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September 2014


Pastor’s Word

            By Rev. Ron

I like the legend about the famous monastery which had fallen on very hard times.  Its many buildings were once filled with young monks, and chapel resounded with the singing of the choir.  But now it was deserted.  People no longer came there to be nourished by prayer.  Only a handful of old monks remained.

On the edge of the monastery woods, an old rabbi had built a tiny hut.  He came there from time to time to fast and pray.  No one ever spoke with him, but whenever he appeared, the word would be passed from monk to monk: "the rabbi walks in the woods."

One day the abbot decided to visit the rabbi and bear his heart to him.  As he approached the hut, the abbot saw the rabbi standing in the doorway, his arms outstretched in welcome.  It was as though he had been waiting there for some time.  The two embraced.

As he enter the hut, he saw in the middle of the room a wooden table with the scriptures open.  They sat there for a moment, in the presence of the Book.  Then the rabbi began to cry.  The abbot could not contain himself.  He covered his face with his hands and broke down.

After the tears and all was quiet again the rabbi lifted his head.  "You and your brothers are serving God with heavy hearts," he said.  "You have come to ask a teaching of me.  I will give you a teaching, but you can only repeat it once.  After that, no one must every say it aloud again."

The rabbi looked straight at the abbot and said, "The Messiah is among you."  The abbot stood in stunned silence.  Then the rabbi said, "Now you must go."  The abbot left without ever looking back.

The next morning, the abbot called his monads together in the chapter room.  He told them that he had received a teaching from the rabbi who walks in the woods, and that this teaching was never again to be spoken aloud.  Then he looked at each of his brothers and said, "the rabbi said that one of us is the Messiah."

The monks were startled and thought to themselves: "What could it mean?  Is brother John the Messiah?  No, he's too old and crotchety.  Is brother Thomas?  No, he's too stubborn and set in his ways.  Am I the Messiah?  What could this possibly mean?"  They were all deeply puzzled by the rabbi's teaching.  But no one ever mentioned it again.

As time went by, though, something began to happen at the monastery.  The monks began to treat one another with a reverence.  They were gentle with one another.  They lived with one another as brothers once again.  Visitors found themselves deeply moved by the genuine caring and sharing that went on among them.  Before long, people were again coming from great distances to be nourished by the prayer life of these monks.  And the young were asking, once again to become part of the community.

My friends, Jesus said, He who receives you receives me.  In one another we see the face of Christ.  It is true of First United Methodist Church, "The Messiah is among us!"


Fall Worship Schedule

Fall Worship Hours will begin Sunday, September 7th.  (8:30–9:30am – Contemporary Worship Service); (9:45am-10:45am Sunday School); (9:30 – 10:45 Coffee Fellowship) (11:00am-12:00pm – Traditional Worship Service). Nursery available 8:30am-12:00pm.

Positions Available

The Staff Pastor Parish Relations Committee wishes to announce two paid positions available at FUMC. (1) Sound Technician. Duties include running the soundboard for weekly services, managing sound requirements of the praise team, and helping with the sound system for weddings and funerals. Training is available.

(2)Temporary Church Secretary position for three months beginning in October while Lisa is on maternity leave. Orientation will be provided.

Anyone who is interested may contact Daniel Johnson at 660-7115, Chad Herrmann 660-3179 or Rev. Ron Johnson at 665-2991.

Women of Faith

There are women from the church planning on attending the WOF conference in Lincoln, Neb. on October 3rd and 4th.  We plan to take the church van and split the cost of gas.  Tickets are $110 and we are thinking motel will be about $40.  We would have to have the money by Sept 1st so that we can purchase the tickets and make reservations.  The money would be nonrefundable.  We plan to leave on Oct. 3rd at 1:00pm and go to the evening conference at 7:00pm, stay in the motel one night and attend the Sat. conference.  When the conference is over we would head home with a stop for supper.  If you are interested you may contact Denise Willman @ 665-2869 or text me at 857-0435


Sunday School Teachers Needed

We are once again in need of volunteers to teach Sunday School.  Here is the perfect time to get involved with the youth of our church.  We have lots of available positions and if you are interested please call Denise Willman at 665-2869 or the church office. I promise you that you will be rewarded by your experiences of working with these youth.

Sunday School

We will start our Sunday School year off on Sunday, Sept 7th.  There will be classes available for all ages Pre-K through adult.  Class will be held from 9:45-10:45am which will be between services.  We are still in need of teachers.  I am asking everyone to prayerfully consider volunteering.  I know we are all busy and have other obligations.  Please consider this as an opportunity to get to know the future of our church.  There are other teachers to help you out and you will not be on your own.  The church council has passed a safe sanctuary policy that we are trying to enforce.  It requires two teachers in each room and folks we aren't there yet.  If you can at all, volunteer one hour a week for the children of our church family, it would be surely appreciated.  Please consider keeping the promise we made as these children were baptized- To grow disciples of Jesus Christ

and equip them for ministry in the World.  Get involved and share God's Love.  Please contact Denise Willman or Barb Hirsch


Acolyte Training

We will be holding acolyte training for all 4th and 5th graders and their parents on September 7th at 11:00am in the adult Sunday school room.  This is an important adventure for the new acolytes and we are encouraging all parents to attend with their children.  We can have some fun and eat some pizza.  After the second service is over we will practice our new task and a schedule will be completed for the upcoming year.  Parents are invited to stay for all of the training or encouraged to at least attend the practice session after the second service is over.   If you have any questions at all please contact Denise Willman, Dana Enfield, or Julie Moderegger


Please consider being a Kids Hope USA Mentor

FUMC partners with Beadle Elementary School for a mentoring program that is making a difference in kids’ lives!  Members of our congregation are matched with a child in 2nd-5th grade at Beadle Elementary.  The mentors meet with the child they are matched with for ONE hour each week to help with school work, play games, or just listen and be friend.  School has started and we will be getting new referrals for the program very soon.  If you would like to be a Kids Hope mentor or would like more information about becoming a mentor, please call Julie Moderegger. Home ph. 665-1091 or Cell ph. 660-9733.  One Church – One School – One Child – One Hour.   


Women's Bible Study

Women’s Bible Study that meets in the Upper Room during Sunday School will start a new study this fall.  On Sunday, September 7th at 9:45 am to 10:45am, we will study James, Mercy Triumphs by Beth Moore.  Be inspired to put your faith into action and get to know both the man and the Book of James.   We will have daily assignments and group sessions with video.  This study will end January 11th.  Come Join us - The Member book for this study is $20.  Call Joyce Anderson @605-660-7309 if you have any questions.


United Methodist Women

All ladies are invited and encouraged to join a very supportive fellowship and be part of this mission oriented group. United Methodist Women will begin the fall schedule with a meeting on Monday, September 8th at 1:30pm in the lounge. Program: Carla Hummel – Director of Volunteering at ASHH will be talking about “Volunteerism Is My Life”. She will talk about opportunities for volunteering as well as her own experiences. Mark your calendar and join us.


Mission Moments

During the month of August, the Missions Committee will be holding a soap/shampoo drive, with items being donated to the Contact Center. We will be collecting donations of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, bar soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, baby oil, baby wash, wet wipes, baby powder, kids’ bubble bath, kids shampoo, kids body wash, deodorant, lotion, hand soap, hand sanitizer, dish soap and laundry detergent. We will also accept monetary donations to purchase items. Watch for our table between services on Sundays in August. Please have your donations turned in by August 31st.  


Dakota Marketplace

The Missions Committee is once again taking donations of money and items for the many kits for the Dakota Marketplace. Along with the list of kits and items needed for them that you can find in the bulletin, we will have a table set up on the Sunday mornings of August 31st, September 7th, and September 14th. We will have items purchased to allow anyone to “Build a Kit” by simply making their financial donation for either a Health or School Kit. Any Items, full kits, or gifts of money may be dropped off at the office also, all we ask is you make a note that it is for the Dakota Marketplace. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the office or Nick Kisch at 660-3873.

Sr. High Youth News

By Diane Kisch

For September here are the dates you will want to mark on your calendar

*Wed., Sept. 3rd – 7:30 – 8:00pm Youth/Parents Meeting (see note below)

- 8:00 – 9:00pm Regular Youth Group - come prepared to get wet and messy!

*Wed., Sept. 10thRegular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm

*Wed., Sept. 17thPossible See You at the Pole Rally – time and location to be determined yet

*Wed., Sept. 24th – See You At the Pole – YHS 7:30am

*Wed., Sept. 24thRegular Youth Group 7:30 – 9:00pm


There will be a short youth/parents meeting on Wed., Sept. 3rd at 7:30pm.  Please bring the 2014-2015 permission slips that were mailed to you.  We will talk about two conference events Sanctuary and Youth 15. Info on Sanctuary can be found below – we need to figure out which site we will attend, so please check your calendars. The dates for Youth 15 are June 2 – June 29 2015.  We will be doing 3 days of mission work before the International Youth Gathering and then have one day of fun at a local amusement park.  We will be flying to Orlando, the dean of the trip is working with a travel agent on that part and he would like an idea on numbers so if you plan to go to Youth 15 please be at this meeting.  Cost of this trip is $1,100. 


Upcoming conference event – “Sanctuary”Renewal for your body, mind and spirit Small Group, Bible Study, Worship, Relaxation Activities & Campfire a chance for high school youth to relax

2014 Theme: Relax...God is in Control


 South Dakota: Friday, October 10-Sunday, October 12, 2014 @ Storm Mountain Center

     SD Registration Deadline: Sept 30

 North Dakota: Friday, October 17-Sunday, October 19, 2014 @ Wesley Acres Camp

      ND Registration Deadline: Oct 5

 Cost at either location: $85 youth/$50 Adults


See You At The Pole, is a National event where Sr. High youth around the nation gather around flagpoles and pray.  The local youth will gather at Yankton High School flagpole at 7:30am on Wed., Sept. 25th.  The Yankton Youth Pastors are planning a See You At the Pole Rally for Wed Sept. 17th – time and location to be determined yet. 

Diane's office hours will be Thursdays from 1:30 to 3:00pm.

Contact info for me is 

665-1500 or 660-1242


Youth and Parents here are some ways you can stay up to date with what is going on or we have a group on Facebook – First UMC Sr. High Youth Group (Yankton). We also send out e-mails, so youth & parents if we do not have your e-mail address please get it to me.


3rd Grade Bibles

Each year the Education Committee of the church gives Bibles to 3rd graders, letters were mailed a last week, if your son/daughter is going to be a 3rd grader and you did not receive a letter please contact Diane Kisch at 660-1242 or e-mail her at The Bibles will be presented to the 3rd graders on Sunday, September 14th during the 8:30am worship service.


Kingdom Chimes

All 2nd-5th graders are invited to be a part of the Kingdom Chimes this fall.  We will meet in the Music Room, on Wednesday evenings from 5:15-5:45pm beginning Wednesday, September 3rd.  We will have a great time learning to read music and play in church once a month.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


Youth Bell Choir

The Youth Bell Choir, (grades 6-12) will begin on Wednesday, September 3rd from 6:45-7:25pm in the Music Room.  We have new contemporary music as well as new techniques we will be learning this year.  Please join us for a fun year in music ministry and fellowship.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


Jubilee Bell Choir

Any adults that are interested in playing bells this year, the Jubilee Bell Choir has a place for you!  Prior music reading skills is helpful, but

not required.  We have a great time together ringing and sharing the love of Christ through this musical ministry in our church.  We will begin on

Wednesday, September 3rd from 5:45-6:40pm in the Music Room.  Please contact Sue May, 664-0582 if you have any questions.


Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir offers opportunities for those who love to raise your voice in thanks and praise to God.  There is a place for you in this music ministry.  If you have been thinking of joining the choir, or if you are new to town or to the church, the Chancel Choir family within our larger church family is an excellent starting point. We are eager for you to join us as we sing a wide variety of music from contemporary to gospel. Choir will begin Sept. 3rd at 7:15pm in the Sanctuary. Call Carolyn Cappel, 660-8312 if you have questions.


United Methodist Women’s Project

In an effort to make it more affordable to put together Layette Kits for the Marketplace UMW is asking all members of the church to make note of what it takes to put these kits together and collect individual items which will later be assembled into complete kits. At each UMW meeting baskets will be out to collect items.

Church members may give items to UMW members or leave the items at the church office to be added to the collection. Items needed must be new. They are:

·      6 cloth diapers

·      2 shirts or one-piece body suits

·      2 baby wash cloths

·      2 gowns or sleepers

·      2 diaper pins

·      1 sweater or open front jacket

·      2 receiving blankets (not crib blankets)

You are encouraged to watch for sales and help with this project.


Mark Your Calendars

The annual Soup Kitchen and Country Store will be Wednesday, October 15th.


Reach Out

Mary Johnson, Evangelism Committee

Loving kindness

The Teacher asked the pupils to tell the meaning of loving kindness. A little boy jumped up and said, “well if I was hungry and someone gave me a piece of bread that would be kindness. But if they put a little jelly on it, that would be lovingkindness.”

          Kindness provides a house, but love makes a home.

          Kindness packs an adequate sack lunch, but loves puts a note of encouragement inside it.

         Kindness provides a television set or computer as a learning aid, but love controls the remote control and cares enough to insist a child “sign off”.

          Kindness sends a child to bed on time, but love tucks the covers around the child’s neck and provides a goodnight hug and kiss.

          Kindness cooks a meal, but love selects the “your favorite foods” menu and lights the candles.

          Kindness writes a thank-you note, but love thinks to include a joke or photograph or bookmark inside the envelope.

          Kindness keeps a clean and tidy house, but love adds a bouquet of fresh flowers.

          Kindness pours a glass of milk, but love occasionally adds a little chocolate sauce.

          Kindness is doing what is decent, basic, courteous, and necessary for an even, smooth, and gentle flow of life.

          Love is taking the extra step to make life truly exciting, creative, and meaningful. Love is what makes things SPECIAL.

Evangelism Committee

Taken from God’s Little Devotional Book


Weight Loss without Noticing

By Susan Thorson, Parish Nurse

The YankTON Challenge -- Losing Weight to Feel Great starts on 9-2-14.  This is offered by the Yankton Chamber of Commerce Health and Safety Committee to its member businesses to help their employees be healthier by dropping some pounds and becoming a healthier workforce. Check with your employer to see if they joined the challenge!  As a church we can think about keeping ourselves healthier to continue the work of Jesus.  Here are some tips for burning calories without noticing for your own weight loss challenge:

1.)   Do you own yard work or house work.  Ironing alone uses up to 110 calories per hour.  Raking leaves burns 50 calories every half hour.

2.)   Walk your dog or if you don’t have a dog ask your friend if they need a dog sitter.  Walking burns up to 250 calories per hour.

3.)   Take the stairs instead of the elevator.  Just 5 minutes of climbing burns 144 calories.

4.)   Get outside and garden.  An hour of weeding uses up 280 calories.

5.)   Park in the farthest parking spot.  Adding a few minutes more of walking is always a plus.

6.)   If you work in a desk job all day, take a 5 minute break every hour to stretch and walk around the room.

7.)   Wear a pedometer.  It doesn’t actually cause you to exercise but it does count how many steps you take as a part of your day and that makes you feel great.

8.)   While waiting in a doctor’s office, drugstore, or airport, stay on your feet.  Standing burns 36 more calories per hour than sitting.

9.)   Play with the kids:  Impromptu games of basketball, touch football, or tag—or just jumping rope or throwing a ball—will help you use energy and set a good example of active play for the children.  Calories burned 80-137 every 10 minutes.

10.)                  Put on some music and cut a rug.  Dancing improves your mood and burns 180 calories per hour.

Calories burned based on values calculated per minute for 150 pound person.

Source:  Church Health Center.



Thank you so much for all your efforts with VBS.  We had a wonderful week spent with 82 registered children with VBS.   What fun it is to see everyone pull together to provide such an educational experience for our youth.  They was so much talent shown by so many.  Thank you for the food, cash, time and the encouragement that you have all provided.  This could never have happened if you were not for all of you.  Thanks again and I look forward to next year.

Denise Willman


Thanks to everyone who sent cards for my 94th birthday. I enjoyed every one.

Neta Thompson.


Rodger & Mary Johnson want to express their sincere Thank You to Rev. Ron, Susan Thorson and our entire church family for all the prayers, visits, phone calls, cards, and food brought in following Rodgers heart attack. You are the Greatest. God Bless You All,

Rodger and Mary Johnson


A thank you to all of my church family for the overwhelming love and support at the time of Albert’s death. To the funeral meal committee and Delores Kafka & Ladies that prepared and served. To Pastor Bob and Rev. Peirce for visits with Albert. I am Blessed!

May Gall & family


I would like to thank everyone for their concern and prayers during my mother’s illness and after her death.  Thank you to those who sent sympathy cards.  Special thanks to the First UMC staff for the beautiful flowers sent for Mom’s memorial service and to Rev. Ron and Marsha Johnson, Pastor Bob and Carolyn Cappel, and Susan and Jim Thorson for coming to Omaha for the funeral.  Finally a huge thank you to Loy Gravholt and everyone else who helped out and allowed me to spend time with Mom and my family.  I am so blessed to be part of such a loving church family.  God Bless You All!

Craig Sherman


September Birthdays

1 - Carson Enfield, Jess Dennis, Gage Guthmiller


2 - Morgan Rodig


3 - Ashley Reiner, Erica Knode, Allison Reiner


4 - Sam Mooney, Ken Olsen, Kylie Rodig,

     Larry Guthmiller


5 - Steve Kasik


6 - Denise Erickson, Matt Miller, Eileen Mullican,

     Jodie Bender


7 - Harlan Teichroew

8 - Ryan Olson, Judy Nielson, Carol Becker, 

      Brady Jaquith


9 - Debbie Landwehr, Heidi Olson

10 - Kim Larsen, Lydia Giziewski,

       Stephanie Anderson, Sandi Mathis,

       Randy Heisinger, Alison Karnes,

       Nicholas Doby


11 - Parker Kisch, Rick Petersen, Anna Nickles


13 - Jill Saffel, Anne Withrow


14 - Michael Parish, Lindsey Hale


15 - Harper Den Herder


17 - Darian Tramp


18 - Bob Walser, Steve Helgeland


20 - Zachary Young, Chris Peterka,

Chrissie Wieseler

21 - Greg Anderson, Kirsten May, Ryan Ford


22 - Austin Reining


23 - Shirley Nelson, Megan Ford, Sean Turner


24 - Beth Meek, Darian Miller


25 - Toby Gall, Deklan Olson, Will Dangler


26 - Paul Nielson, Kody Kyriss, Joyce Kollars


27 - Travis Hansen, Elton Wek


28 - Maggie Downing, Josey Kaiser


29 - Kami Cornemann, Dave Holzwarth,

Bev Larsen, Marge Berke


30 - Curt Dykstra, Amy Johnson


In Our Thoughts & Prayers:


May Gall & family, Albert Gall passed away.


Helen Mischke


Katie Watt


Theo Thompson, great-great grandson of Jean Droppers


Konnor Cardoza


Angelina Pennington


Harold Huetig


Chase Michael Oja, Julie Dykstra’s nephew


Ruby Schroeder, Clara Ulmer, Casey Remmers


Sherry Daugherty’s mom Cathleen Brannick


Randy Tschetter, Jan Aughenbaugh's nephew


Curt & Julie Dykstra’s nephew in-law, Jason Vande Hoef


Jean Droppers daughter-in-law Karen


Lowell Teichroew, Russ Rahn


Susan Schavee's Cousin Bob Cokerham


Judy Bevers, niece Stacey Wood


Kari Gall’s cousin from England, Craig Garden


Paul Aughenbaugh's niece Lianne Fritzsche Calhoun


Dave Cornemann’s great-nephew Gavin Yasat


Bob Stouffer, Art & Bernice Tuttle


Faith Vander Tuig, Wilma Rahn, Scott Parr

Rev. Ron Olson Family


Margaret Bartels nephew, Craig & cousin, Joan


Vi Waters,


Sarah Anderson, Bob & Jane Walsers’ daughter


Helen Mischke, Ken Philippi, Pat Keller


Barb Wohl, Mindy Reining’s mother 


Mark Giziewski, Velma Decker, Shirley Bogue


Pastor Bob Cappel, Shirley Nelson, Carl Johnson


Howard Relf, Lee & Phyllis Skalberg


Dena Heeney, Robbi, Vivian VanEssen's sister 


Ileah Guiterrez, Mikael Pietila's cousin


Scott Williams, son-in-law of Warren Peterson


Church family serving in the military: all men & women serving in the military and their families.

Terry Triebwasser, brother of Julie Moderegger; Blaine, Mona Mullican's son; Sean Cappel nephew of Pastor Bob & Carolyn.