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February 2018

Pastor’s Word

            It’s hard to believe that the Lenten season is almost upon us as we are called to share Ash Wednesday with Valentine’s Day.  The celebration of Christmas seems such a short time ago.

            So what are we to remember about Lent?  It is primarily a time of preparation.  That was its origin, long centuries ago, when the season came into existence because of the need of the new converts for training and education in the new duties which they were to assume at this baptism and confirmation at Eastertide

            Even though we no longer restrict Christian initiation to Eastertide, the church has clung to the six weeks of the annual school, because we knew that it was needed not only by the new converts but certainly by the old-timers as well.

            I believe this is still the best way for us to approach Lent and understand it. What we do in Lent, the discipline we undertake, whether we give up something or take on something new and worthy, ought to be calculated in the light of that purpose.  The question is what do we need in order that we may be better trained, more free, more obedient to serve our Lord?

            My concern is that we often struggle to truly focus our time, attention, gifts, and priorities on the things we value most.  Jesus said in Matthew 6:21 “Where you treasure is, there will your heart be also.”  My friends just where is your treasure?  In losing our focus, we may lose the treasure we value most.  Isn’t it true that we often store up treasures of productivity, wealth, empty fun that comes and goes with the wind, and overly filled schedules, neglecting the true treasures of love, people, faith, and discipleship.  Even in discipleship we often say yes to every church invitation and forget to say yes to Christ’s deepest call in our lives.  Perhaps that should be our primary focus this Lenten season to come to terms with what is Christ’s deepest call in your life and mine.  As we participate in the worship services, Lenten study, Bible study, devotional time, may that call be revealed to each of us.

            As we reflect and repent in this season of Lent, perhaps we should turn back (repent from) those things that fill our time but not our hearts.  Reflecting on what we value most and what God calls each of us to do and he can help us return and refocus on what matters most: Christ’s call; our life purpose; the love of God, neighbor, family, friends, and self that fills our souls and make us whole.

            I look forward to learning from you as to how Christ is revealing to you his call in your life. E-mail me at or text me at 605-359-3867.



Did you know that when we hope for the impossible, it involves more than praying for God’s transcendent power? There are two components to every miracle: divine action and human responsibility. Each of us has been given specific talents and abilities. For a real miracle to take place, God expects us to apply these talents and abilities—acting with God to perform divine work. By examining biblical examples of how to use your God-given gifts for God’s glory, author and Pastor Mike Slaughter helps you discover that you, too, were Made for a Miracle.

We will have two time options for you to choose from for the Lenten study this year. Thursday mornings at 10:30am starting Feb. 15th and Sunday evenings at 6pm starting Feb. 18th. Childcare will be available, Sunday evenings only.


Mission Moments

            The Mission Committee is off and running. We started the year with the Food Fest and Beach Party. Of those that attended, we hope you enjoyed the food, activities/stories and fellowship.


The Sweetheart Tree is set up and we are asking for donations of items that will be going to the residents at Prairie Homes. Take a key ring (and keep if you’d like), purchase the items listed on the back and return items to church by February 12th. We’d like to get items to them by Valentine’s Day. If you choose to donate cash, take a red envelope next to the tree and use it for that purpose. We will shop for you.


Taking Towels to Haiti is another project underway. Helping Hands for Haiti will be departing on a mission trip from March 2-11th. We will be collecting a bath towel and $10 for this project. The $10 will be used in their marketplace to purchase items such as cooking oil, rice, beans, and various hygiene items. There will be a tub in Wesley Hall to accept your towel donations. A $10 check/cash needs to be put in an already designated envelope marked ‘Taking Towels to Haiti/Mission Committee’ and given to the office.


The amount collected in the red buckets was $190.69 which was donated to: Pathways (the homeless shelter).


As in the past, thank you for your generosity. Our family has always stepped up to the plate with our time, talents and treasures. May the Hand of God continue to bless us.


United Methodist Women

            Ladies, the coffee will be on and you are invited to the February 5th meeting of UMW (United Methodist Women). We will meet at 1:30pm in the second floor lounge. All women are encouraged to attend. Devotions will be led by Dee Carson and an interesting and informative program will be presented by Mary Alice Halverson and Vivian Van Essen on 'Mission You'. We continue to build our layette and sewing kits and ask that you bring either an infant's onesie or a pair of scissors. As always, a delightful lunch will be served.


 Volunteers are needed to serve Coffee fellowship. Please sign up on the sheet in Wesley Hall.


Turkey Supper 

The Annual Turkey Supper will be held Saturday, February 17th. We will serve from 4:30 to 7:00pm. Proceeds from this year’s supper will go to the Sr. High Youth for their Youth Mission trip to Racine, WI in June. We will be asking committees to help this year as has been done in the past along with the youth, we will be selling tickets at the door.  Cost of the tickets will be Adults tickets (13 and older) $10; children (4-12 year olds) $5 and 3 and under will be free. Sign-up sheets are available in Wesley Hall for donations. Please have donations brought to the church by Sunday, February 11th. Turkeys can be brought to the church and placed in the chest freezer in the Sr. High Youth room anytime now through February 6th  – please sign your name to the donation list on the top of the freezer so we know who has brought their turkeys. Don’t forget to mark your calendars and plan to join us for some wonderful food and fellowship. Questions call Nancy Hetherington (661-3983), Kristi Palecek (760-2171) or Chrissie Wieseler (660-4741).


Monday Morning Bible Study, Mondays 9:30-10:30am in Upper Room. Text is Bible to ‘Upper Room’ booklet. Each week is a separate topic. All women welcome


Get My People Going!!

Susan Thorson, Faith Community Nurse

            Take a healthy lifestyle challenge with others from your congregation. Get My People Going! Will happen from February 18th to April 8th.  This invitation encourages you to identify small changes in your life that would help you be healthier. You choose two or three areas you would like to work on. You set your own goals.  We will encourage each other and we will journey together.

            Moses traveled with the people of Israel on their way out of Egypt to the Promised Land, and the experience radically changed him. Get My People Going! is based on the Exodus story and invites us to encourage each other to seek wholeness in all areas of your lives--from healthy eating, to moderate exercise, to getting enough sleep.  It is for people of all ages and every health condition because each individual can tailor the program to particular situations and choices.

            Susan Thorson, Faith Community Nurse will be glad to answer any questions you have about the program. When you sign up, you will receive participant materials.  We will be available on February 4th and February 11th in the Wesley Hall to sign you up and get your started. Blessings on Your Journey


February - American Heart Month

 By Susan Thorson, Faith Community Nurse

            Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Making healthy lifestyle changes will lower your risk of heart disease. If you already have heart disease, controlling and preventing risk factors is very important.

To decrease your risk:

  • Watch your weight and if you are overweight, just losing 10 pounds can lower your risk of heart disease.
  • Stop smoking or using other tobacco products (smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes) and stay away from secondhand smoke.
  • Control your blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • Be active and get 30 minutes of exercise (moderate aerobic) five times a week.
  • Eat a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat free or low fat dairy products. Limit saturated fats, trans fats, added sugars and sodium.

Remember, if your make health choices you can keep enjoying the things you love to do.  Live a long and healthy life.  Source: American Heart Association


Prison Ministry

            FUMC will be leading worship services at the Federal Prison Camp on Sunday, March 18th at 12:30. We are looking for more people to be a part of this ministry. If you have any questions or would like to join us, please contact Paula Keehr 665-5501 or Pastor Corey 665-2991.


History Notes

Kathy Wibbels, History Committee


Memories from a Past Member

            Many of you may remember a past member of First United Methodist, Don Boyd.  He was our financial secretary from 1955 to 1990, serving under ten different pastors as well as numerous interns and associate pastors. According to Don, before the invention of the computer hastened his departure, he collected, counted, recorded and posted all individual records of giving.

            Don was also known for his gift of music, singing for many funerals and in the church choir.  He remembers the choir marching into the sanctuary at the beginning of every Sunday service singing Holy, Holy, Holy and concluding the service with the Seven-Fold Amen. 

            In a letter Don wrote to the church history committee, he recounts one of his most vivid memories which occurred in 1948 at the old church on 4th Street.  He was nineteen and singing his first solo in church, The Lost Chord by Adelaide Proctor.  During his solo, an elderly woman sitting by the aisle fell out of her pew and died.  Because of this, he elected not to sing that particular song again until twenty years later in 1968.  Fortunately, that time he finished the song without incident.

            Don has since passed, but his personality and sense of humor shown through in his letter.  We are grateful not only for his service to our church but also his memories shared with us.


Lectionary Readings

Feb. 4 

       Isaiah 40:21-31

       Psalm 147:1-11, 20c

       1 Corinthians 9:16-23

       Mark 1:29-39


Feb. 11

       2 Kings 2:1-12

       Psalm 50:1-6

       2 Corinthians 4:3-6

       Mark 9:2-9


Feb. 18 

      Genesis 9:8-17

      Psalm 25:1-10

      1 Peter 3:18-22

      Mark 1:9-15


Feb. 25

      Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16

      Psalm 22:23-31

      Romans 4:13-25

      Mark 8:31-38

February Greeters


Sunday – 8:30am


Feb. 4: Rodger & Mary Johnson

Feb. 11: Steve & Jeanne Kasik

Feb. 18: Kim Larsen & Eunice Northey       

Feb. 25: Lance & Kristi Palecek



Sunday –11:00am

Feb. 4: Frank & Sarah Nedved

Feb. 11: Rose Nedved & Joan Neubauer

Feb. 18: Beth & Charles Nyquist      

Feb. 25: Ken & Mary Olsen


February Ushers

Sunday – 8:30am


Feb. 4: Barry & Mona Schroeter; Rhonda Hofer

Feb. 11: Michael & Denise Erickson

Feb. 18: Mark & Syndee Droppers; Barb Hirsch

Feb. 25: Dave & Alicia Cornemann;

               Kevin McKee


Sunday –11:00am

Feb. 4: Delores Kafka; Rick Petersen;

            Jack Skinner

Feb. 11:  Andy & Chelsa Gall

Feb. 18: Arlo & Carlene Watchorn;

               Terry & Jenae Norton

Feb. 25: Mitch & Alice Hofer;

               Paul & Mary Pietila


February Birthdays

1 - Garrett Brandt


2 - Jacob Cunningham           


3 - Cheryl Doby, Jill Foss


5 - Merle Larson, Marge Maxon, Madison Styles


8 - Brody Burgeson, Sherry Daugherty,

     Sophia Tramp        


9 - Nicole Baily, Sandy Ronfeldt


10 - Ross Den Herder


11 - Selia Parr 


13 - Chloe Rotert, Kevin McKee       


(Birthdays continued on page 4)

(Birthdays, continued)

14 - Alex Wieseler, Nancy Fargo       


16 - Marsha Bertsch, Corey Enfield,

       Susan Schavee, Jill Larson          


17 - Diane Kisch


18 - Phil Jaquith, Erin Olson, Myles Tieszen


19 - Francis Hunhoff 


20 - Lisa Daugherty, Garrett Rempfer           


22 - Gabriel Olson, Barry Schroeter  


24 - Jean Johnson, Kim Slemp


25 - Tracy Dutrow, Jay Gravholt,

       Amber Hannemann, Rosalinda Regalado


28 - Dick Fox, Nancy Hetherington,

        Jackson Lawrence




For First UMC Sunday Services

and Wednesday Activities:


For cancellations for Sunday morning worship services or Sunday school be sure to listen to KYNT 1450, WNAX 570 or KVHT 106.3 radio stations or go to and check the close line.  For Wednesday activities remember if there is no school or an early dismissal, there will be no Wednesday night activities.

Always remember to use your

own best judgment before heading out.


In Our Thoughts & Prayers


Ardis Henderson fell and broke her wrist, she had surgery and is in the Wakonda Nursing home recovering.


Paul and Jan Aughenbaugh’s daughter-in-law Julie suffered a mild stroke. They repaired a hole in her heart and it went very well. Thanks for the prayers and concerns for the family.


Doug Bailey; Robbi, Vivian Van Essen's sister.


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families. 


Around Town


Dinner, Bazaar, RAFFLE & Bake Sale at St Benedict Parish Yankton SD (1500 St Benedict Dr.)

Sunday, February 11th serving 11:00am-2pm. Games for the entire family (11am-2pm), Bingo (12-2pm)

Menu: Broasted chicken, homemade mac & cheese, potatoes, corn, salad & desserts, & Drinks

Dinner Tickets: 6th Grade-Adult ($10) Preschool– 5th Gr ($5) Children 3 & under (Free)



Thank You           



            Marsha and I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to those persons in our church family who remembered us with Christmas gifts, cards, and goodies.  Your thoughtfulness and graciousness means more to us than words can fully express.  We are deeply blessed to be sharing the journey of faith and ministry with the dear folks of First UMC here in Yankton.

Rev. Ron and Marsha Johnson


            Your gift will directly benefit the Tree of Life Ministries and provides much needed funding. With the support of people like you, we are able to help many families and individuals meet essential daily needs. Thank you again, and we look forward to your continued support.

Linda Garriott, Executive Director, Tree of Life Ministries