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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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July 2016


Pastor’s Word

            By Rev. Ron

As we prepare to celebrate the 240th birthday of our great nation, I pass along to you a scene from Maxwell Anderson’s patriotic play, Valley Forge.  In the final act a moving scene is presented from the Revolutionary war in 1775.  On Hay Island some hungry and dispirited soldiers had dragged themselves and their wounded comrades into the shelter of an old barn.  They knew the tide of battle was sorely against them; but when George Washington joined them unexpectedly, the real facts were burned into their hearts.  Washington looked at them and said: “I promise those who follow me farther no chance of victory, for by my God I see none; no glory or gain, or laurels returning home, but wounds and death-cold, disease, and hunger, winters to come such as this, with our bloody trail in the snow, and no end to it till you shovel each other in with those at Valley Forge.”

Then with heavy hearts they buried the dead.  And when the last ground was turned, Washington faced these beleaguered men and said, “This liberty will look easy by and by when nobody dies to get it.”

What mingled feelings and tides of emotions rise within us at the mention of the word “heritage”. What memories, images, and visions come before our eyes!  Yet, at the same time, who among us has not felt on occasion a sense of judgment or shame when we recalled how often we have wronged our heritage by reusing to recognize the claim that lays upon us.

As I see it, the most deadly foe of any heritage is irresponsibility.  The late United Methodist Bishop Kennedy said, “A great past will never compensate for an irresponsible present.”  The achievements of those who have gone before us are ours only by our right to deserve them.  And those who so live that what they deserve comes to its highest expression in themselves are most likely to pass on lessons and benefits to those who come after them.  And the irresponsible person does not do this.

Few people among the races of humanity were more conscious of their heritage than the community of God’s people in the Old Testament.   As we read their priceless stories we sense their concern for what God had given them and about how they should cause it to last indefinitely among their children.  This deposit of faith and belief; the monuments and shrines that were expressions of it; and above all, those exciting records of the times when their God seemed to be abundantly at work among them-these were their heritage  and they were careful about how they would handle it so that generations yet unborn might praise and magnify God’s name.  This is what the Psalmist meant when he urged his hearers in chapter 48, verses 12&13: “Walk around Jerusalem and count its towers.  Notice how strong they are.   Look at the palaces.  Then you can tell the generations to follow about them.”

What I want to simply say is that a living heritage can be ours today in a land of opportunity where we are free to exercise responsibility.  It is my prayer that God would spare us ever from those times when nobody dies or lives to get it.

As we celebrate this 4th of July holiday, let us rededicate our lives to putting our hope in the Lord for he is our protector and our help.  May God’s constant love be with us as we live responsibly to preserve the heritage of our great nation! 


Vacation Bible School

VBS will be Sunday July 24th-Thursday July 28th. Please register online at Jump into a VBS that's all about Jesus! Welcome to Barnyard Roundup, where Jesus gathers us together, picks us out, calls us by name, and loves us now and forever, no matter what! Children learn Psalm 23 through memory verses, songs, and activities.


Kitchen Items

Please pick up your pans, bowls and containers your brought to church for funerals, meals, etc. they are located on the table in Wesley Hall. Thanks You!


Summer Worship

Schedule Summer Worship Hours will begin Wednesday, June 1st and run through Sunday, September 4th. WOW-Contemporary Worship 7pm, light supper at 6pm (free will offering). Traditional Worship Service Sunday; 9:30am-10:30am Coffee Fellowship; 9:00-9:30:00am Nursery available 9:15am-10:45 am Sundays, 6:45-8:15pm Wednesdays.


Even though the Early Bird deadline is past you can still register for camp. The cost would be at full price. The church and UWM will still cover ½ of the early bird cost for one camp per youth (K-12th grade) you are responsible for the balance. The discount code is no longer on the website, to get reimbursed you’ll need to bring a copy of the registration form to the church office. 


July 2016 Greeters

Wednesday - 7 p.m.

July 6:   Connie & Jim Sawatzke              

July 13:   Jill & Todd Sage  

July 20:  Jeff & Carol Skonhovd  

July 27:  VBS – no service  

Sunday - 9:30 a.m.

July 3:  Rose Nedved & Joan Neubauer

July 10:  Paul & Mary Pietila  

July 17:  Bob & Carol Peterson  

July 24:  Dustin & Sara Olson

July 31: Warren Peterson & Marlene             Konopik 


July Ushers


July 6:   Bob & Jane Walser; Rhonda Hofer 

July 13: Andy & Chelsa Gall  

July 20:  Barb Hirsch; Amber Reaney  

July 27: No Church Service--VBS


July 3: Loy Gravholt; Paula Keehr;

Rick Peterson; Jack Skinner

July 10: Terry & Jenae Norton;

Michael & Denise Erickson

July 17: Jess & Sandy Dennis

July 24: Mark & Syndee Droppers

July 31:





I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the members of our church family who remembered me with birthday greetings and cards as I celebrated sixty-five years of life.  Your thoughtfulness and expressions of affirmation helped make my birthday very special indeed!

Rev. Ron


Thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who helped serve The Banquet in May. One hundred ninety five people were served a warm meal that night. To everyone who helped prepare food, set up, serve and clean up, your time and assistance were greatly appreciated.

The Missions Committee


Thank you for opening your church to us. We are very touched by your kindness, thoughtfulness, and hospitality. May God bless you abundantly as you continue to serve Him and His people faithfully.

BRATS 2016


On behalf of Mercy Meals of Yankton, I want to thank you for your generous gift. We know there are many places you can donate to, so we are humbled you would give to our ministry.  Your continued support has been a blessing over the nearly 5 year we have been going with this ministry and will continue make a difference in the lives of the children of Haiti.

Steve Mach, Mercy Meals of Yankton.


In Our Thoughts & Prayers


Mark Giziewski


Prayers for the Vina Hill family. Vina passed away.


Prayers for Velma Decker, Jane Hornstra and the Teri Parlet family. Teri, Velma’s daughter passed


Neta Thompson’s daughter-in-law Marie Thompson


The family of Marie Koranda, Marie passed away.


Don Hurley

Kari Bartels


Sue Frick


Doug Bailey


Sarah Anderson


Robbi, Vivian VanEssen's sister 


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families.             

July Birthdays

1 - Cole Moderegger, Arica Nickles


2 - Weston Reiner


3 - Jeff Sorensen


4 - Jamee Bruegman, Jason Saunders,

     Donna Daniels, Julie Mooney


5 - Ted Mickelson

8 - Gracie Thurman, Kevin Iverson,

 Sophie McKee, Joyce Anderson


9 - Julianna Enfield, Bill Bartels, Gavin Brandt,

      Colton James

10 - Keldee Hansen, Kari Gall, Paige, McKenna, Ryan Golden


11 - Alayna Pigney, Paul Aughenbaugh



12 - Zach Sage, Tyler Guthmiller,

Trevor Giziewski


13 - Katelyn Pawlitschek, Dan Miller


14 - Aliza Doby, Pam Skinner


15 - CJ Pigney, Blake Sime


16 - Samuel Gusso


17 - Emma Bloch

18 - Darwin Tessier


19 - Velma Decker, Todd Sage


20 - Jared Crawford, Andrew Larson,

Lynsay Wek, Lane Sawatzke

22 - Lexy Klinkhammer


23 - Karen Lambert, Trevor Guthmiller,

Rebecca Gravholt


24 - Grace Roy, Brady Hale, Dave Cornemann, 

       Greta Korman


25 - Jill Wilson, Geena Stucky, Andrea Skinner


26 - Marlene Nebola, Mindy Giziewski


29 - Dee Carson, Alexander Palecek,

       Alex Swihart


30 - Bill Sohl