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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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November 2016

Pastor’s Word

           By Rev. Ron

Sunday, November 6th, marks a special day in the life of our church.  We will be hosting what is called a Significance Conference which means group Charge Conference involving six churches from our area.  Rev. Roger Sphar, District Superintendent for the Glacial Lakes District, will be leading us in worship and addressing some business matters. The special focus of this conference will be to encourage young people and young adults to hear and answer the call of God in their lives. There will be a gathering meal to begin our time together. The conference will begin at 5:00pm. Everyone is welcome to attend.

We will also observe All Saint’s Sunday on November 6th during our morning worship. As Hoyt Hickman reminds us, All Saint’s Sunday is a time when Christians remember the Christian deceased of every nation. But it is much more than a Christian memorial day. The word saint as used in the New Testament means all Christians of every time and place. On All Saint’s Sunday we celebrate our communion with Christ’s universal church throughout all time and in all places. We are one with the deceased who live in Christ, one with Christians off every denomination around the world, and one with the generations of Christians yet unborn.

I would dare say that each one of us is a part of the church because our lives have been touched by at least one saint.  Each one of us is on a pilgrimage of faith.  Somebody helped start us on that pilgrimage, and somebody helped us and encouraged us along the way.  It is these people whom we are to recall and be thankful for on All Saint’s Sunday. The very fact that we are together in worship Sunday after Sunday testifies to their love and the love of the one who gathers us all.

We will be observing the traditions of “Flowers for Saint’s at both services. Members and friends are asked to bring cut flowers of any kind to make a beautiful bouquet representing the beauty and diversity of all God’s saints. We will share in a special remembrance of all those members and friends who have passed away this past year and dedicate memorials at the 11:00 am service.

Please be in prayer about this special day as we remember and look forward together.


Yankton Area Banquet

On Thursday, November 3rd our church is scheduled to serve the Yankton Area Banquet. We are seeking volunteers to help cook, serve and clean up. A signup sheet is located in Wesley Hall. If you would like to donate food or contribute monetarily toward the purchase of food, please contact Tami Nielsen 760-2951 or any Missions Committee member.


Veterans Recognition

First United Methodist church will be honoring our veterans on Sunday, November 13th at both services. The Worship Committee will be putting up the Wall of Honor outside the sanctuary. If you are a veteran and have not provided the committee with a picture for the wall, please bring a picture to the church office by November 9th. The picture will be photocopied and returned to you. Please put you name on the back of the picture to ensure that it is returned to the correct person. The photo does not need to be of you in your uniform.


Bake Sale

We will be having a bake sale Sunday, October 30th for Erin Olson, daughter of Tami Nielsen & Kevin Olson. The proceeds will go to help with travel and medical expenses not covered by insurance. Erin’s Story: Erin was diagnosed with a cataract, in her right eye, at 6 days of age. The cataract was removed when Erin was 10 days old. After a few weeks, secondary to the surgery, she developed glaucoma. Surgeries were performed in an attempt to control the eye pressure at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and a year. Tubes and shuts were implanted to keep her eye from further damage, due to the climbing eye pressure. Some years went by and the eye pressure was stabilized with the use of multiple eye medications. At age 10, one of the implanted devises became encapsulated with a cyst. The cyst and device were removed surgically. A few months went by and her cornea began to degrade and a cornea transplant was necessary. The surgery was successful until an outbreak of Herpes Simplex Virus, from the donated cornea, infected her eye. In 2015, one of the drainage devices infiltrated her eye, requiring another surgery to relocate the tube and graft the eye’s surface. Due to the constant pain, to the point of being unable to perform normal daily functions, an enucleation (removal of the eye) was performed September 28, 2016. She is now looking forward to a pain-free future and a beautiful prosthetic eye. In addition to the eye disease, she was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome at age 10 and Myoclonic Epilepsy at age 11; both well controlled with daily medication.


Mercy Meals

Due to the hurricane that has devastated Haiti, the need for food is great. Mercy Meals of Yankton has been asked to pack as many meals as they can. So the director, Steve Mach, is asking if our church would be willing to pack. You are invited to join in, Sunday, October 30th, between services in Wesley Hall, to pack food for the hungry. It is very easy for anyone to participate in. Please plan to join us. *The organization will have a community-wide pack November 19th at Calvary Baptist Church.


November Greeters

Sunday – 8:30am

November 6:  Cody & Erica Garvey

November 13:  Darin & Lara Cunningham

November 20: Sherry Daugherty & Darwin


November 27: Chuck & Corrine Ditmar

Sunday –11:00am

November 6:  Heather Craft & Lawrence Sweet

November 13:  Rick Daugherty & Lisa Blaalid

November 20:  Phyllis & Alan Dingman

November 27: Kevin & Cheryl Doby


November Ushers

Sunday – 8:30am

November 6:  Bob & Jane Walser; Laurie Baily; Rhonda Hofer

November 13:  Michael & Denise Erickson

November 20:  Mark & Syndee Droppers; Barb Hirsch

November 27: Dave & Alicia Cornemann; Kevin McKee

Sunday –11:00am

November 6:  Loy Gravholt; Rick Peterson; Paula Keehr; Jack Skinner

November 13: Terry & Jenae Norton; Andy & Chelsa Gall

November 20:  Jess & Sandy Dennis;

Arlo & Carlene Watchorn

November 27: Mitch & Alice Hofer


United Methodist Women Meeting

The November program for United Methodist Women, to be held on November 7th, is presented by our own members, as we follow the time-honored traditions of our parent organization and reflect upon others.   First, we proffer a World Thanks Offering, after which we hold a Memorial Service honoring those who have passed from our side during the last year. Jean Droppers will offer the devotions, with Rose Nedved at the piano and the light lunch will be hostessed by Mary Alice Halverson and Anne Withrow. You will find a welcome here!


Prison Ministry Team

There are two opportunities left this year to be part of the church services at the Federal Prison Camp. On October 30th and December 18th, FUMC will be leading the service and anyone interested can participate. A recent background information sheet will need to be filled out and given to Corey. There are some located on the information desk or in the church office. If you have any questions, contact Corey, Bob Thue, or Paula Keehr.


Two Faiths Unite

       In 1967, due to a declining membership and an inability to financially survive the members of the local Evangelical United Brethren Church voted to close its doors. Open memberships were given to all members, and several families chose to join the First Methodist Church of Yankton. At the time of the closing the EUB Church was located at 310 West 5th Street with approximately 50 members.

      Prior to their respective annual 1968 South Dakota Conferences, The Methodist Church and the Evangelical United Brethren Church agreed to a plan to unite their membership into one, to be known as the United Methodist Church. The Uniting Session was held in Dallas, Texas, under authority of a plan and basis of union adopted by the General Conference of the former Methodist Church and General Conference of the former Evangelical United Brethren Church. Authority was granted to take such steps as necessary to bring about a complete union with the former EUB Church within the bounds of the state of South Dakota. As of January 1, 1969, all churches ministers and members of both churches became members of the South Dakota Conference of the United Methodist Church.  

In Our Thoughts & Prayers



Chuck & Lyla Gukeisen, Mark Giziewski, Doug Bailey, Robbi, Vivian VanEssen's sister 


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families. 


November Birthdays

1 - Luke Dohrman


2 - Troy True, Ryan Ginn


3 - Sara Olson


4 - Tammy Ugofsky

5 - Bailey Peterka, Alix Peterka, Cassie Pietz


9 - Mary Olsen

10 - Suzanne Tessier, Dixie Conner


11 - Delores Moore


12 - Bonnie Hanson


13 - Donavieve Raad, Barb Hirsch,

       Andrea Tramp, Barb Olson


14 - Alice Hofer, Myrna Stouffer


15 - Dyllon Tramp, Warren Peterson


16 - Jack Skinner


18 - Layne Droppers, Mary Malchow,

        Lily Lawrence


19 - Beckett Kisch, Lara Cunningham


20 - Bentley Klinkhammer

21 - Russell Peirce


22 - Matt Johnson, Craig Sherman, Jane Walser


23 - Shar Peterson, Maclain Reiner,

       Ethan Rempfer, Kenny Doering


24 - Karen Miller, Jerry Hagen, Kevin Olson


26 - Sharon Heisinger


28 - Jerry Wilson, Julie Moderegger


30 - JoAnne Roach