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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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September 2017

     Pastor’s Word
    As the summer season winds down and we prepare for the fall activities and responsibilities, I want to offer this simple prayer written by Richard Henderson: “I turn to you in need, O Lord, search-ing for help to find my way.  But when that need has gone so have I, until again one day, in need, I turn to you.  Turn me around, O Lord, help me to walk with you, and take away the need to turn at all.”
    May you find hope, strength, peace, and comfort as you walk with God in the busy and challenging days that are ahead!

Fall worship services will resume Sunday, Sep-tember 10th. Contemporary Worship service at 8:30am & Traditional Worship Service at 11am. Coffee fellowship 9:30-10:45am. Nursery care provided for 0-4 year old children 7:45 AM - 12:15 PM.

Sunday School Registration for the 2017-18 Sunday School year is now open. We are doing electronic registration this year using Survey Monkey software.  The web link is to register to today. We also are in need of teachers and substitutes for the school year.  For more information on teaching or being a substitute please contact Corey.

Sunday School Teachers Needed
We need 8th grade and High School Sunday School teachers

Mission Moments
We still are in need of Ingathering Kits: Health Kits ($12), Layettes ($35), and Sewing Kits ($18). The tubs are located near Wesley Hall. Cash dona-tions are also welcomed. A Mission Committee member will deliver the kits to Sioux Falls on Sept. 16th.

Fall in the Park, at Lewis and Clark Recreation Area, is also September 16th from 1-5pm. Volun-teers are needed to provide  2 dozen rice krispie bars or 2 dozen cookies by noon on Friday, Sept. 15th. Signup sheets are on the table in Wesley Hall. Snacks are handed out and a free-will offering is accepted. 

October 29th we will be packing Mercy Meals in our church. Please make your calendars. 

Next Missions Committee meeting is Sept. 6th at 6pm. If you have something you’d like the Mis-sion Committee to consider, please bring your idea to us at that time. 

Federal Prison Camp the Evangelism committee will be having the church services at the Federal Prison Camp on Oct. 15th and Dec. 31st. We are looking for individuals to join us in this ministry.  If this is something you would be interested in or have questions, please contact Paula Keehr at 665-5501 or Everyone will need to fill out a background check form even if you have filled one out previously. They are lo-cated on the information desk at the bottom of the stairs and can be returned to the office. We will be sending them in sometime in August.

Youth News
Youth Group starts Wednesday, September 6th
Jr. High will meet Wednesdays 6:30-7:30pm
Sr. High will meet Wednesdays 7:45-9pm

Coffee fellowship between church services will start up again on Sunday, Sept. 10th. This is the time during which we can get to know our church family better and welcome any visitors. Anyone wanting to provide goodies and serve, please sign up on the date you wish to help. We would like to have 2 people each week to help lighten the work load. If you cannot serve but would like to provide some baked goods, we would welcome that too.

Chancel Choir
            The Chancel Choir offers opportunities for those who love to raise your voice in thanks and praise to God.  There is a place for you in this mu-sic ministry.  If you have been thinking of joining the choir, or if you are new to town or to the church, the Chancel Choir family within our larger church family is an excellent starting point. We are eager for you to join us as we sing a wide variety of music from contemporary to gospel. Choir will begin Wednesday, September 6th at 7:00pm in the Sanctuary.

We are starting a new Women's Bible Study "En-trusted, A Study of 2 Timothy" by Beth Moore on September 10th at 9:45am in the Upper Room.  In this Bible study, Beth will encourage you to guard what God has entrusted to you, further His king-dom by sharing Christ with others, and pour into future generations just as Paul once mentored Timothy. Because in this journey of joy and hard-ship, we need each other to stay the course and live lives of faithfulness.  Please join us for this video driven study on Sunday mornings during Sunday School!

Kingdom Chimes All 2nd-4th graders are invited to be a part of the Kingdom Chimes this fall.  We will meet in the Music Room, on Wednesday eve-nings from 5:15-5:45pm beginning Wednesday, September 20th.  We will have a great time learning to read music and play in church once a month.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.

Agape Bell Choir The Agape Bell Choir, (grades 5-adult) will begin on Wednesday, September 20th from 6:45-7:15pm in the Music Room.  If you enjoy listening to bells, and would like to learn to play them, we have a place for you!  This group plays contemporary music arranged especially for handbells.  Please join us for a fun year in music ministry and fellowship.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.

Jubilee Bell Choir The Jubilee Bell Choir has an exciting year ahead.  We have some fun and music selected this year both contemporary and tradi-tional.  Please consider joining our music ministry.  Music reading skills is helpful, but not required.  We have a great time together ringing and sharing the love of Christ through this musical ministry in our church.  We will begin on Wednesday, September 6th from 5:45-6:40pm in the Music Room.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.

By Susan Thorson, RN, Faith Community Nurse
    Rosalynn Carter, former First Lady said “There are four kinds of people in the world:  those who have been caregivers; those who are currently caregiv-ers; those who will be caregivers, and those who will need caregivers.”
    At some time in your life you will be a caregiver or need care yourself.  Some of us are thrust into the role ab-ruptly when a relative or friend becomes ill and for others it is a gradual process over time like when our parents are aging.  Every situation is different and unique. Caregiving is a wonderful experience but it can also be the hardest job you will ever have.  Caregivers are at risk for a variety of health problems themselves as they forge ahead in their caregiving role as they often neglect taking care of themselves.
    The National Family Caregivers Association has tips for care-givers to help:
1.    Caregiving is a job and respite is your earned right.  Reward yourself with respite breaks often.
2.    Watch out for signs of depression, and don’t delay in getting professional help when you need it.
3.    When people offer to help, accept the offer and suggest specific things they can do.
4.    Educate yourself about your loved one’s condition and how to communicate effec-tively with the doctors.
5.    There is a difference between caring and doing.  Be open to technologies and ideas that promote your loved one’s independ-ence.
6.    Trust your instincts. Most of the time they’ll lead you in the right direction.
7.    Caregivers often do a lot of lifting, push-ing, and pulling.  Be good to your back.
8.    Grieve your losses and then allow yourself to dream new dreams.
9.    Seek support from other caregivers.  There is great strength in knowing you are not alone.
10.    Stand up for your rights as a caregiver and a citizen.
    If you are in need of support in your role as a caregiver, please contact the Faith Community Nurse, Susan Thor-son at the church at 665-2991. Remember God carries you and cares for you as you are providing care for others.

History Notes
Kathy Wibbels, History Committee
Yankton’s First Female Physician
    Dr. Jennie C. Murphy, Yankton’s first fe-male physician, is a part of the rich tradition of physicians as members of the First United Meth-odist Church.          
Her life is an inspiration to us.
    While pursuing a medical degree was not considered an appropriate course for a woman in the 1800’s, Jennie would not be deterred.  In order to earn the money needed to finance her education in medical school, she became a teacher, serving at the Box School and Fishbeck No. 14 in the Utica area.  She served at Fishbeck on the fateful day of January 12, 1888, when the infamous “children’s blizzard” raged across the Territory.  Jennie did not dismiss her charges when the winter storm came up, but kept them at the school all night, saving them from walking home in subzero bliz-zard conditions and certain death.  While at least 112, many of them children, died in this storm, Jennie’s youngsters remained safe and were res-cued the next morning by a farmer with a sleigh.
    In 1893, Jennie received her degree from Hahnemann Medical School in Chicago.  She then took post-graduate work in New York, learning more about diseases of women and children before returning to Yankton in 1895.  She opened an office and established her practice which earned her a niche in our town’s history.
    In 1919, Jennie became the first woman elected to the city commission.  She also served as the county coroner.  After World War I, when her practice got too demanding, Jennie was joined by another woman physician, Dr. Lottie Biegler, who took over entirely when Jennie retired.  Jennie, however, did not completely retire.  Instead, she served as the national medical examiner for the Degree of Honor, an insurance society, before re-tiring for good in 1940.
    Dr. Jennie was a member of the Rebekah Lodge, the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Business and Professional Women’s organization, and our church.  Her life is an example of what can be accomplished by determination and knowledge.  She became almost legendary in her own time and died on November 3, 1959, at the age of 94.
    The rich tradition of physicians as members of this church is still alive today.  As a con-gregation, we have been and continue to be truly blessed by their dedication to their life’s calling.

Lectionary Readings
Sept. 3rd
Exodus 3:1-15
Psalm 105:1-6, 23-26
Romans 12:9-21
Matthew 16:21-28

Sept. 10th 
Exodus 12:1-14
Psalm 149
Romans 13:8-14
Matthew 18:15-20

Sept. 17th
Exodus 14:19-31
Exodus 15:1b-11, 20-21
Romans 14:1-12
Matthew 18:21-35

Sept. 24th
Exodus 16:2-15
Psalm 105:1-6, 347-45
Philippians 1:21-30
Matthew 20:1-16

September Greeters

Sunday – 8:30am

Sept. 3rd:  One Service 9:30am
Sept. 10:  Tony & Tiffany Beste
Sept. 17:   Ken & Marsha Bertsch
Sept. 24:  Ken & Judy Bevers

Sunday –11:00am
Sept. 3rd:  John & Carol Wiechmann
Sept. 10:  Bill & Margaret Bartels
Sept. 17:   Paul & Jan Aughenbaugh
Sept. 24:  Calvin & Debra Buchholz

September Ushers
Sunday – 8:30am

Sept. 3rd:  One Service at 9:30am
Sept. 10:  Michael & Denise Erickson
Sept. 17:   Mark & Syndee Droppers; Barb Hirsch
Sept. 24: Dave & Alicia Cornemann; Kevin McKee

Sunday –11:00am
Sept. 3rd: Loy Gravholt, Rick Petersen, Delores Kafka, Jack Skinner
Sept. 10:  Andy & Chelsa Gall
Sept. 17: Terry & Jenae Norton, Arlo & Carlene Watchorn
Sept. 24:  Mitch Hofer & fam, Paul & Mary Pie-tela

September Birthdays

1 - Carson Enfield, Jess Dennis, Gage Guthmiller

2 - Morgan Rodig

3 - Maren Nedved

4 - Sam Mooney, Ken Olsen, Kylie Rodig,
     Larry Guthmiller

5 - Steve Kasik

6 - Denise Erickson, Matt Miller, Eileen Mullican,

7 - Harlan Teichroew
8 - Ryan Olson, Carol Becker, Brady Jaquith   

9 - Debbie Landwehr, Heidi Olson       
10 - Kim Larsen, Lydia Giziewski, Sandi Mathis,
       Stephanie Anderson, Randy Heisinger,
    Alison Karnes, Nicholas Doby

11 - Parker Kisch, Rick Petersen, Anna Nickles

13 - Jill Saffel, Anne Withrow

14 - Michael Parish, Lindsey Hale, Shirley Root

15 - Harper Den Herder

17 - Darian Tramp

18 -    Bob Walser

20 - Chris Peterka, Chrissie Wieseler
21 - Greg Anderson, Kirsten May

22 - Austin Reining
24 - Darian Miller

25 - Toby Gall, Deklan Olson, Will Dangler

26 - Paul Nielson, Kody Kyriss, Joyce Kollars

27 - Elton Wek

28 - Maggie Downing, Josey Kaiser

29 - Kami Cornemann, Dave Holzwarth,
    Bev Larsen, Preston Nedved
30 - Curt Dykstra, Oliver Yager

In Our Thoughts & Prayers

Carolyn Teichroew; Naomi Somer; Chuck & Lyla Gukeisen; Mark Giziewski; Doug Bailey; Robbi, Vivian VanEssen's sister. 

Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families. 

I can’t thank my church family enough for all of the prayers,  wonderful cards of support and caring that I have received while in the hospital and recovering at home from my knee replacement.  Special thank you to Rev. Ron, Marsha and Susan for their hospital visits and prayer support.
    Thank you to Rev. Ron, Corey, Susan and Mary Alice and all for the support I received from church and community for my recovery and birthday.
Ted Mickelson

    Wow! What a great weekend we had celebrating our 65th wedding anniversary.  A big thank you to our church family who attended the open house hosted by our four children and their families. Also, thanks for all the cards and congratulatory handshakes we received from those who could not attend. You are all special
Rodger & Mary Johnson

    Thanks to all of my church family members who remembered me on my 97th birthday. As I spent the day with my daughter, Ruth, and her family in Minneapolis, I received a whole stack of cards in the mail when I returned. I spent some time enjoying them one after another – such fun, just like another party. You are a blessing and I love you all.
Neta Thompson

    Thank you so much for inviting on of our CASA volunteers, Carla Hummel, to give an overview of CASA to your congregation. Because of your generosity, $252. 31 was donated to provide abused and ne-glected children in Yankton County with a CASA advocate while they are in foster care. You are giving these kids a brighter future. Thanks for car-ing about these kids.
Sincerely Sherri Rodgers-Conti, Director

    Thank you so much for supplying our fence installers with water and baked goods on Sunday, august 13th. Your support means so much to our organization! You treats and water gave us energy to complete the entire project in one day. Also, one of you mem-bers, Merle, saved the day with his tractor. The tractor enabled us to dig the postholes much more quickly. Without him, it would have taken us much longer to install the fence! We greatly ap-preciate your support and if you would like to visit the shelter, do not hesitate to contact us.
Jesse Bailey, Pathways Shelter for the Homeless Board, Staff and Clients

September 17, 2017
Yankton         Riverside Park
4pm to 7pm
 Food  from  5pm                          -  6:30pm
LIVE music from "One Way Up"
Games, inflatables, face painting, and more!