First United Methodist Church - Yankton
Tuesday, January 22, 2019
207 W 11th St Yankton SD 57078 (605) 665-2991


Yankton, South Dakota

(605) 665-2991    Fax # (605) 665-9603

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October 23, 2016

Contemporary Worship: 8:30 A.M.

Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost

Our Mission:

“To grow disciples of Jesus Christ and equip them for ministry in the world.”


A Time of Gathering and Praise


GATHERING Mighty to Save




REGISTERING OUR ATTENDANCE (Please leave complete address)


*SONGS OF PRAISE   Build Your Kingdom Here

Better is One Day






FOR THE YOUNG & YOUNG AT HEART     “Headed For a Fall”


SCRIPTURE Luke 18:9-14 (p. 76)


MESSAGE                “Being Who We Truly Are”  Rev. Ron


SONG OF PRAISE                Heart of Worship






*SENDING FORTH      My Life is in You, Lord



Praise Team: Gena Brandt; Ross, Dena & Harper Den Herder, Melissa Rempfer, Bill Sohl, Steve King, Diane Kisch, Julie Mooney, Sophie McKee, Brady Jaquith, Wyatt Yager, Randy Heisinger,

Hannah Buchholz, Tim Herchenroether, Craig Sherman, Barb Hirsch, Joy Korman




Yankton, South Dakota

(605) 665-2991    Fax # (605) 665-9603

E-mail address:


October 23, 2016

Traditional Worship: 11:00 A.M.

Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost

Our Mission:

“To grow disciples of Jesus Christ and equip them for ministry in the world.”



A Time of Gathering and Praise



RITUAL OF FRIENDSHIP (Please leave complete address)

ANTHEM                              “Sanctuary” Chancel Choir


        O sinners, let us cleanse our hearts!

            O people, let us purify our minds!

Come, let us submit ourselves to the Lord,

And humble ourselves before our God!

Let us pray and sing and seek God’s face, and turn from our selfish ways,

That God might hear and forgive our sin, and heal our wounded world!



*HYMN OF PRAISE #152 (UM hymnal) “I Sing the Almighty Power of God

*LITANY “Happy Is the Land That Is Faithful and Pure”

Happy is the land that is faithful and pure, the liberating land:

            The land that listens to the voices of wisdom and accepts the

 correction of sages; 

Whose leaders are doves that sing in the calm, whose judges are ravens that

care for the young;

Whose prophets embody compassion and hope, whose ministers live out the gospel;

Where God shows forth justice in the morning, never failing to shine at dawn;

Where God makes beautiful the violent streets, and causes the people to dance;

Where God makes glad the countryside, and none in the land is forsaken!

O Lord, gather the nations and assemble the kingdoms, and pour out

upon us a shower of peace:


With the fire of your word, dismantle our borders and tear down our walls of hate;

With the power of your love, change the speech of our lands into one holy tongue–

That all might call on your holy name and serve you with one accord!


A Time of Prayer





PRAYER RESPONSE #2275 (black song book) “Kyrie


A Time of Proclamation


FOR THE YOUNG & YOUNG AT HEART     “Headed For a fall”

SCRIPTURE Luke 18:9-14 (p. 76)

MESSAGE            “Being Who We Truly Are” Rev. Ron 


A Time of Response and Dedication




“Praise God, from Whom All Blessings Flow”



“Just As I Am, Without One Plea”


A Time of Sending Forth



*SONG OF PARTING #143 (UM hymnal)

“One Eagle’s Wings”


*Indicates Congregation stand, if you are comfortable doing so. Large print hymnals and bulletins are available, as are hearing devices.  Please ask an usher for assistance.  Nursery care provided for 0-4 year old children 7:45 AM - 12:15 PM.

In His Service:


Senior Pastor                         Rev. Ron Johnson (

Christian Ed Director/Youth Pastor Corey Enfield (

Office Manager          Lisa Loecker (

Facility Manager Craig Sherman

Organist/Choir Director Jill Wilson

Pianist Melissa Rempfer

Projection Operator Liza Larson/Carla Hummel

Sound System Matt Pietz/Steve Pietila

Greeters (8:30) Jan Boeckman & Joyce Kollars

(11:00) Norma Christensen & Sherril Christensen

Ushers (8:30) Bob & Jane Walser; Kevin McKee

(11:00) Mitch & Alice Hofer

Coffee Fellowship Marilyn Holzwarth & Mary Holzwarth

Nursery Attendant Cassie Pietz/Kathy Lawrence

Acolyte Ethan Rempfer

Hy-Vee Card Seller

In Our Thoughts and Prayers:



Mark Giziewski


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families.


Above are the most recent prayer concerns. For prayer partners, a complete list is on the

Welcome Table.


(If you have prayer requests for publication, please contact the church office.)




October 23 – 30

Today: - “The United Methodist Hour” on KYNT 1450 AM Radio is sponsored by Church friends in honor of Marv Withrow’s birthday.

9:45 AM - Sunday School, All ages, Education Wing

- Adult Crusader Sunday School Class

- Women’s Bible Study, Upper Room

- Rev. Ron’s Adult Sunday School Class

6:30 – 7:30 PM - KFC Youth meets, Youth Room

Monday: 9:30 AM - Women’s Bible Study, Upper Room

6:30 PM - Sweet Adelines, Wesley Hall

7:45 PM - Narcotics Anonymous, Upper Room

Tuesday: 7 AM - God Winks Circle, Fryn’ Pan

8:30 AM - Free Wal-Mart baked goods, Assembly of God Church

1:00 PM - Piecemakers Quilting

6:30 PM - Church Council meets, Church Lounge

 7:00 – 8:30 PM - NAMI, Upper Room

Wednesday: 7 AM - Men’s Bible Study, Majestic Bluffs

- REMINDER is mailed

9:00 AM - HSC Party

    5:15-5:45 PM - Kingdom Bells, (2nd-5th grade) rehearsal, Music Room (room 207)

5:30 PM - Board of Trustees meets, Conference Room

5:45 – 6:40 PM - Jubilee Bell (Adults) rehearsal in the Music Room (room 207)

6:15 PM - Worship Committee meets, Adult Sunday School Room

      6:45 -7:25 PM - Agape Bells Music Room (room 207) (for 6th through adult)

7:00 PM - Chancel Choir rehearsal

7:15 PM - Senior High Youth Group

7:45 PM - Narcotics Anonymous, Upper Room

Thursday: 7 AM - Men’s Breakfast at Fry’n Pan

8:30 AM - Free Wal-Mart baked goods, meat & produce available at Assembly of God

6:00 PM - NAMI family to family group, Upper Room

Saturday: 8:30 AM - Free Wal-Mart baked goods, meat & produce available at Assembly of God

7:45 PM - Narcotics Anonymous, Upper Room

Next Sunday: - bake sale

- Mercy Meal pack

12:30 PM - Prison ministry


- KYNT Radio Broadcast Sponsors needed the signup folder is located on the table in the Church Lounge. October 30th, Nov. 6th, 8th, 20th, 27th and Dec. 4th are available.  There are other dates still available. The cost to sponsor a Sunday broadcast is $45.00.


 - Yankton Area Banquet On Thursday, November 3rd our church is scheduled to serve the Yankton Area Banquet. We are seeking volunteers to help cook, serve and clean up. A signup sheet is located in Wesley Hall. If you would like to donate food or contribute monetarily toward the purchase of food, please contact Tami Nielsen 760-2951 or any Missions Committee member.


"The annual Dakota Conference Quilt Auction has a different "look" this year!  We're going live!  All quilts submitted to the Dakota Conference Office in Mitchell will be photographed and placed on the website of Girard Auction Service and are scheduled to be auctioned from October 21st through 24th. Viewing begins on October 15th at
 Yankton's "
Alysa" Quilt is presently displayed in the FUMC entry on the North wall as you walk up the stairs to the Sanctuary.  Anyone who wishes to bid may do so NOW by filling out a form, they are available in the church office, the Welcome Table or on the Hy-Vee table or calling Jan Aughenbaugh at 660-4313 or Joan Neubauer at 260-9564 for more information.  Beginning bid will be $500 and the highest local bid will be the starting bid for the online auction.  Local bidders have the option of making a higher bid during the auction process.  Join the fun and support our quilting Piecemakers.


- Sweet Adelines (River City Harmony) will be putting on their annual “show” at the Senior Center, Sunday, October 23rd at 3pm. Everyone is welcome.  A men’s guest quartet will perform also.


- Waffle Feed The Yankton County Historical Society will be hosting a Waffle Feed on Saturday, Oct. 29th from 8am-11am at the Riverfront Event Center, downtown Yankton. The breakfast, part of the annual Harvest Halloween celebration, will be located in the 2nd floor – elevator accessible. Come and enjoy waffles, sausage and a drink. Cost is a free will donation. Proceeds benefit the Dakota Territorial Museum.


- UMW Meeting The First United Methodist Women of Yankton are joining UMW participants world-wide in two special ceremonies at their next meeting on November 7th.  Founded in 1869 as the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society with only 8 members, and carrying various names throughout the decades, in 1973 “United Methodist Women” became the women’s mission organization of the United Methodist Church.  In 2019 we will celebrate our 150th birthday.  Our remembrance ceremonies in November are: 1.) the World Thanks Offering at which time we devote our financial and spiritual support to the missionary efforts which gave us birth and 2.) the Memorial Service at which time we remember those dear ones who have left their earthly home since our last memorial.  Our meeting begins at 1:30 p.m., devotions will be shared by Jean Droppers and hostesses for the light lunch are Mary Alice Halverson and Anne Withrow.  We would love to see you at this meeting!


- Baby quilts hanging in the lobby above the entrance of the Fellowship Hall were made by the Piecemakers quilting group.


- Bake Sale we will be having a bake sale Sunday, October 30th for Erin Olson, daughter of Tami Nielsen & Kevin Olson. The proceeds will go to help with travel and medical expenses not covered by insurance. Erin’s Story: Erin was diagnosed with a cataract, in her right eye, at 6 days of age. The cataract was removed when Erin was 10 days old. After a few weeks, secondary to the surgery, she developed glaucoma. Surgeries were performed in an attempt to control the eye pressure at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months and a year. Tubes and shuts were implanted to keep her eye from further damage, due to the climbing eye pressure. Some years went by and the eye pressure was stabilized with the use of multiple eye medications. At age 10, one of the implanted devises became encapsulated with a cyst. The cyst and device were removed surgically. A few months went by and her cornea began to degrade and a cornea transplant was necessary. The surgery was successful until an outbreak of Herpes Simplex Virus, from the donated cornea, infected her eye. In 2015, one of the drainage devices infiltrated her eye, requiring another surgery to relocate the tube and graft the eye’s surface. Due to the constant pain, to the point of being unable to perform normal daily functions, an enucleation (removal of the eye) was performed September 28, 2016. She is now looking forward to a pain-free future and a beautiful prosthetic eye. In addition to the eye disease,

she was diagnosed with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome at age 10 and Myoclonic Epilepsy at age 11; both well controlled with daily medication.


- Mercy Meals Due to the hurricane that has devastated Haiti, the need for food is great. Mercy Meals of Yankton has been asked to pack as many meals as they can. So the director, Steve Mach, is asking if our church would be willing to pack. You are invited to join in, Sunday, October 30th, between services in Wesley Hall, to pack food for the hungry. It is very easy for anyone to participate in. Please plan to join us. *The organization will have a community-wide pack November 19th at Calvary Baptist Church.




Community Pack for Haiti

Saturday, November 19

In early October, Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of Haiti, killing hundreds and leaving thousands homeless with no food and clean water. In response to this great need, Orphan Grain Train of Norfolk has been sending meals and medical supplies to help. They are in need of more meals and in response, Mercy Meals of Yankton will be hosting a community packing event on Saturday, November 19.

We will pack in 4 shifts at 9:00am, 11:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm. Packing will be at the Mercy Meals location at Calvary Baptist Church, 2407 Broadway.

To make sure we have space for you, your family, or a group you would      like      to      put      together,      please      e-mail      us    at or call 605-260-0293 to let us know what shift you would like to participate in.

Freewill offerings will be accepted to help defer some of the cost for the shipping and dry product that will be packed.

Steve Mach

Director Mercy Meals of Yankton