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October 2014

Pastor’s Word

            By Rev. Ron

On my better days I think the world will survive.  On my worse days I'm convinced that it won't.  We live in a divided world that has mounting tensions and increasing hostilities.

The first Sunday of October is designated as World Communion Sunday.  Christians the world over will be participating in Holy Communion, the Lord's Supper.  Many of them will be doing so with a renewed hope that wholeness and unity can come to a broken and divided world.

You see, participating in Holy Communion either is the most irrelevant event in which anyone could be engaged in our divided world or it is the sign and symbol of our only hope.  Our sharing in Communion ought to affect our view of ourselves and of our world.  Too often we so privatize communion that we refuse to see the rehearsal it is for living in the world.

As we consider this rehearsal, we are reminded that the Lord's Supper is called sacrament.  That word scares us, but it ought not to because it is a good word.  Sacrament means "oath of allegiance."  Its original meaning had to do with the oath that a Roman soldier swore at the beginning of his military service.  He swore that he would serve the emperor to the death.  Every now and then throughout his career, the soldier would be asked to renew his sacrament, his oath of allegiance, his pledge of loyalty.

In this supper, we remember Christ's sacrament to us.  He pledged his loyalty to us to the death.  He pledged to God that he would do whatever was needed to bring us a chance at salvation.  He kept that pledge all the way through to the death and beyond.

When we remember what Christ has done for us, hopefully we will renew our sacrament, our oath of loyalty and allegiance.  We made them, didn't we?  When we became a Christian, we were full of all sorts of promises and pledges.  We were going to be this, and we were going to do that. 

Sometimes in the rush and busyness of life we forget the promises we've made.  But we can renew them! 

The experience of celebrating this supper is supposed to do that for us.

As we participate, remember, give thanks, and open ourselves up to his presence, hopefully the result of it will be that we will renew the commitments and loyalties that we offered him.  We will do what we said we would: serve him to the end.

Yes, it is a divided world in which we live, divided geographically, racially, politically, sexually, and philosophically.  I don't know that the world could be any more divided than it is currently.  I don't know that the world ever needed more than now to see and receive the hope that communion represents.

May our sharing in this sacrament called Holy Communion in the midst of a divided world help raise our consciousness to work more eagerly and with passion toward a united world as part of the human family and the family of God.


Fall Worship Schedule

Fall Worship Hours will begin Sunday, September 7th.  (8:30–9:30am – Contemporary Worship Service); (9:45am-10:45am Sunday School); (9:30 – 10:45 Coffee Fellowship) (11:00am-12:00pm – Traditional Worship Service). Nursery available 8:30am-12:00pm.


Mission Trip Group Worship

            The Seattle Mission Trip Group would like to invite you to join us in Worship on Sun., Sept 28th as we lead both services and share about our trip.  Hope to see you there.


Mark Your Calendars

The annual Soup Kitchen and Country Store will be Wednesday, October 15th. The coordinators for the soup kitchen this year are Julie Mooney and Mary Pietila. Make their work easier by completing the form that’s included in this REMINDER. Start collecting your white elephant items for the Country Store. Serving on Wednesday, October 15th is from 11am to 7pm.


Positions Available

The Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee wishes to announce two paid positions available at FUMC. (1) Sound Technician. Duties include running the soundboard for weekly services, managing sound requirements of the praise team, and helping with the sound system for weddings and funerals. Training is available.

(2)Temporary Church Secretary position for three months beginning in October while Lisa is on maternity leave. Orientation will be provided.

Anyone who is interested may contact Daniel Johnson at 660-7115, Chad Herrmann 660-3179 or Rev. Ron Johnson at 665-2991.


Veteran’s Recognition Sunday, November 9th

The Worship Committee would like to have pictures of all veterans who attend church at FUMC. If you are a veteran and have not submitted a photo in the past, please bring one to the church office by October 24th. Please label your photo so they can be returned to you.


United Methodist Women

All ladies are invited and encouraged to join a very supportive fellowship and be part of this mission oriented group. The October meeting of United Methodist Women will be on Monday, October 6th at 1:30pm in the lounge. Program: The Visitation by our new shepherdess Lois Blades. Mark your calendar and join us.


Kids for Christ

KFC will be meeting every Sunday evening from 6:30-8:00 p.m.  All kids in 6th, 7th and 8th grade are welcome to attend and please bring friends!    In September, the KFC youth went on a scavenger hunt to fill the shelves of the Contact Center and a good time was had by all.  In October, the service work plan will be to clean up a church member’s yard and random acts of kindness.  Join us on October 17th for our first lock-in of the year.  Look for more information to come in the weekly church bulletin.


Sr. High Youth News

By Diane Kisch

Here are the dates for October that you will want to mark on your calendar

*Wed., Oct. 1stRegular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm. Registration form and $60 due for Sanctuary.

*Wed., Oct. 8thRegular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm.

*Wed., Oct. 15thSoup Kitchen – we are helping with dishes and doing final clean up – youth group will start when we are done.  A signup sheet is in the Sr. High Youth Room on the bulletin board.

*Wed., Oct. 22nd – Regular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm.

*Wed., Oct. 29thRegular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm.

 Please turn in the 2014-2015 permission slips. If you need one they are in the Sr. High Youth Room

Our group will be attending Sanctuary in North Dakota @ Wesley Acres Camp. Dates are Friday, October 17-Sunday, October 19, 2014.    The plan will be to take off about 9:00am on Friday morning and return Sunday around 6:00pm.

Registration forms and $60 is due to Diane by Wed., Oct. 1st. I am in need of another adult to go along, please let me know if you are interested in attending –adults registration cost will be covered.

“Sanctuary”Renewal for your body, mind and spirit

Small Group, Bible Study, Worship, Relaxation Activities & Campfire a chance for high school youth to relax

2014 Theme: Relax...God is in Control

Youth 15 – As soon as the information is posted from the conference I will plan a meeting to – so please be watching for details.

Diane's office hours will be Thursdays from 1:30 to 3:00pm.

Contact info for me is 

665-1500 or 660-1242

Youth and Parents here are some ways you can stay up to date with what is going on or we have a group on Facebook – First UMC Sr. High Youth Group (Yankton). We also send out e-mails, so youth & parents if we do not have your e-mail address please get it to me.


Missions Corner

Mission opportunities

On Oct. 17th & 18th volunteers are needed to travel to Herrick SD. (2 hours west of Yankton) to do light construction work. We will be working at a Native American camp building a deck and a wheel chair ramp, painting, making signs and possibly some yard clean up. Skills needed - if you have the gift to love and want to serve The Lord, we can use you.

Also for those that get tired of the South Dakota winter, how about a Caribbean trip. (Feb. 21st –Mar. 1st). Merle, Gena, and Garner Brandt will be your travel guides to the amazingly interesting island of LaGonave Haiti. While there we will spend time at an orphanage and church construction site. Plan now to get away. Here is what you need if you want to go.  Some time, money (some help with that available) and a lot of love. PS. Midwinter suntans free for paying customers.
PSS. This is a UMVIM (United Methodist Volunteers in Mission) trip.


Adult Sunday School Opportunities

The B.A.S.I.C. (Brothers and Sisters in Christ) Sunday School class

B.A.S.I.C will be studying NETWORK this fall.  The study will help us discover our own spiritual gifts, our personal style and our God given passion for serving within the body of Christ.  We will be starting today, September 21st so grab a cup of coffee and a cookie and join us at 9:45am in the conference room by the office.  Don't forget to bring a Bible also.  I hear it will be a life changing experience.

Seeking Listening Waiting Serving (S.L.W.S) Adult Sunday School class

S.L.W.S meets Sundays at 8:30am in Wesley Hall. Discussions include the Upper Room and Our Daily Bread. Everyone is welcome to attend.


Save the date

         Live nativity will be Saturday, December 20th. More details to follow.


Hand washing—First Important Step to Prevent Communicable Disease

By Susan Thorson, Parish Nurse

Whenever I open up the newspaper or check by emails from the Centers for Disease Control or the SD Department of Health, I read more news about new diseases or out breaks of older diseases. To stop germs and stay healthy, we can increase the times we wash our hands,  keep our immunizations up to date, stay home when you are sick, and/or see your doctor if needed.  Washing hands is one of the most important things we can do to stop the spread of germs, therefore just to review when to wash your hands read the list below:

·      Before, during, and after preparing food

·      Before eating food

·      Before and after caring for someone who is sick

·      Before and after treating a cut or wound

·      After using the toilet

·      After changing diapers or cleaning up a child who has used the toilet

·      After blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing

·      After touching an animal, animal feed, or animal waste

·      After handling pet food or pet treats

·      After touching garbage


Wet your hands with clean, running water (warm or cold), and apply soap

Lather your hands by rubbing them together with the soap.  Be sure to lather the back of the hands, between your fingers and under your nails.

Scrub your hands for at least 20 seconds.  You can hum the Happy Birthday song beginning to end twice if this helps you remember how much time is 20 seconds!

Rinse hands well under clean, running water. Dry hands using a clean paper towel or air blower. Use a clean paper towel to turn off the faucet.

Be healthy!    Source: CDC


History notes

37 years ago: Lee Skalberg teaches at Open Forum class. Bob Vessey, Pastor Merle Larson, Choir Director

Altar flowers in memory of Dean Finch

Sr. High pizza party – bring $50

Youth participating in Morning Worship: Tracy Bevers, Ingy Halverson, Kelly Henderson, Doug Hill, Michelle Lathrop, Jodi Nielson, Mike Oberlander.

Thanks to Margie Stengel for sharing this bulletin from 1977


Kingdom Chimes

All 2nd-5th graders are invited to be a part of the Kingdom Chimes this fall.  We will meet in the Music Room, on Wednesday evenings from 5:15-5:45pm beginning Wednesday, September 3rd.  We will have a great time learning to read music and play in church once a month.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


Youth Bell Choir

The Youth Bell Choir, (grades 6-12) will begin on Wednesday, September 3rd from 6:45-7:25pm in the Music Room.  We have new contemporary music as well as new techniques we will be learning this year.  Please join us for a fun year in music ministry and fellowship.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


Jubilee Bell Choir

Any adults that are interested in playing bells this year, the Jubilee Bell Choir has a place for you!  Prior music reading skills is helpful, but not required.  We have a great time together ringing and sharing the love of Christ through this musical ministry in our church.  We will begin on

Wednesday, September 3rd from 5:45-6:40pm in the Music Room.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


Women's Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study that meets in the Upper Room during Sunday School will start a new study this fall.  On Sunday, September 7th at 9:45 am to 10:45am, we will study James, Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore.  Be inspired to put your faith into action and get to know both the man and the Book of James.   We will have daily assignments and group sessions with video.  This study will end January 11th.  Come Join us - The Member book for this study is $20.  Call Joyce Anderson @605-660-7309 if you have any questions.


Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir offers opportunities for those who love to raise your voice in thanks and praise to God.  There is a place for you in this music ministry.  If you have been thinking of joining the choir, or if you are new to town or to the church, the Chancel Choir family within our larger church family is an excellent starting point. We are eager for you to join us as we sing a wide variety of music from contemporary to gospel. Choir will begin Sept. 3rd at 7:15pm in the Sanctuary. Call Carolyn Cappel, 660-8312 if you have questions.





Thanks to everyone for the care & concern during Bill’s illness and death. It is a great blessing to have this church family. May God Bless You All.

Delores Kafka


Thank you very much for allowing Yankton Area Arts the use of your tables for Meridian Diner EnBlanc. With Your help, the event was a great success! All of us here at YAA appreciate your support.

Lori Rothenberger, YAA President


I want to offer up a sincere “Thank You” to all among our church family who sent cards, gave hugs, spoke sentiments to any of us directly, or offered up a prayer in the time since my dad’s passing.  The care and concern is deeply appreciated by our entire family.

Steve King & family


The missions committee would like to thank everyone who donated to our soap/shampoo drive. The items and money collected will be given to the Contact Center. Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrews 13:16


October Birthdays

2 - Jane Rodig, Megan McCorkell


3 - Jack Stoddard, Fiona Dahlberg, Paula Keehr


4 - George Lundgren, Jerry Reining, Wilma Rahn


5 - Bob Thue, Kenzie Giziewski


6 - Aubrey Hofer


8 - Don Lepp, Sherry Rabenberg


9 - Garner Brandt, Chuck Ditmar

11 - Liz Hunhoff


12 - Marilyn Holzwarth, Mary Heubaum,

Heather Hirsch, Carol Gubbels,

Trevan Palecek


13 - KC Hofer


14 - Phyllis Skalberg,


15 - Judy Bevers


17 - Jack Olson, Claudia Maska,

Naomi Somer, Wyatt Adam,

Garrett Adam, Mike Erickson

18 - Joan Neubauer, Boyd Dennis,

Elle Guthmiller


19 - Heather Rabenberg, Amanda Gravholt


20 - Chad Herrmann, Kaitlin Guthmiller,

Ryan Bakke

21 - Kari Johnson, Dave Becker,

Jennifer Crawford, Elaine Martin


22 - Samuel Slowey, Hannah Delvaux,

Loran Moore, Thomas Pietrzak-Schroeder


23 - Marv Withrow


25 - Ken Halverson


26 - Keith Hannemann, Brooks Ugofsky


27 - Evie Sime


28 - Lorraine Meeder


29 - Jill Ristau, Brian Rempfer, Alyssa Herrmann,

       Lorraine Sorensen


31 - Kathy Wibbles, Morgan Bakke


In Our Thoughts & Prayers:


Delores Kafka & family. Delores’ husband Bill passed away.


Elaine Martin & family. Elaine’s brother Daniel Hakl passed away.


Susie & Chad McCorkell & family. Susie’s dad passed away.


Helen Mischke’s son David


Bill Sohl’s friend Jerry Yelk


Naomi Somer’s nephew Dean Jewell


Beverly Durst, Alicia Cornemann's mom


Karen Miller’s sister Carol Olson


Helen Mischke


Katie Watt


Theo Thompson, great-great grandson of Jean Droppers


Konnor Cardoza


Angelina Pennington


Harold Huetig


Chase Michael Oja, Julie Dykstra’s nephew


Ruby Schroeder, Clara Ulmer, Casey Remmers


Sherry Daugherty’s mom Cathleen Brannick


Randy Tschetter, Jan Aughenbaugh's nephew


Curt & Julie Dykstra’s nephew in-law, Jason Vande Hoef


Jean Droppers daughter-in-law Karen


Lowell Teichroew, Russ Rahn


Susan Schavee's Cousin Bob Cokerham


Judy Bevers, niece Stacey Wood


Kari Gall’s cousin from England, Craig Garden


Paul Aughenbaugh's niece Lianne Fritzsche Calhoun


Dave Cornemann’s great-nephew Gavin Yasat


Bob Stouffer, Art & Bernice Tuttle


Faith Vander Tuig, Wilma Rahn, Scott Parr


Rev. Ron Olson Family


Margaret Bartels nephew, Craig & cousin, Joan


Vi Waters,


Sarah Anderson, Bob & Jane Walsers’ daughter


Ken Philippi, Pat Keller


Barb Wohl, Mindy Reining’s mother 


Mark Giziewski, Velma Decker, Shirley Bogue


Pastor Bob Cappel, Shirley Nelson, Carl Johnson


Howard Relf, Lee & Phyllis Skalberg


Dena Heeney, Robbi, Vivian VanEssen's sister 


Ileah Guiterrez, Mikael Pietila's cousin


Scott Williams, son-in-law of Warren Peterson


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families.

Terry Triebwasser, brother of Julie Moderegger; Blaine, Mona Schroeter's son; Sean Cappel nephew of Pastor Bob & Carolyn.