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Thursday, April 25, 2019
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January 2018

Pastor’s Word

Most people laugh when we talk about New Year's resolutions.  The attitude seems to be: "What's the use in making them, we're only going to break them!"  That could be a mistake.  For one thing, it reminds us that there are areas of our lives that need to be improved.

The making of resolutions reminds us that we are responsible for what we make of our lives.  Growing toward maturity is learning to accept responsibility for our lives.

At one time in our lives, most of us have resolved that we would be a Christian.  In the year ahead, that resolution will be tested and tried.  We will have to choose.  Will we serve God or not?  It's similar to the experience that Joshua had in his farewell speech to the Hebrew people when he told them they had to make a decision. They would have to choose to serve God or not.  In the days ahead, there will be several times when we will have to decide: will we choose to serve Christ or not to serve him?

It would not be easy for the children of Israel to live in the Promised Land.  When it was hard to serve God, would they still hold on to him?  Would they stay with God when the battles came?  Would they still choose him?

The time of testing may not come to all of us, but they will come to many of us.  It may be the loss of a loved one.  It may be some illness that won't go away.  It may be a terrible disappointment that beats us down.  Maybe it's a failure you can't seem to get over.  Maybe a financial setback causes us to struggle just to make ends meet.  Will we trust God in the midst of them or not?

Many don't. Many give up on God.  God has not promised us that he would magically make all of our problems disappear.  He HAS promised to be with us in the midst of them, to help us face them, and to walk through them.  Will we still resolve to hold on to him, even when it's hard?

My friends, remember that the sun shines today, but the storms of life can come up so quickly.  What we ought to remember is every day of our life is a gift from the hand of God, and every day when things go well it is because of the grace of God. You must remember that who you are and what you will become is because of who he has been to you and what he will be to you.

So the year 2018 lies ahead for us. Most of us have resolved to try to be Christian, and that resolve will be tested.  We will have to live it, and Joshua said we must choose who we will serve.  Joshua said, "I don't know who you're going to choose, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."  (Joshua 24:25) And he did!

Will it be a happy New Year?  It depends on the choices we make.  In spite of what happens to any of us in the year ahead, it can be a very happy, blessed, good year if we will choose every day of it to serve the Lord. But it is our choice.  It's in our hands. What will we do? Have a Happy and Blessed New Year!


ATTENTION – There will be one service at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, December 31st!

Mission Moments

We would like to thank our entire church family for the gifts of time, talents and treasures this past year. Without you none of our mission focuses would have been a success. Thank you, also, for the donations of cash and gifts for the Angel Tree. Many children would not have had a very joyous Christmas if it had not been for your generosity. And, the Diaper Drive; WOW!! It’s always nice to have a dry bottom J Our last mission focus this year will be on December 31st when we pass the Red Bucket. Those contributions will be going to the Homeless Shelter.

From the entire Mission Committee, we wish you a Joyous Christmas and a Very Blessed New Year. Thank You Very Much and we look forward to your continued support. 

“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17

Campbell Soup labels are no longer collected as they have discontinued the program. Box Tops are collected by all the schools. There is a drop box for them by the front door, they are then given to all the schools. 


Calendars Available 2018 calendars, compliments of Opsahl-Kostel Funeral Home, are now available. You can pick them up from the table at the top of the stairs or outside the Church Office.


The New Year for United Methodist Women An invitation to all women of First United Methodist Church: 🎄 Due to the holiday, UMW (United Methodist Women) will meet Monday, January 8, at 1:30pm for the Annual Pledge Service and installation of officers. We will meet in the Church lounge. Refreshments will be served following the program.


KYNT Radio Broadcast It’s time to sign up to sponsor a Radio Broadcast during the 2018 year.  The signup folder is located on the table in the Church Lounge. If you want a certain date, get signed up right away.  The cost to sponsor a Sunday broadcast is $45.00.


History Notes

Delores Kafka, History Committee

The Yankton Methodist Sabbath School was first organized on Jan. 19, 1867.  The school began with 12 teachers and thirty-seven students.  At the 1st quarterly conference of 1869, General W.H.H. Beadle was confirmed as the Superintendent.  The Sunday School continued to prosper the next year despite heat and drought that adversely affected regular church attendance.

In the late 1970’s the Sunday School Christmas program was the Streets of Bethlehem.  A live nativity scene was set up in the entrance to the lower floor. This area is now the elevator room. Eighth grade students were Mary, Joseph and someone brought their baby for the baby Jesus. They also had real sheep in this area. The Fellowship hall was divided into small rooms along the walls with the street in the middle.  Each one of the rooms had a shop, a potter, carpenter shop and other marketplace shops.

Vacation Bible School has its first mention in the May 1935 issue of the Church Tidings. The school that year was two weeks long beginning at 9am. In the 1970’s the Vacation Bible School was sometimes held at the lake at Pierson Ranch. It was usually one week all day and the students packed a lunch. 

After the construction of the Education wing the 1st UMC provided a summer education program for pre-school aged children. This program was a two to three week morning program and served 60-80 children for 20 years.  This was before the Head Start Program and its purpose was to prepare children for kindergarten.  All teachers were volunteers and others volunteered as drivers to help get the children to and from the church. 



By Susan Thorson, Faith Community Nurse

John Wesley the founder of Methodism once said “ Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.” As I read through this quote I am reminded of the many people young and old in our church who do all they can to be the feet and hands of Jesus. Their ministry is what makes our church thrive. As we end 2017 with family and friends and begin the New Year, I want you all to know how grateful we are to have each of you.  I began to make a list of acts of kindness I have seen over the past few months and here it is:

A special woman who delivers flowers and prayers to those who are hospitalized, in nursing homes and at home.

A man with a big heart who provides transportation on a regular basis to a couple who are no longer able to drive and a woman who brings meals to them.

A 96 year old woman who prepares an entire Thanksgiving feast for three of her grandchildren!

A mother who has given her life to being an advocate for her disabled son who always comes first.

A young mother giving all she has to her family even though she is experiencing her own health concerns.

A young woman giving her testimony of how she became a Christian.

A newly married couple serving God and making their church a priority in their life.

A minister who always has time to listen and offer a prayer.

An energetic man who always finds time to plan a mission trip to help others.

A behind the scenes woman who supports her busy husband and is always looking for more things she can do to help him and support their family.

A fantastic group of Methodists serving a banquet fit for a king to those who need a meal.

A man who always asks “What’s happening at the church and who do we need to pray for?” even before I can ask how he is.

An inspiring man taking our youth under his wing and giving all he has to make them better Christians and leaders of tomorrow.

Our musicians who lift us up each Sunday with their gifts of inspiring music.

Our detailed employee who keeps our place of worship clean and in the best of shape.

Our kitchen “angels” who help with meals for our families experiencing losses.

A child opening the door for our older members and making sure they are safely in the church.

            A couple bringing our members to church to worship every Sunday despite the rain, sleet, snow, and hot weather!!

            As you can see the list can go on and on but today I want you to know how grateful we are to have each of you!!  Make your own list of acts of kindness and pass it around. You are appreciated and loved!! Happy New Year!!


Lectionary Readings

Jan. 7

Isaiah 60:1-6

Psalm 72:1-7, 10-14; Psalm 29  

Ephesians 3:1-12

Genesis 1:1-5

Acts 19:1-7

Mark 1:4-11


Jan. 14

1 Samuel 3:1-10 (11-20)

Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18  

1 Corinthians 6:12-20

John 1:43-51


Jan. 21

Jonah 3:1-5, 10

Psalm 62:5-12  

1 Corinthians 7:29-31

Mark 1:14-20


Jan. 28

Deuteronomy 18:15-20

Psalm 111  

1 Corinthians 8:1-13

Mark 1:21-28


January Greeters


Sunday – 8:30am


Jan. 7: Francis & Kristi Hunhoff

Jan. 14: Dave & Marilyn Holzwarth

Jan 21: Patsy & Micah James

Jan 28: Phil & Andrea Jaquith


Sunday –11:00am

Jan. 7: Dan Johnson & Mary Milroy

Jan. 14: Jean Johnson & Darlene Ireland

Jan 21: Merle & Virginia Larson

Jan 28: Marlene Nebola & Alice Melgaard


January Ushers

Sunday – 8:30am


Jan. 7: Bob & Jane Walser; Laurie Baily;

 Rhonda Hofer

Jan. 14: Michael & Denise Erickson

Jan. 21: Mark & Syndee Droppers; Barb Hirsch

Jan. 28: Dave & Alicia Cornemann


Sunday –11:00am

Jan 7: Delores Kafka; Paula Keehr;

Rick Petersen; Jack Skinner

Jan 14:  Andy & Chelsa Gall

Jan 21: Arlo & Carlene Watchorn

Jan. 28: Mitch Hofer family; Paul & Mary Pietila


January Birthdays


1– Holly Iverson, Jane Miller


2 – Corinne Ditmar


3 – Lisa Karnes


4 – Mitch Hofer, Kaleb Swihart, Ashley Craft


5 – Steve Pietila

6 – Gary Guthmiller, Tyler Kaiser, Niles Nedved


8 – Cooper Cornemann, Andy Gall, Ken Bevers

9 – Marlene Konopik


11 – Hudson Burgeson, Bill Heubaum

12 – Mariah Hofer

13 – Mary King, Connie Sawatzke, Laurel Wek

14 – Kendra Bakke


15 – Ginger Guthmiller


16 – Scott Giziewski, Dena Heeney,

         Susan McCorkell, Paul Pietila


18 – John Wiechmann


19 – Shayna Gusso


20 – Sandy Dennis

21 – Jean Droppers, Kristi Hunhoff, Esther Lane,

Rita Rolston, George Schnebel


22 – Angela Herrmann, Linda Herrmann


23 – Carol Skonhovd


24 – Hannah Buchholz, Claire Mooney


25 – Tate Beste, Randy Hummel, Jaxx Olson,

        Monte Schavee, Rachel Turner


27 – Ricky Daugherty, Duane Grimme,

Carol Wiechmann


29 – Chad McCorkell, Cheryl Rokusek,

        Arlo Watchorn


30 – Kirsten Tramp


31 – Matt Pietz




For First UMC Sunday Services

and Wednesday Activities:


For cancellations for Sunday morning worship services or Sunday school be sure to listen to KYNT 1450, WNAX 570 or KVHT 106.3 radio stations or go to and check the close line.  For Wednesday activities remember if there is no school or an early dismissal, there will be no Wednesday night activities.

Always remember to use your

own best judgment before heading out.


In Our Thoughts & Prayers


Joan Neubauer friend’s 15 year-old nephew, Dusty, was in an accident. He has many broken bones and a punctured lung. 


Doug Bailey; Robbi, Vivian Van Essen's sister.


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families. 


Thank You

A special Thank you to all those who delivered meals on wheels this year:   Bill and Mary Heubaum, Marilyn & David Holzwarth, Terry & Jenae Norton, Loran & Delores Moore, Mary Alice Halverson, Beth Nyquist, Barb Olson, Connie VandeWalle, Bob & Jane Walser, Karen & Mike Miller, Shar and Mark Peterson, LaVila & Darwin Tessier, Dan & Jane Miller, Bonnie & Verne Hanson.  Thanks so much for saying yes when I call.  God Bless you all.         

Delores Kafka, Meals on Wheels Coordinator


Thank you for your recent gift to Boys and Girls Club of Yankton. You are making a positive impact on over 325 youth each and every day. Did you know that we have been able to serve 60,000 plus snacks this year because of people like you? Thank You!!

Be Great! Erinn and the Club


Many thanks to my church family for the kind words, cards and gifts given to me this Christmas season. I hope you all have a wonderful 2018.  God Bless you all!!

Craig Sherman