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January 2015

Pastor's Word               By Rev. Ron

It is said the Australians have a bird that flies backward.  Like some people, it would rather look where it has been than see where it is going.  As we stand on the threshold of 2015, can it be said that all too often we are like that bird, more concerned about where we have been rather than looking to see where we are going.  We spend our time looking in the rearview mirror remembering the past rather than gaze through the windshield  to see what might be ahead.  It is true that it can be beneficial to glance backward over the past year if we do not stay there and center on our incompleteness.  As long as we do not base all our vision of the new year on that backward glance, we can learn from what we see.  But then we must move on!

January is such a good time to deliberately set our steps forward, to begin again, to give ourselves over to the promise of the future.  As Joyce Rupp reminds us in her book, “French Bread”:  God encourages us by holding out a new year like an unmarred, snow-covered land, saying: ‘Look, it’s new! It’s clean! It’s fresh!  Let’s walk it together! Don not keep looking back!  You cannot undo the past, but you can walk in the present with me.  Treasure my love for you and believe in my presence with you.  I have so many wonderful surprises, if you will but begin anew on the journey and rely on me instead of just on yourself.’

As we awaken each morning of 2015 let us remember that this is the day which the Lord has made.  Let us rejoice and be exceedingly glad in each new day; each opportunity to show our love; each opportunity to cherish relationships.

Wherever we may journey in 2015 may we be encouraged through the promise that the light of God surrounds us; the love of God enfolds us; the power of God protects us; the presence of God watches over us.  Wherever we are God is there!  Jeremiah 29:11 says it best: “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

As we move into the New Year, God has moved ahead of us and now meets us in these fresh calendar days!  Behold the One who makes all things new!


Mission Trip  I am a freshman at Dakota Wesleyan University. I will be going on a mission trip to Peru on May 4-15 with my campus ministry team. There are 42 students and staff from Dakota Wesleyan University traveling to Trujillo, Peru. My group will be repairing facilities used by a local orphanage, tutoring young children to learn English, teach VBS and lead sports camps. There will be a bake sale during coffee fellowship on Sunday January 11, 2015. All donations will go towards funding this mission trip. Any form of help will be greatly appreciated. I am very excited to share God's word around the world.

Thank You!                                            Hali Strom

United Methodist Women Meeting

   The New Year brings a new focus for members of United Methodist Women as they hold their January 2015 meeting on Monday the 5th at 1:30 P.M.  A brief business meeting will be held during which time the retiring officers will be thanked for their year(s) of service and new officers will be installed.  Rose Nedved will offer devotions, Diane Kisch will present the pledge service and refreshments are provided by Peggy Doering and Dee Carson. All women of the church are invited to spend 90 minutes in conversation, education and worship.

2015 Envelopes – The new year envelopes are here and in the entryway.  Please pick them up as we are not mailing them.  If you don’t use them return them to the office and we will recycle them.

New Beginnings

                             by Susan Thorson, Parish Nurse

 As the New Years comes, it means a month of new beginnings and cherished memories from the past year.  It may give us a fresh start, a chance to make changes in our lifestyle, improve our relationships with others, and become more spiritual.  The New Year may bring opportunities for us and for others it may be a feeling of being overwhelmed because there are so many changes that need to be made.  A friend told me a story about a woman who did some inner exploration as she began the New Year.  She wanted to become happier, more content and more faithful to God.  She didn’t know where to start but knew she needed to start with a positive note.  As she prayed early in the morning hours, she found herself praying for the safety of her children, praying for her husband who was ill, praying for her neighbor who was having financial difficulty, praying for world peace in a broken world, and the list went on and on.  After journaling  her prayers from day to day, she realized she never thanked God the blessings of everyday life—the sunrise and sunset, the beauty of a new fallen snow, the warm embrace of a close friend, or the love of her family.  She needed to be more grateful and so she began a section in her journal called gratitude.  It was a new beginning to make sense of the past, bring peace in a chaotic world, and create a new vision for tomorrow.  Every evening before she went to bed, she wrote down a few items that she could be grateful about the day.  The list started with just a few grateful joys and then the list started to grow and grow.  Before the week was up she counted over ten grateful entries in her journal for each day.  It was amazing—it was starting to change her life beyond belief!  Her inner self began to change! She was more hopeful about her future, and more content with her daily family life and herself.  With each item on her gratitude list—she thanked God for his blessings.  Perhaps today you will start a gratitude journal—a grateful way to start the New Year.  Bless each of you for the coming year.


Gift Baskets – The Sr. High youth and adults going on the Youth ’15 trip would like to thank everyone that placed bids on our baskets – we raised $452 from the baskets and $215.72 from the bake sale/coffee fellowship.


Missions Corner

The Mission’s committee would like to extend our sincere thanks to those who helped make Christmas brighter for  89 children.    Our church family answered the call to serve by purchasing gifts of toys and clothing at an average cost of $25 per gift, a total donation from FUMC $2,225! 

Giving Tuesday - On behalf of the Tree of Life Mission, I would like to thank the Missions committee and everyone who contributed to the Tree of Life Mission on giving Tuesday. With your help, our church was able to raise almost $5000. The total giving from our church and other sources, was $14429.66. The Board of Global Ministries matched $10918, giving a total of $25347.66 to help the hungry and needy people at Rosebud. Your concern for the needs of our Native American neighbors is truly a blessing for all concerned, both those in need and those who saw that need and gave. With the help that you and others gave, Tree of Life will be able to continue their hot meal program through the coldest months of this winter. Neighbors, desperate for a meal, will be served. You have exemplified what was being said in the 25th chapter of Matthew. You came to the aid of needy brothers and sisters. Thank you for your concern and your generosity.    Tom Gilmore

Kids for Christ

KFC (Kids for Christ) is open to all youth in grades 6-8.  The group meets weekly for fellowship and fun.  Please plan to join us!

KFC January Calendar:

Jan 4      KFC @ 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Jan 11    KFC @ 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Jan 18    KFC (TENATIVE DATE FOR CHILI COOK-OFF) Check email for more specifics on this date!

Jan 25    KFC @ 6:30 – 8:00 p.m.

Jan 30-Jan 31      WINTER CONNECTIONS (Overnight retreat for youth 6 – 12 grades, located in Sioux Falls)  Check email for more specifics on this event!

If any questions, please feel free to call Julie at 661-3374 or email at


Winter Connection – Conference event for 6th to 12th graders.  The theme is God’s Game Plan. Dates are Jan 30/31 in Sioux Falls, SD.  Cost is $40.  Registration deadline is January 23rd, cancellations after the registration deadline will be assessed  $5 cancellation fee.  For more information go to and click on Winter Connection.  If you have questions talk to Diane Kisch, Julie Dykstra or Kevin Ryherd.


Sr. High Youth News (by Kevin Ryherd)

Lets Begin 2015 with a BANG!

January 7- Youth Group to Discuss 2015 Goals of Youth Group and Young Adults

Youth and Parents here are some ways you can stay up to date with what is going on or we have a group on Facebook – First UMC Sr. High Youth Group (Yankton). We also send out e-mails, so youth & parents if we do not have your e-mail address please get it to me.




Thank you all my church family that remembered me with cards and well wishes for my 85th.  I appreciated them.                              Roger Johnson


Thank you to the SPPRC for the reception and gift, your thoughtfulness is appreciated.  Also thank you to my church family and friends for the cards, gifts, love and support shown to me for my serve to the youth of our church.

        God Bless You All        Diane L. Kisch


We cannot thank you all enough for the awesome baptism and service and the wonderful Bibles, the candles and the Baptism cloths and the loving Carebear quilts!  And the Love.   Thank you all!         Chris & Casandra Hathaway & the Sweet P’s


The family of Willard Stone would like to express our sincerest thanks for the privilege of holding his memorial service in your church. Everyone helped us each step of the way through planning and holding the service; thank you to Matthew for taking care of sound, and to the ladies who provided a special lunch for family and friends, and a special thank you to Delores for helping and seeing that our desires and needs were met.  

        God bless your Ministry,         Beatrice Stone


In Our Thoughts & Prayers:

Charlie Branaugh’s family

Carl & Vanice Johnson’s family

Bill & Wanda Branson

Barb Hirsch, Dorothy Johnson

Charlie Branaugh’s family

Helen Mischke’s great-grandson

Bill Sohl’s friend Jerry Yelk

Naomi Somer’s nephew Dean Jewell

Beverly Durst, Alicia Cornemann's mom

Karen Miller’s sister, Carol Olson

Helen Mischke

Katie Watt

Theo Thompson, great-great grandson of Jean Droppers

Angelina Pennington

Chase Michael Oja, Julie Dykstra’s nephew

Ruby Schroeder, Clara Ulmer, Casey Remmers

Sherry Daugherty’s mom Cathleen Brannick

Randy Tschetter, Jan Aughenbaugh's nephew

Curt & Julie Dykstra’s nephew in-law, Jason Vande Hoef

Lowell Teichroew,

Susan Schavee's Cousin Bob Cokerham

Judy Bevers, niece Stacey Wood

Dave Cornemann’s great-nephew Gavin Yasat

Art & Bernice Tuttle

Faith Vander Tuig, Wilma Rahn,

Margaret Bartels nephew, Craig & cousin, Joan

Vi Waters,

Sarah Anderson, Bob & Jane Walsers’ daughter

Ken Philippi, Mark Giziewski,

Velma Decker, Shirley Bogue

Bob Cappel, Shirley Nelson,

Howard Relf, Lee & Phyllis Skalberg,

 Robbi, Vivian VanEssen's sister 

Ileah Guiterrez, Mikael Pietila's cousin

Scott Williams, son-in-law of Warren Peterson

Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families.  Blaine, Mona Mullican's son; Sean Cappel nephew of Pastor Bob & Carolyn.


January Birthdays

1 – Jane Miller, Paul Blum, Holly Iverson

2 – Corinne Ditmar

3 -  Russ Rahn, Lisa Karnes

4 -  Rochelle Adam

5 -  Avery Turner, Steve Pietila

6 – Zach Crawford, Tyler Kaiser, Gary Guthmiller

7 - Taylar Pasch

8 – Andy Gall, Cooper Cornemann, Ken Bevers

9 -  Rachel Miller, Marlene Konopik

11- Hudson Burgeson, Bill Heubaum

12 – Mariah Hofer

13 – Laurel Wek, Connie Sawatzke, Mary King

14 – Kendra Bakke

15 – Dean Daniels, Justin Giblin,

15 -  Ginger Guthmiller

16 – Paul Pietila, Dena Heeney, Susan McCorkell

16 – Scott Giziewski,

17 - Vina Hill,

18 – James Reiner, Melissa Ewing, Hannah Strom

18 – John Wiechman

19 – Shayna Gusso,

20 - Sandy Dennis,

21 - Jean Droppers, George Schnebel, Esther Lane

21 – Kristi Hunhoff

22 – Linda Herrmann, Angela Hermann

23 – Carol Skonhovd, Stephanie Munkvold

24 – Hannah Bucholz, Claire Mooney

25 – Tate Beste, Randy Hummel, Monte Schavee

25 -  Liam Wright, Rachel Turner

27 – Carol Wiechman, Julie Bartunek,

29 – Howard Grinager, Cheryl Rokusek

30 – Kristen Tramp

31 – Matt Pietz