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January 2016

Pastor’s Word  

            By Rev. Ron

January brings with it the advent of a new year of possibilities.  The slate of 2015 is behind us, and we have the future before us.  We can have a fresh start; we can have a new beginning.  We have a part in determining what kind of year 2016 will be for us.  What kind of year it will be, only time can tell.  We are not passive puppets to be moved about as others dictate.  God has given us the potential to create our future.  It will be, in part, what we make of it.

With that opportunity and hope before us, I offer to you this prayer for the New Year written by United Methodist pastor, Harold Perdue:  “Dear God and Father of all humankind, you are without beginning or end.  You have been our hand from the beginnings of our remembrances; and we shall depend upon you for as long as we are able to imagine the future to be.  For your everlasting presence, we give you praise and honor.

We have made mistakes, and errors, committed sin, in the days which are past.  Help us to free our thoughts and our spirits from the burden of that guilt through your forgiving love, that those sins will not cling to us and re-infect us with disobedience to you.  Cleanse us that we may walk through the days of this year with a purer purpose and a cleaner heart.

We pray that none of the experiences of this New Year will separate us from you.  We pray that you will continue to have that loving compassion for us that we have experienced in the past.  Enable us to develop that strong confidence in you which gives us fortitude to continue through bad times and good ones.

Although we must live one day at a time, enable us to see through these daily experiences, and to hold fast to that vision of immortality and life eternal.  May that quality of life not be some distant hope, but a continuing reality in each day ahead that we may live with your power and according to your purposes. 

This we pray in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ our Lord.”  Amen.

It is my prayer that 2016 will be everything that both God and you want it to be!  We don’t have to worry about tomorrow because God is already there!


United Methodist Women

Ladies of First United Methodist Church – what will YOUR New Year’s Resolutions include?  We hope one of your vows will be to attend the meeting of the United Methodist Women, held on the first Monday (usually) every month except July and August.  This month’s meeting falls on January 4, 2016.  The time to gather is 1:30 pm; we will hear good advice on healthy eating from Kenny Tomek, Hy-Vee’s dietician.  In order to DO good, you have to FEEL good, and that’s what we’re planning to learn more about.  Also, on this first meeting of the year we will install new officers after our Devotions by Mary Alice Halverson with Rose Nedved at the piano, hold a Pledge Service for Missions and have a short business meeting.  Hostesses Anne Withrow and Mary Alice Halverson will serve a light lunch.

Last month, December, the ladies enjoyed a light-hearted holiday get-together with games, songs, story-telling and prizes.  It was the perfect affirmation of a group of women who are devoted to one another and the peoples of the world around us.

We would love to see YOU there.


Missions Corner

Human Relations Day

Human Relations Day will be on January 17, 2016. This is one of six special offering Sundays observed by the United Methodist Church. Your generous offering helps to nurture a variety of ministries around the world such as economic development, child care, education, hunger and poverty, employment, youth (especially at-risk teens), substance abuse & rehabilitation, emergency services, prison outreach, health services, gang intervention, homelessness and housing, and employment – just to name a few. For more information, visit


Loneliness-How Can You Help?

  By Susan Thorson, Parish Nurse

We are all an important and integral part of the body of Christ. We all have significant contributions to make in the ministry of the church to serve God. We all ask “What can we do to help others to make a difference in their lives?” In the time that I have served others as a parish nurse, I know visitation has become an integral part of the ministry. On these visits, I journey with others as they move through life’s transitions, suffer from physical and mental illnesses, and loneliness. The World Health Organization has identified loneliness as a risk factor for illness. “Social isolation is associated with “elevated blood pressure, poor physical health, increased mortality, and mental ill-health including depression, suicide and dementia.” What can we do to help prevent or lessen loneliness? The list below gives us some ideas:

·      Spend time with each other and make sure no one suffers from loneliness.

·      Start a walking group for physical and social reasons.

·      Invite someone to help with a serve project.

·      Ask a group of people to go out for lunch.

·      Refer a friend to a community support group specific to his or her needs.

·      Make a phone call if you aren’t able to visit in person.

·      Invite someone to your Bible study or Sunday School class.

·      Make a home visit to a home bound person.

·      Enlist a neighborhood visitation group to help others.

·      Join the fellowship time between services and sit with someone you don’t know.

·      Deliver a healthy meal or snack to someone who lives alone.

·      If you are uncomfortable with visiting, read the Bible, pray, or connect through music.

·      Invite your neighbor to worship with you.

·      Send a “thinking of you” card to a new member of the church.

Social interaction is beneficial to our health and wellbeing. Be there for someone-it will change their lives as well as your life! Psalm 25:16 “Turn to me and be gracious to me, for I am lonely and afflicted.”

Source: World Health Organization, Health Ministry Advice for Everyone by Deborah Patterson


Missions Corner


Thank you to the wonderful members of my First United Methodist Church family who provided so much comfort with phone calls, cards, memorials and many expressions of sympathy when my brother, Gene Bunnell, passed on December 8th.  You helped me find peace.

Joan Neubauer   


Thank you to everyone who have done Meals on Wheels in the past several months.  Dave & Marilyn Holzwarth, Marge Stengle & sons, Arlo & Carlene Watchorn, Shar & Mark Peterson, Jane & Dan Miller, Mary & Paul Pietila, Ken & Mary Alice Halverson, Bonnie & Verne Hanson, Darwin & LaVilla Tessier, Connie VanderWalle, Mary & Bill Heubaum, Russell & Mary Peirce and Jane & Tom Gilmore. 

This is a very rewarding mission.  If you would be interested in doing this please give me a call.  We are always in need of more people to participate.  It takes about 1 hour every Thursday. 

Delores Kafka (665-6386)


A huge thank you to Laurie Baily, Nick Kisch, Tyler Kaiser and Loren Moore for helping haul bales for the Live Nativity.  Thanks to Kisch Construction for the use of their trailer and to Laurie for securing the use of the bales from the Goedens.

Worship Committee


A heartfelt thank you to my church family for the cards and gifts given to me this Christmas season. I hope you all have a wonderful 2016.  God Bless you all!!

Craig Sherman


In Our Thoughts & Prayers

Judy Nielson


The family of Lee Skalberg. Lee passed away Dec. 15th.


Jane Walser’s sister, Alyce Nelson, died unexpectedly


Don Hurley


Kari Bartels


Mark Giziewski


Sue Frick


Doug Bailey


Sarah Anderson


Robbi, Vivian VanEssen's sister 


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families.             

January Birthdays

1 – Jane Miller, Holly Iverson

2 – Corinne Ditmar

3 -  Russ Rahn, Lisa Karnes

4 -  Kaleb Swihart, Mitch Hofer

5 -  Avery Turner, Steve Pietila

6 – Zach Crawford, Tyler Kaiser, Gary Guthmiller

8 – Andy Gall, Cooper Cornemann, Ken Bevers

9 -  Marlene Konopik

11- Hudson Burgeson, Bill Heubaum

12 – Mariah Hofer

13 – Laurel Wek, Connie Sawatzke, Mary King

14 – Kendra Bakke

15 – Dean Daniels, Justin Giblin,

        Ginger Guthmiller

16 – Paul Pietila, Dena Heeney, Susan McCorkell,

        Scott Giziewski

17 - Vina Hill,

18 – James Reiner, Hannah Strom,

        John Wiechman

19 – Shayna Gusso,

20 - Sandy Dennis,

21 - Jean Droppers, George Schnebel,

        Kristi Hunhoff, Rita Rolston

22 – Linda Herrmann, Angela Hermann

23 – Carol Skonhovd

24 – Hannah Bucholz, Claire Mooney

25 – Tate Beste, Randy Hummel, Monte Schavee

         Rachel Turner, Jaxx Olson,

27 – Carol Wiechman, Rick Daugherty,

        Duane Grimme

29 – Cheryl Rokusek, Chad McCorkell,

Arlo Watchorn

30 – Kristen Tramp

31 – Matt Pietz