First United Methodist Church - Yankton
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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Yankton, South Dakota

(605) 665-2991    Fax # (605) 665-9603

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April 22, 2018

Fourth Sunday of Easter/Camp Sunday/Teacher Appreciation Sunday


Contemporary Worship: 8:30 A.M.


Our Mission:  “To grow disciples of Jesus Christ and equip them for ministry in the world.”




A Time of Gathering and Praise


GATHERING MUSIC                                                                  How Great is Our God




SONGS OF PRAISE                                                            Build Your Kingdom Here



SPECIAL MUSIC                “This is Amazing Grace”                                 Agape Bells






CAMP PROMOTION                                                                                      Camp Video                                                                                        


SCRIPTURE                                                                                          John 5:1-9 (p. 90)


MESSAGE                        “Doing Our Part”                                Pastor Corey Enfield




*SENDING FORTH                                                    Let Everything That Has Breath



Praise Team: Gena Brandt; Hannah Buchholz; Ross, Dena & Harper Den Herder; Barb Hirsch;

Tim Herchenroether; Randy Heisinger; Brady Jaquith; Steve King; Diane Kisch; Sophie McKee;

Julie Mooney; Melissa Rempfer; Craig Sherman; Bill Sohl; Wyatt Yager




Yankton, South Dakota

(605) 665-2991    Fax (605) 665-9603

E-mail address:



Fourth Sunday of Easter/Camp Sunday/Teacher Appreciation Sunday

April 22, 2018

 Traditional Worship: 11:00 A.M.


 Our Mission: “To grow disciples of Jesus Christ and equip them for ministry in the world.”


A Time of Gathering and Praise




RITUAL OF FRIENDSHIP (Please leave complete address)

SPECIAL MUSIC              “Great Day”                               Kingdom Bells


       Come with your doubts and fears.

             This is scary.

        Call on God, who will answer you. 

            God is hard to hear these days.  

        Come to the One who will give your souls peace. It is so hard to believe. Come,        claim your identity as beloved children of God.

            We come, uncertain, but longing to hear God speak to us this morning.


*OPENING PRAYER                                                                                 

*HYMN OF PRAISE #400 (UM hymnal)                                                                                                                                                  

                                                       “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing”


CAMP PROMOTION                                                             Camp Video             


A Time of Prayer





PRAYER RESPONSE #2152 (black song book)     “Change My Heart, O God”


A Time of Proclamation


SCRIPTURE                                                                   John 5:1-9 (p. 90)

MESSAGE                    “Doing Our Part”                  Pastor Corey Enfield


A Time of Response and Dedication



*OFFERTORY RESPONSE #94 (UM hymnal)                                                            

                                                       “Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow”


*HYMN OF DEDICATION #367 (UM hymnal)                         “He Touched Me”


A Time of Sending Forth



*RESPONSE TO THE BENEDICTION #572 (UM hymnal) (stz. 1 & 2)

                                                                                                                         “Pass It On”


*Indicates Congregation stand, if you are comfortable doing so. Large print hymnals and bulletins are available, as are hearing devices.  Please ask an usher for assistance.  Nursery care provided for 0-4 year old children 7:45 AM - 12:15 PM.


In His Service

Senior Pastor                                                            Rev. Ron Johnson (

Pastor of Discipleship/Youth and Families           Pastor Corey Enfield (

Office Manager                                                                          Lisa Loecker (

Facility Manager                                                                                                 Craig Sherman

Organist/Choir Director                                                                                             Jill Wilson

Pianist                                                                                                             Melissa Rempfer

Projection Operator                                                                                                 Liza Larson

Sound System                                              Matt Pietz/Steve Pietila/Tony Beste/Carla Hummel

Acolyte                                                                                                                   Davis Walsh                    

Greeters                                                                                      (8:30) Darwin & LaVila Tessier                                     

                                                                                                      (11:00) Kay & Daniel Swihart

Ushers                                                                          (8:30) Bob & Jane Walser; Kevin McKee

                                                                           (11:00) Mitch & Alice Hofer, Paul & Mary Pietila

Nursery Attendant                                                                         Cassie Pietz/Kathy Lawrence

Coffee Fellowship                                                                                    Education Committee

Hy-Vee Card Sellers                                                                                                (8:30) (11:00)


In Our Thoughts and Prayers:



The family of Nicole Baily. Nicole passed away.


Dawn Kabella, Angela Herrmann, Barb Hirsch, Ken Doering


Church family and all men & women serving in the military and their families.



 (If you have prayer requests for publication, please contact the church office.)


KYNT Radio Broadcast, The sign-up folder is located on the Hy-Vee table in the Church Lounge. The cost to sponsor a Sunday broadcast is $45.


Healthy Yankton Community Garden located along Yankton’s West City Limits Road, in the Maren Creek West Greenway. There are several spots available. For more information contact 668-8590. There are flyers located outside the church office.



New volunteer positions are available at Sacred Heart Monastery. Assisting with activities with the older Sisters on Saturday afternoons from 2-4 pm or being a companion for one or two older Sisters during the evenings from 6-7 pm. We are looking for those who are cheerful, patient and compassionate with the elderly and those with dementia. Experience would be helpful. For more information, contact Sister Phyllis Hunhoff at the monastery, 605-668-6000 or email:   


Poverty is a realty for people in our own backyard.  Habitat asks that you prayerfully consider volunteer or participating in a powerful poverty simulation.  By participating, you will increase your understanding of the dynamics of poverty and experience, on a small scale, the struggle for self-sufficiency many people in Yankton County face.  The experience lasts about 2 hours and will offer a hands on experience for you to learn about ways you can get involved in reducing poverty in our community. 

Habitat is a proud to participate in United Way’s SPARK Connections For Community Poverty Simulation


May 4, 2018 at Mount Marty College Cimple Arena

Session 1         l          8:30-11:00AM

                                                    Session 2         l            1:00-3:30PM

To get involved call United Way at (605) 665-6766 or visit

No matter who we are or where we come from, we all deserve to have a decent life.  We deserve to feel strength and stability day after day.  We deserve to know we have the power to take care of ourselves and build our own futures.  Because you, me we – we’re all humans.  Every one of us deserves a fair chance.    Please share your time and your voice to create a community that understands poverty living in Yankton County and what we can do collaboratively to help eliminate the barriers that affect so many living in our community!!











April 22 – 29

Today:    8:30 AM   -  “The United Methodist Hour” on KYNT 1450 AM Radio is sponsored by                                          Curt & Julie Dykstra in celebration of the lives of Lolette Marie Oja and                                               Melva Loberg.

      9:30 -10:45 AM   -  Coffee fellowship, Wesley Hall

             9:45 AM   -  Sunday School, All ages, Education Wing

                             -  Adult Crusader Sunday School Class

                             -  Rev. Ron’s Adult Sunday School Class

                             -  Women’s Bible Study, Upper Room

             7:45 PM   -  Narcotics Anonymous, Upper Room

Monday: 9:30 AM   -  Women’s Bible Study, Upper Room

                6:30 PM   -  Sweet Adelines, Church Lounge

             7:45 PM   -  Narcotics Anonymous, Upper Room

Tuesday:       7 AM   -  God Winks Circle, Fryn’ Pan

             8:30 AM   -  Free Wal-Mart baked goods, Riverview Reformed Church

12:07 - 12:53 PM    -  Men’s Bible Study, Majestic Bluffs

             1:00 PM   -  Piecemakers Quilting

               6:30 PM  -  Church Council meets, Church Lounge

   7:00 – 8:30 PM   - NAMI, Upper Room

Wednesday:             -  REMINDER is mailed

                9:00 AM   -  HSC party

               5:15 PM   -  Confirmand dinner, Wesley Hall

               5:45 PM   -  Confirmand Class, Confirmation Room

             5:45 PM   - NO Jubilee Bell (Adults) rehearsal in the Music Room (room 207)

   6:00 – 7:15 PM   -  Jr. High Youth Group meets

             7:00 PM      - Chancel Choir Rehearsal, Sanctuary

   7:30 – 8:45 PM   -  Sr. High Youth Group meets

             7:45 PM   -  Narcotics Anonymous, Upper Room

Thursday:    7 AM   -  Men’s Breakfast at Fry’n Pan

               8:30 AM  - Free Wal-Mart baked goods, meat & produce available at Riverview Reformed

Saturday: 8:30 AM   - Free Wal-Mart baked goods, meat & produce available at Riverview Reformed

            12:30 PM   -  ERTH (Ecumenical Religious Training for the Handicapped) in Wesley Hall

               7:45 PM   -  Narcotics Anonymous, Upper Room

Next Sunday:           -  9:30am Service

                                - Confirmation Sunday

                                -  No Sunday School

                                -  Bucket Sunday


·                     If you are new to F.U.M.C. and visiting with us today, we would appreciate it if you would take the time to fill out the Visitor Card that is placed in the back of the pew pockets. You may then turn this card into the Welcome Table in the lobby at the base of the staircase and you will receive a Welcome Bag!  Thank you for being with us today!


April 29th, Worship Service – 9:30 a.m. Confirmation Reception – following worship service. No Sunday School



Seats & Feets The Evangelism committee will be collecting underwear and socks from April 22nd thru May 27th. The donations will be distributed on Thursday, May 31st when FUMC serves The Banquet. You can help by taking a sock and/or underwear cutout from the clothes line located in the lobby, purchase the size indicated, and return it to church and place it in the tote. 



 Fellowship Coffee Time, Sundays 9:30 to 10:30am. Coffee fellowship between services is a time to relax, welcome guests, and get to know our church family while enjoying something to drink and have a treat. Would you furnish treats for Sunday? We are looking for persons to sign up for a Sunday in May. You will need approx. 6 doz. cookies, bars, muffins or donuts or etc. Carol makes the coffee and does the set up. You will serve, do the dishes and clean up. There are extra treats in the freezer that are donated by folks that are not able to serve, so do not worry if there are more people than treats that you brought! There is a sign-up sheet in Wesley Hall or you can call/email the church office or Carol Becker 665-4694/ Thank you to those who have volunteered to provide treats and/or serve in the past.


Fifth Sunday Bucket, April 29th Bucket Sundays are held whenever we have 5 Sundays in one month. This month’s offering will go to Camping Scholarship. Drop your loose change (bills accepted also) in the bucket.


Attention Gardeners!! The Evangelism committee tries to reach out to our church neighbors whenever we can. The residents, in the apartments, to the East of the church have access to plots to garden in. We are reaching out to those gardeners who would like our help. Some may only want some guidance, while others may need help with everything.  The manager of the apartments will provide some seeds and a few tools. If anyone would like to help sow some seeds, please contact Paula Keehr at 665-5501 or


Heritage Sunday We will be recognizing our 50 and 50+ year members on Sunday, May 20th.  If you have been a member of the Methodist, Evangelical United Brethren, or United Methodist Churches for fifty or more years and have not been recognized in past years, please contact the church office ASAP so we may add you to our list.


Camp Scholarship Funds with the Dakotas Foundation

This fund was established to assist youth with camping registrations and/or expenses.  The main sponsor of this scholarship came from Ethel Schenk who originally contributed $3,750. This amount, along with other memorial gifts from various people who designated the funds to be used towards camp scholarships, made up the balance. This money is invested with the Dakotas Foundation. This money is intended to assist families that have youth (1st grade through graduating seniors) attending camp that express the need for additional financial support to cover their share of the cost. The way the money will be distributed is any family that would like a little extra financial help is to fill out a Camp Scholarship Card located in the church office and place it in the decorated box by Sunday, April 22nd. The Education committee has a formula established to equally split the $500 amongst the designated recipients as an equal percent based on the cost of each camp. It is the hope of the Finance and Education Committees that people will contribute to this fund and the size of our investment will grow so that the amount of money we are able to distribute grows.


Summer Camp – Time to start planning!

            Camp brochures are here – if you did not get one in the mail you can find them on the table outside the church office. Deadline for the Early Bird price is April 30th.  The church & UMW will take care of ½ of the early bird cost of one camp per youth. If your youth is going to more than one camp you are responsible for the cost of the other camps.  If you register after April 30th – the church & UMW will only pay for ½ of the early bird cost.  You will be responsible for the difference between early bird and full price.


            You will need to call Lisa in the office to get the church code that you will enter on the registration form, this code will automatically subtract the church’s portion from your payment. Full payment is due when you register this year. To do this you will be able to select one of 2 options:  to pay in full or pay monthly with automatic credit card payments to be spread over three months. You will be able to register more than one person at a time but if you are registering the same person for more than one camp you need to do a separate registration online for the second camp.  If you have questions about this process you can call Lisa in the office or Diane Kisch at 660-1242.


            The Conference runs a Cross State Bus to Storm Mountain – if you plan to have your youth ride the bus you must mark it on your registration form.


            We encourage you to attend camps that other youth in your grades are going to – hopefully we can carpool whenever possible.  Remember if your child is riding with someone it is common courtesy to help cover the cost of gas.  If you plan to use the church van – it needs to be half full (8 people or more – if you only have 7 and feel you need to use the church van check with the chairperson of the Trustees, or Rev Ron).  Those riding in the van are responsible for gas.  Lisa in the office needs to know if you would like your youth to ride in the church van or carpool with others.  She will be able to tell you if anyone else is signed up for a camp you are thinking about. It is very helpful if Lisa gets a copy of your registration forms so she knows what camps you youth are going to.


            For the K – 3rd graders we need to have 1 adult attend camp with every 5 campers.  There is a cost for Shepherds that attend SonSeekers camp (K-3rd graders) & Summers Last Blast (K-5th graders).

                Remember the grade listed for each camp is the grade the camper is currently in.



For First UMC Sunday Services and Wednesday Activities:

For cancellations for Sunday morning worship services or Sunday school be sure to listen to KYNT 1450, WNAX 570 or KVHT 106.3 radio stations or go to and check the close line. For Wednesday activities remember if there is no school or an early dismissal, there will be no Wednesday night activities. Always remember to use your own best judgment before heading out.



If you know Rev. Ron very well or are on a church committee, you're probably well acquainted with the chorus of 'Sanctuary'.

Let's take a closer look at this beautiful praise song (and read the 'cry of my heart' through its verses). "Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary, Pure and holy, tried and true.

With thanksgiving, I'll be a living....Sanctuary for You.


It is you, Lord,

Who came to save

The heart and soul

Of every man.

It is you, Lord,

Who knows my weakness,

Who gives me strength,

With thine own hand.


Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary,

Pure and Holy, tried and true.

With thanksgiving I'll be a living...Sanctuary for you.


Lead Me on Lord

From temptation.

Purify me

From within.

Fill my heart with

Your holy spirit

Take away all my sin.


Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary,

Pure and holy, tried and true

With thanksgiving I'll be a living...Sanctuary for you.


Women of First United Methodist Church (all women-member or not) are invited and encouraged to attend the May 7th meeting of UMW.


Together as sisters in Christ, we create a powerful sanctuary with sacred places, sacred spaces.


Join us May 7th, 1:30 PM in the upper lounge. Our speaker will be Dr. Tom Stanage from Lewis and Clark Behavioral Health speaking on critical issues concerning today's mental health including depression and suicide. There will be a short time of devotions and a wonderful lunch will be served by Corinne Ditmar and Susan Becker. We hope to see you there.