Olson
4 - Tammy Ugofsky, Mike Pratt
5 - Bailey Peterka, Alix Peterka, Cassie Pietz
7 - Jim Strasburg
8 - Hannah Downing 
9 - Mary Olsen           
10 - Suzanne Tessier, Dixie Conner, Nita Bailey
11 - Delores Moore
12 - Bonnie Hanson, Kylee Parish
13 - Donavieve Raad, Barb Hirsch,
       Andrea Tramp, Barb Olson
14 - Alice Hofer, Myrna Stouffer
15 - Dyllon Tramp, Warren Peterson, Drew Olson
16 - Sydney Dodd
18 - Susann Little, Layne Droppers,
        Mary Malchow
19 - Beckett Kisch, Lara Cunningham
20 - Bentley Klinkhammer
21 - Russell Peirce, Ann Fields
22 - Matt Johnson, Craig Sherman, Jane Walser
23 - Shar Peterson, Tina Hagen,
       Ethan Rempfer, Kenny Doering
24 - Karen Miller, Sue Strasburg,
        Jerry Hagen, Kevin Olson          
26 - Sharon Heisinger
27 - Lisa Burling
28 - Jerry Wilson, Julie Moderegger
30 - JoAnne Roach    
In Our Thoughts & Prayers:
Eldon Brandt, Merle Brandt’s father passed away Oct 27th.
Glenn Talsma family, Glenn passed away Oct. 2nd.
Troy True's Father (Courtney True's Grandfather) Dave True passed away Oct 7th.
Mike & Karen Miller & family. Mike’s brother passed away Oct 10th.
Jill Wilson’s mother, Leora Johnson
Dorothy Olson’s daughter-in-law, Susan
Mindy Reining’s mother, Barb Wohl
Josh, Mariah, Tara
Luke Pomeroy
Karen Droppers
Ted Mickelson
Karen Guthmiller
Maurice Newman
Pastor Bob Cappel
Kathleen Brannick, Sherry Daugherty’s mother
Sarah Meerbeek, daughter of Rev. Ron & Marsha Johnson
Jerry Reining’s mother Joyce Reining has been diagnosed with cancer and will undergo immediate chemotherapy without any promise of remission.
Jeff Willman, Jerry Willman’s cousin
Ardith Jones
Ardis Henderson
Velma Decker
Mark Giziewski                                                          
Shirley & Darrell Nelson (They would enjoy receiving cards or notes from church family members.  They are in Viborg at the Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home, 315 North Washington Street, Viborg, SD 57070)
Jon Grann, Jan Aughenbaugh's cousin
Chris Christensen
Dena Heeney
Lee & Phyllis Skalberg
Gerri Aughenbaugh, Paul’s sister-in-law
Howard Relf                                      
Lisa Loecker’s brother John
Darin Cunningham’s father, Garry
Vivian VanEssen's sister Robbi
Our church family serving in the military: Prayers for all men & women serving in the military and their families.
Hy-Vee Cash Cards
        First UMC has raised $5,405 since January 1, 2012 from the Cash Card sales. Support the special projects in our church by purchasing Hy-Vee Cash Cards. Cards may be purchased on Sundays from 8:45-9:00am & 10:00-10:30am in the church lounge. They are also available during the week in the church office.