First United Methodist Church - Yankton
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
207 W 11th St Yankton SD 57078 (605) 665-2991

May 2017


Pastor’s Word

Rev. Ron                        

            The Bible teaches us to be anxious for nothing. Don’t worry about anything. This may sound strange in our world where insecurity seems to saturate our society. Still this statement of scripture stands. Don’t be anxious about anything. But how do we keep this command? Certainly it does not mean to be careless or thoughtless. The answer is to let God know your needs and be thankful. This is the way to peace. How simple. Yet how easy it is to try something else.

            Peter, in his first epistle, writes: “Cast all your care (anxiety) upon him, because he cares for you.” (5:7) F.B. Meyer said, “Two things come between our souls and unshadowed fellowship with God – sin and care.” Brooding over the past, distracted by the present, or dwelling on that which might happen is at times a common fault. It is a treacherous and sly foe because we may be over anxious about right things. 

            The world says, “It is useless and fruitless to worry.” “Why worry about that which you cannot help?” or “Do the best you can to quit worrying.” Peter’s point is much better: “Cast all your care upon him; for he cares for you?” The first care is a different word than the second. The first means “anxiety.” The second says, God is concerned about us. God is no indifferent spectator.

            Without a doubt, this is a large and important lesson to learn. But only by learning to take our cares to the Lord can we find rest. And since very often the little things of our lives cause as much worry as large ones, take these to God also. Let us never forget how deeply he cares!


Confirmation Sunday

April 30th, Worship Service – 9:30 a.m.

Confirmation Reception – following worship service. No Sunday School


United Methodist Women

The next meeting of UMW meets on Monday, May 1st at 1:30pm in the upstairs lobby outside the sanctuary.


Hear ye! Hear ye!

Welcome to Mighty Fortress, where kids learn that God is their refuge and strength. Friends may fail them. They may not ace their test or make the team, but God promises to be their rock and their salvation—their fortress and sure defense. So raise your banner! In Jesus, the victory is won!


Vacation Bible School Registration is now open!  Please register at  VBS will be June 4th-8th from 6:15pm-8pm each evening.  


If you would like to volunteer to help, have questions, or need help registering please contact us at 


Mission Corner

            Sunday, April 30th is Red Bucket Sunday. Proceeds have been earmarked for Habitat for Humanity.


            First United Methodist church will be serving the Banquet Tuesday, May 2nd. We still are in need of volunteers to cook, setup, and breakdown. Also could use donations of money and/or food. Signup sheets are in Wesley Hall.


Native American Sunday will be recognized on May 7th.


Next Mission Committee meeting will be Wednesday, May 3rd at 6pm.


Graduate Recognition

            2017 Senior Recognition will be held at the 8:30 service on Sunday, May 14th, with a reception following in Wesley Hall. Seniors you should have gotten a letter, if you are graduating from High School and did not get a letter call the church office 665-2991. We would also like to list those in our church family that are graduating from college, please call Lisa in the office and let her know who is graduating, from what college and with what degree by Monday, May 8th.



Summer Camp!

            Camp brochures should be here – if you did not get one in the mail you can find them on the bulletin board as you come in to the church or in the Education Office.  Deadline for the Early Bird price is May 1st.  The church & UMW will take care of ½ of the early bird cost of one camp per youth. If your youth is going to more than one camp you are responsible for the cost of the other camps.  If you register after May 1st – the church & UMW will only pay for ½ of the early bird cost.  You will be responsible for the difference between early bird and full price.

            The registration process is a little different this year.  You will need to call Lisa in the office to get the church code that you will enter on the registration form this code will automatically subtract the church’s portion from your payment. Full payment is due when you register this year. To do this you will be able to select one of 2 options:  to pay in full or pay monthly with automatic credit card payments to be spread over three months. You will be able to register more than one person at a time but if you are registering the same person for more than one camp you need to do a separate registration online for the second camp.  If you have questions about this process you can call Lisa in the office or Diane Kisch at 660-1242.

            The Conference runs a Cross State Bus to Storm Mountain – if you plan to have your youth ride the bus you must mark it on your registration form.

            We encourage you to attend camps that other youth in your grades are going to – hopefully we can carpool whenever possible.  Remember if your child is riding with someone it is common courtesy to help cover the cost of gas.  If you plan to use the church van – it needs to be half full (8 people or more – if you only have 7 and feel you need to use the church van check with the chairperson of the Trustees, or Rev Ron).  Those riding in the van are responsible for gas.  Lisa in the office needs to know if you would like your youth to ride in the church van or carpool with others.  She will be able to tell you if anyone else is signed up for a camp you are thinking about. It is very helpful if Lisa gets a copy of your registration forms so she knows what camps you youth are going to.

            For the 1st – 3rd graders we need to have 1 adult attend camp with every 5 campers.  There is a cost for Shepherds that attend SonShine camp (K & 1st graders) & DaySpring (2nd & 3rd graders). 

            Remember the grade listed for each camp is the grade the camper is currently in.


Lectionary Readings


May 7 – 4th Sunday of Easter

            Acts 2:42-47; Psalm 23

            1 Peter 2:19-25; John 10:1-10


May 14 – 5th Sunday of Easter

            Acts 7:55-60; Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16

            1Peter 2:2-10; John 14:1-14


May 21 – 6th Sunday of Easter

            Acts 17:22-31; Psalm 66:8-20;

            1 Peter 3:13-22; John 14:15-21


May 28 – 7th Sunday of Easter

            Acts 1:6-14; Psalm 68:1-10, 32-35

            1 Peter 4:12-14; 5:6-11 John 17:1-11



May Greeters


Sunday – 8:30am

May 7: 4th Scott & Molly Nedved family

May 14: Ken & Mary Olsen; Barb Olson

May 21: Lance & Kristi Palecek family

May 28: Scott & Beth Parr

Sunday –11:00am

May 7: Dustin & Sara Olson family

May 14: Mark & Shar Peterson

May 21: Warren Peterson & Marlene Konopik

May 28: Steve & Mikael Pietila family


May Ushers

Sunday – 8:30am

May 7:    Bob & Jane Walser; Laurie Baily;      

                Rhonda Hofer

May 14:  Michael & Denise Erickson

May 21:  Mark & Syndee Droppers;

                Barb Hirsch

May 28:  Dave & Alicia Cornemann;

                  Kevin McKee



Sunday –11:00am

May 7:  Paula Keehr; Rick Peterson; 

               Jack Skinner; Loy Gravholt

May 14:  Terry & Janae Norton

             Andy & Chelsa Gall;

May 21:  Jess & Sandy Dennis;

                Arlo & Carlene Watchorn

May 28:  Mitch & Alice Hofer;

                Paul & Mary Pietila


Youth Group News

Sr. High - Meets Wednesday nights 7:15-8:30 pm

Jr. High - Meets Sunday nights 6:30-7:30 pm




Thank you

Thank you to our church family for all the prayers and concerns during the illness and subsequent death of our mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, Kathleen Brannick. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, spiritual family. Be blessed

Sherry Daugherty & Darwin Koerner/ Rick Daugherty/Lisa and family


            I would like to thank the many people who expressed their condolences at the time of the loss of my mother. She lived a long, good life and she was ready to reach her reward. The family is sorry to lose her, but glad that she is at rest.

Tom Gilmore


May Birthdays

1 - Payton Bartels, Dorothy Johnson


2 - Brad Anderson, Mike Lawrence  


3 - Tanner Dykstra, Gerrit Dykstra


4 - Joyce Boeckman, Dillon May, M ary Milroy


5 - Carole Hurley, Janni Guthmiller   


6 - Art Tuttle


9 - Cohan Pietz


10 - May Gall, Brittney Guthmiller


12 - Samuel Hummel, Todd Rodig    


13 - Jan Boeckman


14 - Kathy Lawrence, Ed Johnson


15 - Doug Bailey, Philah & Porting Hathaway


16 - Jace McCorkell, Tina Gobel, Oakley Gall,

        Lillie Kirschenman, Dan Dolejsi


18 -  Chuck Gukeisen


19 - Margie Stengle, Nick Kisch, Madason Tessier


20 - Phyllis Dingman, Vivian Van Essen,

       Bexxley Garvey  


21 – Kevin Doby, Katheryn Hickey


22 - Cale Cornemann


23 - Monty Dahlberg


25 - Linda Wek, Carolyn Golden


27 - Tracy Kisch, Isabellah Daugherty


29 - Lyla Gukeisen


30 - Mindy Reining


31 - Donna Mraz, Peggy Hannemann


In Our Thoughts & Prayers

Chuck & Lyla Gukeisen; Mark Giziewski; Doug Bailey; Robbi, Vivian VanEssen's sister. 


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families.