First United Methodist Church - Yankton
Thursday, April 25, 2019
207 W 11th St Yankton SD 57078 (605) 665-2991

May 2018

Pastor’s Word

            Minerva Carcano tells of a nine year old girl named Erica who was so filled with joy when she came to know Jesus that she insisted that all her friends know him too. One day she took her pastor to her neighborhood to invite the children to a vacation bible school their church was having.  They went with colorful flyers in hand.  The pastor expected that they would tell the children and their parents about date and time and place of the vacation bible school, leave them a flyer as a reminder and be on our way.  Erica saw their job differently. When they got to the first home and the door was opened she stepped right up and said, “We’ve got great news about Jesus and my pastor will tell you about it”.  Her pastor stood there flabbergasted, but she was right.  Our job is first and foremost to spread the word, proclaim the Good News, and tell others about our Risen Lord.  Erica and her pastor worked hard that day because she did not want any child in her neighborhood to miss out in hearing about Jesus and the vacation bible school. Erica knew in her own way, Jesus’ claim on our lives and the magnitude of that claim.  We are Jesus’ witnesses and those who need to receive our witness is the entire human family

            Yes, it’s nearly May.  We’re trying to have thoughts of spring now that the snow seems to be leaving us alone. We are ready for flowers to bloom, trees to bud, kids are hurdling toward the end of the school year and we’ve got graduation open house to plan and summer vacations to arrange.  We’re moving on from Easter.  But people like Erica are saying, “Slow down church!  Let’s keep talking about the Resurrection. You see, it’s not enough that the tomb is empty. It’s not enough to proclaim “Christ is risen”. It’s not enough to believe in the resurrection.  At some point we have to move from the event of the resurrection to experiencing the resurrection.

            Experiencing resurrected life begins as it did in Erica’s life with recognizing the risen Christ among us and that is the gift of Easter. My friends, there is nothing boring about the resurrection.  Easter dawns upon a world hidden in darkness. Easter awakens every sleeper with the news that Preacher of Peace, the Prince of Power, and the Lord of Love has appeared.  Christianity is real.  Christianity is alive.  Christianity is not boring.  Let us all wake up and smell the roses like Erica has.  Let us resolve to live our lives as if Jesus were a guest in our homes, work place, and businesses.  The truth is that the Lord is here, there, and everywhere. He is alive.  He is our Risen Lord to whom we offer our discipleship with love.

            The song goes, “They’ll know we are Christians by our Love.” Let us be about our Father’s business this spring, tis summer as we serve him with joy.  Let us show and tell other the good news of the gospel!


April 29th, Worship Service – 9:30 a.m. Confirmation Reception – following worship service. No Sunday School


Graduate Recognition

            2018 Senior Recognition will be held at the 8:30 service on Sunday, May 6th, with a reception following in Wesley Hall. Seniors you should have gotten a letter, if you are graduating from High School and did not get a letter call the church office 665-2991. We would also like to list those in our church family that are graduating from college, please call Lisa in the office and let her know who is graduating, from what college and with what degree by Monday, May 2nd.


Summer Camp – Time to start planning!

            Camp brochures are here – if you did not get one in the mail you can find them on the table outside the church office. Deadline for the Early Bird price is April 30th.  The church & UMW will take care of ½ of the early bird cost of one camp per youth. If your youth is going to more than one camp you are responsible for the cost of the other camps.  If you register after April 30th – the church & UMW will only pay for ½ of the early bird cost.  You will be responsible for the difference between early bird and full price.

            You will need to call Lisa in the office to get the church code that you will enter on the registration form, this code will automatically subtract the church’s portion from your payment. Full payment is due when you register this year. To do this you will be able to select one of 2 options:  to pay in full or pay monthly with automatic credit card payments to be spread over three months. You will be able to register more than one person at a time but if you are registering the same person for more than one camp you need to do a separate registration online for the second camp.  If you have questions about this process you can call Lisa in the office or Diane Kisch at 660-1242.

            The Conference runs a Cross State Bus to Storm Mountain – if you plan to have your youth ride the bus you must mark it on your registration form.

            We encourage you to attend camps that other youth in your grades are going to – hopefully we can carpool whenever possible.  Remember if your child is riding with someone it is common courtesy to help cover the cost of gas.  If you plan to use the church van – it needs to be half full (8 people or more – if you only have 7 and feel you need to use the church van check with the chairperson of the Trustees, or Rev Ron).  Those riding in the van are responsible for gas.  Lisa in the office needs to know if you would like your youth to ride in the church van or carpool with others.  She will be able to tell you if anyone else is signed up for a camp you are thinking about. It is very helpful if Lisa gets a copy of your registration forms so she knows what camps you youth are going to.

            For the K – 3rd graders we need to have 1 adult attend camp with every 5 campers.  There is a cost for Shepherds that attend SonSeekers camp (K-3rd graders) & Summers Last Blast (K-5th graders).

                Remember the grade listed for each camp is the grade the camper is currently in.


Seats & Feets

            The Evangelism committee will be collecting underwear and socks from April 22nd thru May 27th. The donations will be distributed on Thursday, May 31st when FUMC serves The Banquet. You can help by taking a sock and/or underwear cutout from the clothes line located in the lobby, purchase the size indicated, and return it to church and place it in the tote. 


Attention Gardeners!!

            The Evangelism committee tries to reach out to our church neighbors whenever we can. The residents, in the apartments, to the East of the church have access to plots to garden in. We are reaching out to those gardeners who would like our help. Some may only want some guidance, while others may need help with everything.  The manager of the apartments will provide some seeds and a few tools. If anyone would like to help sow some seeds, please contact Paula Keehr at 665-5501 or


Summer Worship Hours

            The Worship Committee again has looked at the summer months that are approaching with busy activities of our church family. It has been determined that one service on Sunday morning and one evening service on Wednesday has in the past and will again this summer fill the spiritual needs of our members as well as visitors that will be in Yankton with families or guests in our fair city. Sunday service will begin June 3rd at 10:00am. Wednesday evening service will be at 6:30pm beginning May 30th. An evening meal will be prepared by Barry and Mona Schroeder that will be served at 5:30pm on Wednesday evenings for any one that would like to come and partake with food and fellowship. This schedule will be in effect until Labor Day. It is one of our missions as a Worship Committee to keep Christ in our lives through Worship during the busy summer months.  Peace, Love and see you in church either on Sunday or Wednesday evening.


Mission Moments

            Our church family has once again impressed me with their generosity. The Missions Committee had budgeted $1500 to be given to UMCOR. During One Great Hour of Sharing our church family gave an additional $1,356. The total given to (UMCOR) this year was $2,856. 100% of this money will be used to provide major support for immediate assistance in the wake of natural and human - caused disasters and helps to support ongoing ministries of food, shelter, health care and peace.

            Pathways Homeless shelter is struggling to meet the growing needs of the homeless in Yankton. Due to budget constraints their staff of 7 is now down to 3. The shelter is grateful that they have plenty of clothing items to give individuals but are asking for money donations so they can continue to keep the doors open. The Missions Committee did send a donation of $500.00 to help them continue providing shelter for the homeless.  Please keep this local mission in your prayers.

            April 29th will be a Bucket Sunday, money collected will be given for camp scholarships.  We are confident that summer will come and there will be camping opportunities!

            May 31st our mission team will spearhead serving the Banquet. We are working with the Evangelism Committee who are collecting socks and underwear that will be distributed at the Banquet on that date.

            In closing thank you for your support. We ask for your prayers that we can continue to expand Christ’s ministry of service to those in need here in our community and beyond.

            For you brethren have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but” through love serve one another”.  Galatians 5:13


United Methodist Women

            If you know Rev. Ron very well or are on a church committee, you're probably well acquainted with the chorus of 'Sanctuary'. Let's take a closer look at this beautiful praise song (and read the 'cry of my heart' through its verses). "Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary, Pure and holy, tried and true. With thanksgiving, I'll be a living....Sanctuary for You.


It is you, Lord,

Who came to save

The heart and soul

Of every man.

It is you, Lord,

Who knows my weakness,

Who gives me strength,

With thine own hand.

Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary,

Pure and Holy, tried and true.

With thanksgiving I'll be a living...Sanctuary for you.

Lead Me on Lord

From temptation.

Purify me

From within.

Fill my heart with

Your holy spirit

Take away all my sin.

Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary,

Pure and holy, tried and true

With thanksgiving I'll be a living...Sanctuary for you.


Women of First United Methodist Church (all women-member or not) are invited and encouraged to attend the May 7th meeting of UMW.

            Together as sisters in Christ, we create a powerful sanctuary with sacred places, sacred spaces.

            Join us May 7th, 1:30 PM in the upper lounge. Our speaker will be Dr. Tom Stanage from Lewis and Clark Behavioral Health speaking on critical issues concerning today's mental health including depression and suicide. There will be a short time of devotions and a wonderful lunch will be served by Corinne Ditmar and Susan Becker. We hope to see you there.


Fellowship Coffee Time, Sundays 9:30 to 10:30am. Coffee fellowship between services is a time to relax, welcome guests, and get to know our church family while enjoying something to drink and have a treat. Would you furnish treats for Sunday? We are looking for persons to sign up for a Sunday in May. You will need approx. 6 doz. cookies, bars, muffins or donuts or etc. Carol makes the coffee and does the set up. You will serve, do the dishes and clean up. There are extra treats in the freezer that are donated by folks that are not able to serve, so do not worry if there are more people than treats that you brought! There is a sign-up sheet in Wesley Hall or you can call/email the church office or Carol Becker 665 4694/ Thank you to those who have volunteered to provide treats and/or serve in the past.


Heritage Sunday

            We will be recognizing our 50 and 50+ year members on Sunday, May 20th.  If you have been a member of the Methodist, Evangelical United Brethren, or United Methodist Churches for fifty or more years and have not been recognized in past years, please contact the church office ASAP so we may add you to our list.


Experience the Ride of a Lifetime with God!

            Come along and join us for the Ride of a Lifetime during Vacation Bible School at the Rolling River Rampage.  Students will learn how to serve God and God's mission for their lives.  Their lives may be bumpy and take crazy turns, but our stories, songs, activities and crafts will teach them how to handle the waves and keep God in their sites.

            Vacation Bible School Registration is now open!  Please register at by Friday, June 1st.  VBS will be June 3rd-7th from 6:15pm-8pm each evening with supper and Children's program Thursday evening.

            If you would like to volunteer to help, have questions, or need help registering please contact Tiffany at or 605-695-0178


Melanoma/Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month

Susan Thorson, RN, BC Faith Community Nurse

            Did you know skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States? Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is the main cause of skin cancer. If skin cancer is treated early, it almost always can be cured even melanoma.  Here are some ideas for you and your family to help prevent skin cancer:

  • Wear sunscreen with SPF (sun protection factor) of 15 or higher even on cloudy days.
  • Stay in the shade as much as possible between 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
  • Avoid indoor tanning including tanning booths, tanning beds, and sun lamps.
  • Cover up with long sleeves, long pants, a long skirt, a wide brimmed hat to protect your face, ears, and neck, and wear sunglasses with UV block when you are outside.
  • Check your skin every month for new growths like moles or lumps or changes in old growths and see a doctor if you see changes.

            By protecting your skin today, it may help prevent skin cancer later in life. Skin damage can start in childhood. Most skin cancers appear after age 50 but can occur at other ages.

            There are three major types of skin cancer in the United States. Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Melanoma is the most dangerous kind of skin cancer. 

            Anyone can get skin cancer but those at highest risk are people with fair (white or light colored) skin with freckles, blond or red hair, and blue and green eyes. Individuals with a higher risk for the most dangerous type of skin cancer melanoma are those who have unusual moles that change color, grow unevenly, or change in texture, someone with a large number of moles (50 or more), a family history of melanoma, fair skin that burns easily, and a personal history of many blistering sunburns especially as a child or a teenager.

            Be safe with your skin--the largest organ in your body. Protect yourself against the UV rays of the sun and it will also help prevent wrinkles and blotches and spots on your skin.

Source:  US Department of Health and Human Services


History Notes

Bob Thue, History Committee


Heritage Sunday 90 year old members interview

            Jess Dennis was born September 1, 1928 in Butte Nebraska to Jess N. and Agnes (Cliffton) Dennis. Jess was the eighth child in a family of nine boys (no girls), poor mom.  It was said “they have a baseball team but not a ball player among them!"  The boy’s names were Louie, Kem, Paul, Frank, Don, Cliff, Gordon, Jess, and Bob. Jess and Bob are the only ones left, he is eighty-eight.

            The family moved from Butte in 1938 to Coleridge where Jess went to school for six years, then they moved again to Randolph where Jess graduated in 1946.

            Jess worked as an electrician after graduation and joined the Navy in 1946. He was assigned to a destroyer, the USS Pickering 685 and served on it for 3 1/2 years. They were at sea for most of the time in Korean waters when the war ended in 1953. After that they were awarded a trip around the world with two other destroyers. Jess was honorably discharged in July, 1954.

            Jess was married to Sandra Lackas, a natural beauty!  To this union was born three children-Gina, Steve, and Wade.  Jess and Sandy have two grandchildren Matt and Katie, and two great Grandchildren Piper and Trey.

            Jess bought an elevator in Magnet, Nebraska in 1955 and built a new one in 1976.  Jess was self-employed for 38 years in the grain, feed, and fertilizer business.

            Jess is a born Methodist and he loves his church.


United Methodist Church Women Quilters

By Delores Kafka

            In the early days of the church the ladies gathered in homes to quilt as there was not room in the old church. This was a time of fellowship and socialization as well as meeting a need. They cut pieces out of used clothing, sewed them together, sometimes by hand, lined them with old sheets and tied them. When the new church was built with the Fellowship Hall they would meet at the church and continue making quilts as they had.  These quilts were made for Missions and some went to the reservations in South Dakota.

            In later years they also made quilts out of used jeans. In about 2001 several of the church women (who were quilters) began making pieced designed quilts and hand quilted them. In about 2004 they started sending quilts to the Ingathering. (now the Marketplace). These are auctioned off and the money goes for world hunger. The quilts made by the women of First UMC were purchased anywhere from $1400 to $2400.

            The Quilters also have made baby quilts throughout the years. These are given to new babies in our church family. Many babies have received a quilt made by the UMW Quilters.

            The church women continue to quilt today, under the name of the Piecemaker Quilters.  They meet every Tuesday at 1 pm at the church.


Lectionary Readings

May 6

Acts 10:44-48

Psalm 98

1 John 5:1-6

John 15:9-17


May 13

Acts 1:15-17, 21-26

Psalm 1

1 John 5:9-13

John 17:6-19


May 20

Acts 2:1-21

Psalm 104:24-34, 35b

Romans 8:22-27

John 15:26-27; 16:4b-15


May 27

Isaiah 6:1-8

Psalm 29

Romans 8:12-17

John 3:1-17


May Greeters


Sunday – 8:30am


May 6: Todd & Jill Sage

May 13: Chrissie & Allen Wieseler

May 20: Marv & Anne Withrow       

May 27: Jerry & Denise Willman  


Sunday –11:00am

May 6: John & Carol Wiechmann

May 13: Evie & Brett Sime

May 20: Bob Thue    

May 27: Calvin & Debra Buchholz


May Ushers


Sunday – 8:30am


May 6: Bob & Jane Walser; Rhonda Hofer,

             Laurie Baily

May13: Michael & Denise Erickson

May 20: Mark & Syndee Droppers

May 27: Dave & Alicia Cornemann;                      

                 Kevin McKee


Sunday –11:00am

May 6: Delores Kafka; Loy Gravholt;

               Rick Petersen; Jack Skinner

May 13:  Andy & Chelsa Gall; Rick Petersen

May 20: Arlo & Carlene Watchorn;

               Terry & Jenae Norton

May 27: Mitch & Alice Hofer;

               Paul & Mary Pietila


Get My People Going!!

Susan Thorson, Faith Community Nurse


Change Your Sleep, Change Your life

            No matter where your journey toward wellness takes you, you are going to need sleep! Rest is foundational to success in many other areas of wellness.

            How do you determine how much sleep you need? It’s simple. Go to bed and wake up without an alarm. If you are not tired, that’s how much sleep you need. Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep each night. While the sleep patterns of older adults change, the amount of sleep they need does not change significantly.

            The National Sleep Foundation is an independent not-for-profit organization dedicated to understanding sleep and sleep disorders. Here are some tips they offer.

• Maintain a regular bedtime and waking schedule even on the weekends.

• Establish a regular relaxing bedtime routine, such as a warm bath, reading a book, or listening to soothing music before you go to sleep.

• Make sure your sleep environment is dark, quiet, comfortable, and cool.

• Take work materials, computers, and televisions out of your bedroom.

• Finish eating at least two or three hours before your regular bedtime.

• Complete any exercise you plan at least three hours before bedtime.

• Avoid caffeine and alcohol in the evening.

• Avoid nicotine.

If you have sleep problems and taking these suggestions does not help, keep a sleep diary and talk to your doctor. You may be suffering from a sleep disorder that can be treated.

Visit the website of the National Sleep Foundation ( for more information on common sleep problems, sleep myths, and sleep disturbances that can affect other health issues. Blessings on the journey.


KYNT Radio Broadcast, The sign-up folder is located on the Hy-Vee table in the Church Lounge. The cost to sponsor a Sunday broadcast is $45.


Poverty is a realty for people in our own backyard.  Habitat asks that you prayerfully consider volunteer or participating in a powerful poverty simulation. By participating, you will increase your understanding of the dynamics of poverty and experience, on a small scale, the struggle for self-sufficiency many people in Yankton County face.  The experience lasts about 2 hours and will offer a hands on experience for you to learn about ways you can get involved in reducing poverty in our community. 

Habitat is a proud to participate in United Way’s SPARK Connections For Community Poverty Simulation


May 4, 2018 at Mount Marty College Cimple Arena

Session 1      8:30-11:00AM

Session 2     1:00-3:30PM

To get involved call United Way at (605) 665-6766 or visit

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all deserve to have a decent life.  We deserve to feel strength and stability day after day.  We deserve to know we have the power to take care of ourselves and build our own futures.  Because you, me we – we’re all humans.  Every one of us deserves a fair chance.    Please share your time and your voice to create a community that understands poverty living in Yankton County and what we can do collaboratively to help eliminate the barriers that affect so many living in our community!!



May Birthdays

1 - Dorothy Johnson


2 - Mike Lawrence     


3 - Tanner Dykstra, Gerrit Dykstra


4 - Joyce Boeckman, Dillon May, Mary Milroy,  

      Sam Irwin


5 - Carole Hurley, Janni Guthmiller   


6 - Art Tuttle


9 - Cohan Pietz


10 - May Gall, Brittney Guthmiller


12 - Samuel Hummel, Todd Rodig    


13 - Jan Boeckman, Nyxxen Garvey


14 - Kathy Lawrence


15 - Doug Bailey, Philah & Porting Hathaway


16 - Jace McCorkell, Tina Gobel, Oakley Gall,

        Lillie Kirschenman, Dan Dolejsi


18 -  Saige Nedved


19 - Margie Stengle, Nick Kisch, Madason Tessier


20 - Phyllis Dingman, Vivian Van Essen,

       Bexxley Garvey  


21 – Kevin Doby, Katheryn Hickey


22 - Cale Cornemann


23 - Monty Dahlberg


25 - Linda Wek, Carolyn Golden


27 - Tracy Kisch, Isabellah Daugherty


29 - Lyla Gukeisen


30 - Mindy Reining


31 - Donna Mraz


In Our Thoughts & Prayers


Nicole Baily’s family. Nicole passed away.


Dawn Kabella, Angela Herrmann, Doug Bailey; Robbi, Vivian Van Essen's sister.


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families. 





Thank You



            We want to thank all those that sent cards, called, stopped by or gave hugs in the loss of our Grandson, Alex.  Also thanks for the calls, cards, stopping by and hugs since Kenny's Open Heart surgery.  We are so glad he is home and hope he can be out and about soon.

Kenny and Peggy Doering


            Thank you so very much for your generous donation to The Center Meals on Wheels Program. We appreciate you all!

Christy Hauer, Executive Director