First United Methodist Church - Yankton
Wednesday, January 23, 2019
207 W 11th St Yankton SD 57078 (605) 665-2991

Pastor’s Word  

            By Rev. Ron

This Sunday, November 1, we will join other Christians observing All Saints Sunday.  As Hoyt Hickman reminds us All Saints Day is a time when Christians remember the Christian dead of every nation.  But it is much more than a Christian memorial day.

The word Saints as used in the New Testament means all Christians of every time and place.  On All Saints Sunday we celebrate our communion with Christ’s universal church throughout all time and in all places.  We are one with the dead who live in Christ, one with Christians of every denomination around the world and one with the generations of Christians yet unborn.

I would dare say that most of us are part of the church because our lives have been touched by at least on other saint.  For me personally, there is not enough time and space to share about all the saints who touched my life and encouraged me in my journey of faith.

Remember, each one of us is on a pilgrimage of faith.  Somebody helped start us on that pilgrimage, and somebody helped us and encouraged us along the way.  It is these people whom we are to recall and be thankful for this All Saints Sunday.

Who are your saints?  Name them in your heart and give thanks.  The very fact that we are together in worship Sunday after Sunday testifies to their love and the love of the One who gathers us all.

Don’t forget to bring some cut flowers to the service Sunday as we create a beautiful bouquet symbolizing and honoring all the saints in our lives.


Membership Class

Rev. Ron will be leading a Membership Class first session is Tuesday, November 3rd, 6:30-8:30 pm in the Adult Sunday School room on the first floor (across the hall from Wesley Hall in the education wing). The second session will be on Tuesday, November 10th 6:30-8:30pm. The class is for those who are transferring their membership from another UMC or from another denomination as well as those who have no membership in any church at the present time.  Persons interested in attending this class should RSVP to the church office (665-2991 or or Rev. Ron (665-2991 or by Monday, November 1st, so he can make the necessary arrangements.  If you have questions, let him know.  If you are interested in joining but can’t attend the class that day, let him know that, too.


Flowers for the Saints

On All Saints Sunday which is November 1st, we will be remembering those who are no longer with us. During communion congregation members will bring flowers to be placed in the vases by the altar. You may bring your own cut flowers or purchase them in the lounge before services from the Worship Committee for $1 per flower.


USD Campus Ministry

USD Campus Ministry is a program that is centered on bringing a safe space to ask questions of faith, effective pastoral care, meaningful spiritual foundation, and, offers opportunities of Christian service for a diverse student population. It also offers a variety of ways to become involved to strengthen your own spirituality, as well as others by being a leader in the ministry. If you would like to help donate to this good cause and its ministry at the University of South Dakota, mark your donation as “USD Campus Ministry” when filling out your check. Thank you for your support and Prayers about this ministry.


First UMC Serves the Banquet

Thursday, November 5th from 5:30-7pm (at the Yankton United Church of Christ). We are looking for volunteers to help serve and/or bring in food items for the meal. Signup sheets will be in Wesley Hall. It is a GREAT opportunity to SERVE in the community. We hope you will join us! - Missions Committee


Veterans Recognition

First United Methodist church will be honoring our veterans on Sunday, November 8th at both services. The Worship Committee will be putting up the Wall of Honor outside the sanctuary. If you are a veteran and have not provided the committee with a picture for the wall, please bring a picture to the church office by November 2nd. The picture will be photocopied and returned to you. Please put you name on the back of the picture to ensure that it is returned to the correct person. The photo does not need to be of you in your uniform.


Consecration Sunday

Reminder Consecration Sunday is November 15th, only one service at 10:30am with luncheon to follow in Wesley Hall. "No servant can serve two masters.  Either he will hate one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and Money." Luke 16:13 Open Hearts Joyful Lives Luke 16:1-13



United Methodist Women

The members of Yankton United Methodist Women was pleased to learn more about the Servant Hearts Clinic at their October 5th meeting.  Dr. Jeff Johnson and Pastor Jeremy Mulder told about the new location for the Clinic and described the process by which those who have needs are being helped at little or no cost.  Jean Droppers led the devotions, assisted by Rose Nedved, pianist, and the usual business meeting was held.  Rev. Ron brought forward some concerns for others which had been shared with him and further action may be taken to provide assistance.  We were pleased to have Susie McCorkell as our guest. 

The November meeting will feature the annual World Thanks Offering and Memorial Ceremony, led by Jan Aughenbaugh and Mary Johnson with Rose Nedved once again assisting at the piano.  These ceremonies are provided at UMW meetings at all points on the globe.  We are proud to be a part of a group which provides such advocacy to those in need.


Youth News

By Corey Enfield

Our youth ministry programs are in full swing.  We are seeing a good number of students attending each week, but we have room for plenty more so encourage your students to attend and bring a friend. 

Here is a quick update on what we have going on in our youth ministry programs. 

Our Sr. High students just wrapped up our first series of the year titled “OverRated” during this series, we looked at a couple of areas of life that seem important, but the reality is that they’re overrated. In the first week of Overrated, we talked about how being like Jesus is overrated: the difference between trying to be like Jesus and training to be like Jesus. In week two, we discussed how through our actions and the way we live our lives, we’re basically saying, “Spending time with Jesus is overrated.” Jesus doesn’t just want our time; He wants our hearts. In the third and final week of Overrated, we looked at how our culture tells us that living for Christ is overrated. We constantly hear the message that we need to look out for ourselves, make a name for ourselves, and take care of ourselves. But if we call ourselves Christians, our lives should be about living for Jesus.

Our upcoming Sr. High Series will be “Greater Than” in which will determine if we are a spectator, participant or servant in our faith journey.

Our KFC students finished up their first lesson series titled “Poser”.  This series called us out and invited us to drop the pose and become the authentic, real person God created us to be. Week One we talked about Being honest about who YOU really are. In Week Two: We discussed when we try to fit in, we are betraying who God made us to be. Week three: We talked about how God made you one of a kind for a reason.  And we wrapped up the series week four challenging the students to drop the spiritual pose, a give your heart to God.

Our upcoming KFC Series is “In Between” This three part series walks students through all the stages of a new life in Christ. It is designed to help young people examine the level of their own faith, and gives them a way to process the questions and doubts they might have about living a life for Jesus. 


Sr. High—Meet Wednesday nights 7:15-8:30

Here are some dates for November that you will want to mark on your calendar

*Wed., Nov. 4th – Regular Youth Group “Greater Than” series

*Wed., Nov. 11th – Regular Youth Group “Greater Than” series

*Wed., Nov. 18th – Regular Youth Group “Greater Than” series  

*Sun., Nov. 22nd – Majestic Bluffs Nursing Home visit   4:00pm

*Wed., Nov. 25th – NO Youth Group – Have a Happy thanksgiving

  Navajo Nation Trip – We are starting to make plans for the Navajo Nation Mission trip to Shiprock, New Mexico this summer.  The dates of the trip are June 17th-26th.  More information can be found at


KFC –Meet Sunday Nights 6:30p-7:30p

Here are some dates for November that you will want to mark on your calendar

*Sun., Nov. 1st – Regular Youth Group “In Between” series

*Sun., Nov. 8th – Regular Youth Group “In Between” series

*Sun., Nov. 15th – Regular Youth Group “In Between” series  

*Sun., Nov. 22nd – Majestic Bluffs Nursing Home visit   4:00pm

*Sun., Nov. 29th – NO Youth Group – Have a Happy thanksgiving

Please turn in the 2015-2016 permission slips. If you need one, they are in the Youth Room

Youth and Parents here are some ways you can stay up to date with what is going on – or we have groups on

Facebook – First UMC Sr. High Youth Group (Yankton) and Yankton Kids For Christ Youth Group. We also send out e-mails, so youth & parents if we do not have your e-mail address please get it to me.


Operation Christmas Child

The Ladies Night Club group at First UMC is seeking your help. We are excited to participate in Operation Christmas Child and want to invite our church family to consider getting involved as well. The Operation Christmas Child project (sponsored by Samaritan's Purse - International Relief), partners with churches worldwide to reach boys and girls with the gospel of Jesus Christ. After receiving shoebox gifts, children are discipled through a Bible Study course: The Greatest Journey, where they learn to become faithful followers of Christ, and share their faith with others. 

Children that received the boxes fall into the following age groups: 2-4 years old; 5-9 years old;   10-14 years old

What we need:

- empty shoe boxes

- gifts to fill the boxes, such as school supplies like pencils, markers, pens, colors, color books, paper, solar calculators, picture books, or notebooks that will fit in the shoebox, non-liquid hygiene items, toothbrushes, bar soap, washcloths, combs, small toys that children will immediately embrace such as toy cars, yo-yos, jump ropes, balls, toys that light up and make noise, a doll, soccer ball with pump, stuffed animal, accessories such as a t-shirt, socks, hats, sunglasses, hair clips, jewelry, watches, flashlights with extra batteries, etc. 

- cash donations to pay for the postage. Cost - $7 each box we send. 

On Thursday, November 19th, our ladies group will assemble the boxes for the boys and girls. Friday, November 20th, the boxes will be delivered to Calvary Baptist Church in Yankton, which will get them to Minneapolis. There, each box will get a Bible added.

There will be a box located in the lobby marked "Operation Christmas Child” so you can drop off your donations. Cash gifts may be made out to the church. Mark Operation Christmas Child in the memo line. The deadline for returning items is Wednesday, November 18th.

Prayerfully consider how you could help with this project.



We had a hard working group to distribute the wood chips. Thanks to Dave Holzwarth, Brian Korman, Scott & Trevor Giziewski, Michael Erickson, Loy & Ruth Gravholt, Lance Palecek, Jane Gilmore, also Jane takes her trusty weed wacker and trims the growth in the Junipers.

Additionally, Randy Hummel has sprayed the weeds on the east bank of the parking lot. Lance Palecek has planted several Junipers which the Palecek’s have donated. Each of the Trustees cannot attend all the work projects, but they all become involved to keep our church and campus looking sharp.


History Notes

1977 Personal memories of a memorial by Neta Thompson

Is there a cross on the east wall of the sanctuary? When the church was built in 1959 someone pain stakingly crafted a pattern on the east wall. The pattern included the cross but it was not raised from the rest of the pattern. The wall remained, as it was built, for nearly 20 years, when one day the minister’s wife remarked that she felt it was unfortunate that the builders had not included a cross on the east wall – thus it became an occasional topic of conversation – even though the cross could be painted out.

We discussed this, as a family, and our children suggested that perhaps they would be permitted to overlay the cross as a memorial to their grandmother (Fay Smith) who was my mother and a long time member and worker in the church. Thus, it came to be that our 4 children overlaid the cross on the east wall of the sanctuary in oak and mahogany. 

Yes, there is a cross on the east wall of the sanctuary and the story of how it came to be silently reflects, with many other memorial marker, the lives that have gone before us who spent many years in work and love of this church.




I just want to say thank you to Rev. Ron and Susan Thorson and my church family for the many prayers, cards, words of encouragement and visits I received during my two surgeries thru my cancer journey. By the grace of God all has turned out well. I’m grateful to each of you.

Love, Sue Frick


In Our Thoughts & Prayers:


Don Hurley


Kari Bartels


Mark Giziewski


Ken Bevers


Teri Parlet


Sue Frick


Mark Giziewski


Doug Bailey


Sarah Anderson


Robbi, Vivian VanEssen's sister 


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families.   


November Birthdays

1 - Luke Dohrman


2 - Troy True, Ryan Ginn


3 - Sara Olson


4 - Tammy Ugofsky

5 - Bailey Peterka, Alix Peterka, Cassie Pietz


7 - Jim Strasburg

8 - Hannah Downing


9 - Mary Olsen

10 - Suzanne Tessier, Dixie Conner


11 - Delores Moore


12 - Bonnie Hanson


13 - Donavieve Raad, Barb Hirsch,

       Andrea Tramp, Barb Olson


14 - Alice Hofer, Myrna Stouffer


15 - Dyllon Tramp, Warren Peterson, Drew Olson


16 - Jack Skinner


18 - Layne Droppers, Mary Malchow,

        Lily Lawrence


19 - Beckett Kisch, Lara Cunningham


20 - Bentley Klinkhammer

21 - Russell Peirce, Ann Fields


22 - Matt Johnson, Craig Sherman, Jane Walser


23 - Shar Peterson, Tina Hagen, Maclain Reiner,

       Ethan Rempfer, Kenny Doering



24 - Karen Miller, Sue Strasburg,

        Jerry Hagen, Kevin Olson


26 - Sharon Heisinger


27 - Lisa Burling


28 - Jerry Wilson, Julie Moderegger


30 - JoAnne Roach